30 Great Things That Aged Incredibly Poorly, Shared In This Online Thread

Published 3 years ago

It’s no surprise that things change as time goes by – yet as some things only get better as they get older, others age no better than milk. And while we can’t really bring back the “good old days”, at least we can look back and ponder what went wrong.

Recently, one Reddit user sparked a heated debate after asking people “What’s a thing that used to be great but has now become really bad?”. And even though the thread received a number of controversial replies, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree to the majority of them. See some great things that aged incredibly poorly shared by Reddit users in the gallery below!

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Image source: MissFunkyH

Internet in general. I used to be able to search Google for a subject and then get a list of reliable websites to read from. Now it’s 99% crap infomercials/ad ridden sites that all want to sell me things I don’t need.


Image source: RedBeardedMex

Appliances. Used to be made to last. Now they’re just made to last the warranty.


Image source: mrsbundleby

The history Channel. I used to watch it in the 2000s. Now it’s all swamp people and aliens


Image source: real_voiceofreason

Flying. From the incredible shrinking seat, crazy people, covid, no food, baggage fees, carry on fees to questions about planes safety.


Image source: ststeveg

Patriotism. It used to feel like a good thing to be proud of my country, to be grateful for the blessings of living here, trusting that our government is at least trying to do the right thing. But now this has devolved into this nasty “My country first, best, and alone” crap, all others are bad, wrong, and are enemies. It doesn’t have to be that way.


Image source: LifeIsDuff

My knees


Image source: dogbert730

Cooking websites. Everyone knows the struggle of scrolling through 273 paragraphs of bulls**t before getting to the recipe, but now some actual antichrist websites are putting a 2nd page inside the first where after you get past the 273 paragraphs it’s like “now click here for the recipe”. Rage inducing.


Image source: Brandon74130

Streaming services online, Netflix was op back in the day, now you have to have 15 different services if you want to watch all your shows


Image source: Madpoka

Hollywood. They ran out of ideas.


Image source: nicolioni

Amazon. It’s slowly turning into Wish.


Image source: Sure-Top-4676

MTV. It was so good back in the 90s. Actual music videos, shows that featured artists, MTV Unplugged, Daria, Beavis and Butthead, Aeon Flux, TRL, Celebrity Death Match… Then Pimp My Ride and Cribs were pretty fun though it was the start of reality tv style shows


Image source: MWBPLH

Thrifting. All the rich kids ruined it.


Politics – it was never great, but there’s no room for two people with different views to actually talk. It’s not a sports team, why is everybody so entrenched and angry.

Image source: roberthart327


Image source: LowerCanary



Image source: Hrnghekth

Entering the workforce and saving up. Never was great in my lifetime, but I’ve heard stories of people buying their first house after like 2 years of saving. That’s just a fantasy these days.


Image source: SloDancinInaBrningRm

The search to buy your first home used to be exciting and filled with choices. Now it’s “take it or leave it” overpriced homes you can’t afford, in a terrible neighborhood. Or continue paying your super high rent.


I used to love a good conspiracy theory – UFO cover ups and so forth – but now its just these redneck crazies crowding into the most outlandish shit ones like microchips and lizard people.

Image source: GoodAndBluts


Image source: r_psy6

How United States are perceived in europe


Image source: MegaZombieMegaZombie

My mental health


Image source: NaturalBoonie

The air. Literally breathing in pollutants.


Image source: Igothisway

Being able to go outside. Maybe not so much in the cities, but in the suburbs there was all these open fields and forests to go into, you could stay out till the sun went down just riding your bike. Now those fields and forests are paved over and turned into a strip mall. Those big areas with playgrounds? Bulldozed for some shitty half-assed jungle gym.

Can’t go out on the streets anymore. Kids get the cops called on them constantly. So much more private property too.

And if you wanna go somewhere that isn’t outside, you better cough up some money. Every place charges you to be there now. And not for long.


Image source: aodskeletor

Top Gear


Image source: rich4pres



Image source: roegdgdfgdf

Not being busy. Not constantly “hustling” or trying to do it all. Not “living for the weekend.” Down time can be a good thing.


Image source: sremcanin




When I was young life was awesome. Friends, fun, adventure, meeting people, partying, sex, music.

Now it’s all work until you can’t work anymore, sleep, work some more.

Image source: Goof-Off-Corpse


Image source: Last-Two-6780

To be honest, quality of work in professional settings.


Image source: downtownbake2



Cars. They used to be awesome. Affordable. And fixable. Now they’re the cheapest pieces of crap and highly overcharged. They’re faster than they used to be maybe but the cost isn’t worth the parts. And they fail so easily.

Image source: Hugebluestrapon


Image source: BlueonBlack26

Radio. Wth are they playing now?

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