Artist Creates Funny Comics With Dark Undertones And Unexpected Twists (30 Pics)

Published 7 months ago

Chris Allison, known as the creative force behind ‘Toonhole Chris,’ is a master of dark humor and social commentary. His comics are a striking blend of wit and satire that shed light on the quirks and follies of human behavior.

The artist’s work challenges us to set aside our sensitivities and embrace the unexpected, often delivering hilarious puns and jaw-dropping conclusions that leave a lasting impact. Check out some of his most hilarious comics in the gallery below.

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Image source: toonholechris


Image source: toonholechris

Michael P (Perthaussieguy) : “If they did, he’d probably be dead by now (plus many others)”

LokisLilButterknife : “The United States in a nutshell.”


Image source: toonholechris

Elizabeth zajac : “Is it bad I laughed at this 😅🤣”

Nina Soltwedel : “Ouch…more truth than fiction with this one…..”


Image source: toonholechris

Feathered Dinosaur : “Thank God I’m an atheist. Yes, I see the irony here.”

Der Kommissar : “They say your dead relatives in heaven watch you masturbate.”


Image source: toonholechris

HelluvaHedgehogAlien : “CBD college? CBD dog food? …CBD the musical?”


Image source: toonholechris

amy hipps : “So sick of people acting like if you don’t make a child then your life has no meaning or legacy. Sorry but by 4 generations out you are forgotten.”

Pancake_Pansexual_Panda : “Well my son was a mistake, and his life was a joke. Either way, he is my life’s work!”


Image source: toonholechris

Pancake_Pansexual_Panda : “The better kind of light at least. But the eyes might get blinded by the light.”

CringeGuy : “Wrong kind, damnit!”


Image source: toonholechris

Ditto : “Lmao, for those who don’t get it, vampires can be killed by holy things or blessings.”

Evan Hooi : “lol i kind of feel like this is what would happen to me night one of being a vampire i have severe hayfever”


Image source: toonholechris

Ditto : “Well that’s depressing….”

Chuck Coulson : “Truth hurts and then you die…”


Image source: toonholechris

Rick Rose : “From what little I understand of it, Aromatherapy usually involves improving mood or quality of life through carefully selected scents. So, play on words.”


Image source: toonholechris

The CareTaker : “im in this and im not sure I like it…”

Feathered Dinosaur : “I ended up with a doctor! Had to create the doctor myself, though. (I’m the doctor)”

Mr.Li : “Well thats the doc, all americans can afford. Sorry i see myself out…..later”


Image source: toonholechris

Ditto : “That made me wince, OUCH!”

rustythorn : “Looks like we’re going to need a bigger panel of glass.”


Image source: toonholechris

Michael Mendez : “Damnit Allen I said no names!”


Image source: toonholechris

Pancake_Pansexual_Panda : “Same with me!”


Image source: toonholechris

Ditto : “how romantic…”

Danish Susanne : “But you don’t kill plants to pick flowers, in fact some plants only produces more flowers when you pick your bouquet.”


Image source: toonholechris

Ela : “Hmm. At the second panel I was kind of wondering if he was next going to start assigning people to pair off and, um, ‘lay’ each other. Could have had the same final picture, even. I’m kinda disappointed…”


Image source: toonholechris

Ditto : “Oh damn lol, also I love how the mask’s expression changes”

CJay M : “I have a guy like this at my school and I’m tryna be nice but it’s soooooooooo grossssss”


Image source: toonholechris

The CareTaker : “sounds like me and my siblings lol”


Image source: toonholechris

Do-nut touch da donut : “The cloud does look like a sweet babi cow (look behind crying cloud)”


Image source: toonholechris

Nykky : “She’s very strong, she’s holding a fully grown a*s man with one arm. She’s determined and knows what she wants, hence her demand being so specific and her being able to get the guys’ attentions very easily. That’s what I get from this comic alone. But I’m a woman, sooooo 😛”

Wolfy : “You’re a great hostage taker ! I am quite impressed ! Are you single ?”

CringeGuy : “You have a great personality. Now, let me get your number and I will definitely call it and not 911.”


Image source: toonholechris

HelluvaHedgehogAlien : “So that’s how it started…”

O_circularbeing_O : “Well, I’d rather be kicked than hit by a bat….”


Image source: toonholechris

HelluvaHedgehogAlien : “Remove the camera in my house, pls”

Darian Starfrog : “Again, comfort will kill you, and leave you unfulfilled..”


Image source: toonholechris

Pancake_Pansexual_Panda : “It will always happen at the end.”

Lola : “Make sure you’re joints are rolled tight boys, time to mug this loser”


Image source: toonholechris

HelluvaHedgehogAlien : “That’s ONE way to get an extra accomplice. Noted”


Image source: toonholechris

Michael P (Perthaussieguy) : “We always have been”


Image source: toonholechris

Rick Rose : “Well, sadly some babies are born with addictions. But only if the, uh, mother was…”

Canda (Cat Panda) : “Baby alcoholic! Oh no!”


Image source: toonholechris

day light : “aw no I was just reminded of monarchs that come out with shriveled wings due to parasites”

LokisLilButterknife : “I don’t know why I laughed so hard at this.”


Image source: toonholechris

lolothesilly : “Seems about right for the USA”


Image source: toonholechris


Image source: toonholechris

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