25 Surprisingly Enjoyable Jobs That Don’t Get Much Attention

Published 2 months ago

Reddit, the internet’s bustling forum for all things under the sun, recently posed an intriguing question: “Which profession is far more enjoyable than most people realize?”

The responses poured in, revealing a variety of jobs that, despite common misconceptions, offer surprising satisfaction and joy. Here are some of the most interesting and unexpected professions that Redditors find exceptionally enjoyable.

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Image source: Longjumping-Cup-6761, Taylor Flowe

Working as a park ranger offers tranquility and the chance to work in some of the most beautiful spots on earth.


Image source: Stayathomedadof6, Ksenia Chernaya

Stay at home dad.


Image source: ActualLiteralHobbit, Alex Green

Lunch lady :)
I work at an elementary school and I get to chat with kids while giving them (tbh, really good tasting) and FREE meals. We get to feed the kids that don’t have a lot to eat at home, see the kids grow and learn, be nicer to them than most adults in some of their lives, get recognized outside of school, we don’t have to take our work home with us, we get treated nicely by staff, we get to go to parties for the school staff in the forbidden teacher’s lounge, drink soda in school (something I always wanted)…
We get weekends, holidays, and summer off!
I personally wear cute earrings and bright makeup which thrills the s**t out of them, and the cleanup is pretty simple, and we get to go home after lunch. Not only that but it’s a unionized job with retirement benefits. It’s honestly a great time. I also get all the juice boxes and free school pizza I could ever want hahahaahahaha.


Image source: AndromedaZ, Liliana Drew

Janitor. I am incapable of taking my work home with me, and there’s absolutely no way any job can have more instant gratification than cleaning. 10/10 recommend all of you with diminished ability to wait for results to go clean for a living. You make the world better every day you show up to work, because a world with less filth is just plain better. The floor Zambonis are really fun, too.

Oh, and as a university janitor I’ll be getting free college. Anything I want to study, it’s paid for as part of my benefits. Instead of taking out student loans to get a job, I’m getting a job to pay for school. Love that.


Image source: CoulTwist1, Quang Nguyen Vinh

Gardener. Cultivating happiness, one plant at a time.


Image source: filipv, Christin Hume

Book editor. You get to read books during business hours, *and* you get paid to do it! Bonus: you also get to get all smart and wise (“This bit is not working, rewrite it…”) and you get paid for that too. Another bonus: you’re getting invited to all sorts of fancy social gatherings, mingling with authors and academia… I got to do this for seven years, probably the best, most relaxed, and fun seven years of my professional life.


Image source: Fishdogdragon117, Jannis Knorr

Farming, I feel strong after I come home even though everything hurts.


Image source: MomoIsBaby, Aji Maulidio Indra Rukmana

I liked driving a bus for seniors. Some of them sucked, but most of my passengers were total sweethearts! I liked how friendly and kind they could be :).


Hairstylist!! I love that I can literally change lives with just an hour long appointment.

Image source: eyesonrecovery


Image source: kooshipuff, The Good Funeral Guide

Not my profession, but I had a long talk with the funeral director who handled my dad’s about why he decided to do it, and what he said stuck with me- he gets to work with people who are having a hard time and tell them *yes*, like, he can basically get you everything you want.

I can vibe with that.


Image source: Firvulag, Mikhail Nilov

Nightshifts as a hotel receptionist.

I read a lot of books or play games on my Switch.


Image source: clovisclotildo, TopSphere Media

Palliative care. It’s an absolute joy and privilege to spend the last weeks/days in a persons life with them. There can be much more laughter and joy in the terminal phase than many people think. It can be tough and heartbreaking too, but the good outweighs the bad by far.


Image source: Goat-Hammer, Andrew Gaines

Ive been a fire fighter for about 15 years now and i gotta say, best career ever!!!


Image source: Ok_Judge_7565, Fatih Güney

Sanitation worker.
Everyday is different.
Working outdoors is great (exception of rainy days)
Keeps you active and helps you stay fit without trying.
Depending where you work good pay; strong union; pension etc.


Image source: quantipede, Quang Nguyen Vinh

Barista; don’t get me wrong it’s low paying and the customers can be hellish at times; but if you’re at the right shop in the right part of town catering to a more coffee enthusiast /community oriented clientele instead of a corporate office clientele, it’s a fun job, you basically just get paid to socialize with nice people and give them things that make them happy, which in turn makes me happy.


Image source: Georgette_Signorile

Library technician here! It’s honestly the hidden gem of peaceful careers. You’re surrounded by knowledge and the thirst for it, helping people discover new worlds and ideas daily. There’s something about the quiet hum of book lovers delving into pages that’s incredibly soothing. Plus, if you’re a bookworm, getting first dibs on new releases is a sweet perk. And the best part? Watching kids get excited about reading – it feels like you’re really making a difference in fostering the love for books in the next generation. It’s more than just stamping due dates; it’s about being a steward of a treasure trove of literature and information.


Image source: kristymartinezzz, Tima Miroshnichenko

My boyfriend used to be a projectionist in a cinema. He would run seven 35mm projectors for three 16 hour shifts in a row. Three very full days on, then four off. He brought home a great pay packet too.

He always used to tell me how much he loved it, and used to get so much joy running the films for people. Especially film debuts and packed rooms.

The flickering light and clattering noise of the projection room was like a magical land, as I would sneak into the movies through the rear doors and watch everything. All the platters were spinning and everything in motion, it was wild. Light just jumped around everywhere.

Sadly he was one of the last hold outs before it all went digital. He sometimes gets very down he’s not doing it anymore. A sad loss of a profession.


Image source: lachstar333, Andrea Piacquadio

Being a mailman, you quickly sort your mail and parcels, then you head out to deliver. Once you are outside you are in control, you deliver the mail and parcels, then you go home. Might be an early start, but the early finish gives you more time to do whatever you want while its still daylight. I can’t stand sitting at a desk or being inside all day, so it’s a perfect job for me.


Image source: BigWill3o3, Los Muertos Crew

I work at a nursery. It’s relaxing to water and prune plants while listening to a podcast or music.


Image source: Individual-Isopod128, Mikhail Nilov

School-based child therapist. ended up here by accident, stayed for the Uno and Connect 4.


Wildlife photographer.

Yes, there’s awful bits — weather, bugs, cold, rain, mud, mudslides, more mud, did I mention mud? heat, rain, cars breaking down, being sick away from any doctor, your gear getting delayed or stolen, police stops that are merely bribing stations, chancy trips near coca fields, walking along steep cliffs to set up equipment, altitude sickness, malaria preventative medicine that messes with your brain, mosquito netting that is merely a suggestion, elephants that look at range rovers as rivals, having your batteries die right before you get that once in a lifetime shot…

I’ll shut up now.

Image source: Aargau


Image source: Foilcube, Maria Ziegler

Locksmith: best career ever 8 years in and I love it.


Image source: dazednconfuse, Tom Fisk

Vessel Planner. It’s basically a videogame. I coordinate load/discharge of cargo ships and create stow plan. I get to work with a puzzle and b******t with managers at terminals. Some days I’m busy with work and other days I just browse the Internet. Perfect work/life balance.



Not cabinet making. Which i can see being fun, but wood working. I was semi retired and volunteered at a small shop and I loved it.
Running the tools. Even the sweeping.

Bloody enjoyable.

Image source: cidknee1


Tour guide: you get to talk about the city you live in and you love. You meet People who are on vacation so they are relaxed and fun.

If only I could do it full time during the whole year.

Image source: gabmori7

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