20 Posts That ‘Aged Like Milk’, As Shared By This Online Community (New Posts)

Published 2 years ago

There is an old saying – “Think twice before you speak!” And it applies to most situations even today. Especially in the age of the internet, many people who impulsively post something regret it later as it leads to some awkward or embarrassing situation.

The quote mentioned above is timeless and universal but not every quote or statement stands the test of time. An online community called “Aged Like Milk” collects and shares such posts that seem ridiculous after a while. Scroll below to see some of their new collection and check out our previous post about it here.

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#1 Tucker Carlson: “Putin Just Wants To Keep His Western Border Secure”

Image source: Timewalker102

#2 They Were Warned

Image source: BonzoAndBonzo

#3 Not Only Has The Globe Not Cooled, The 7 Years Since This Was Published Have Been The Hottest On Record

Image source: funf_

#4 Youtube’s Finally Done It

Image source: Lluma52

#5 I Was So Young, So Naive In 2010.

Image source: petallofthekittens

#6 Warned A Person Considering Traveling To Chernobyl To Check Travel Advisories Got Called A Troll

Image source: Unknown_769802773

#7 Texas Winters, You Can Never Predict Them

Image source: fiddlesoup

#8 Lady Gaga Had A Hater Group

Image source: Canadian_Kartoffel

#9 Good Boy! Wait, Wha??!

Image source: jediisland71

#10 This Is Hung Up In My School

Image source: -WhY_HellO_ThERe-

#11 This Did Not Age American At All

Image source: CheetahMax

#12 This Guy Deleted His Account To Dodge His Bet

Image source: someaustralian

#13 If Only That Was Still The Case

Image source: IttHertzWhenIP

#14 Aged Like Eggnog

Image source: TheDestroyerxxL

#15 I’ve Never Met A Single Adult Without One

Image source: Sgt_Nerve

#16 He Regretted It

Image source: Jamandcheese1

#17 The Snow Scene In The Wizard Of Oz (1939) Used 100% Pure Asbestos Fibers For The Snow

Image source: roll_hog

#18 Only Took One Mooch For This To Turn

Image source: LockMiddle1851

#19 Texas Would Never

Image source: Vanillajustice

#20 Rip The Nintendo Switch

Image source: NAVL-Alprazolam

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