25 Times People Refused To Forgive Their Exes

Published 2 months ago

In the vast digital landscape of Reddit, where anonymity often serves as a shield for raw honesty, the r/AskReddit community stands out as a space where users can pose thought-provoking questions and share personal experiences. Recently, user u/Upright_Eeyore sparked a profound conversation by inviting members to delve into the depths of their past relationships, specifically focusing on the reasons why they could never forgive their ex-partners.

The thread swiftly caught fire, drawing in a flood of responses from individuals eager to unload the emotional baggage accumulated from past heartaches. Scroll below to read some of them.

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Image source: RossiCarr, Mikhail Nilov

Ghosting his own kids. How he feels about me is irrelevant but he’s an a*s to make them suffer.


Image source: Ok-Wait6648, Priscilla Du Preez ??

He slept with my mum.


Image source: Lex2467, Malik Shibly

Locking me in the basement and beating the s**t out of me everyday.


Image source: Floralees, Oliver Sjöström

Going on an unplanned bender with all his friends on a boat while I was at home grieving my father, who had just passed.


Image source: denimsaddle, Cyrus Chew

He hit me, he broke my things, he was just awful and abusive. The one thing that finally made me kick him to the curb was hitting my cat. My deaf, 18 year old cat that I had since he was born.


Image source: runningfrommyprobz, MART PRODUCTION

For hitting me. Nobody deserves to be abused.


Image source: burnmeup82, Zhivko Minkov

Telling our 13 year old (at the time) daughter that he was having an affair and that if she told anyone, he’d never speak to her again.


Image source: Few-Preparation533, cottonbro studio

Handed in a resignation for me without telling me for my dream gig! What a schmekel!


Image source: Were_not_a_Match, Tima Miroshnichenko

Leaving when they find out you’ve been diagnosed with cancer.


Image source: Eurogirl80, Sofia Alejandra

Emotionally and verbally abusing me. So let other things.


Girlfriend at the time (and the woman who I thought was the love of my life) went completely cold and distant when my cat died. This woman was a dogwalker and helped special needs pets but when it came to me being inconsolable for the week or two that followed, she said she didn’t know what to do so she just ghosted me for good.

RIP Greta. Best kitty ever.

Image source: MrLeHah


Image source: wstreefrog, cottonbro studio

Cheating. Found out my wife (now ex-wife) was having an affair. Completely destroyed the trust that any relationship is built on.

There were some really dark times, but, thankfully, my life is 100% better now.


Image source: pluto9659, Sebastiaan Stam

She cheated and stole my truck. I miss that truck.


Image source: Mr_Soup234, RDNE Stock project

Cheating on me. I gave her everything, and it wasn’t enough.


Image source: manykeets, Leah Newhouse

Ghosting me when I got pregnant. Later I found out he had a secret girlfriend the whole time.


Image source: RustyShack1efordd, Pixabay

She forged my signature to cosign on a loan to get fake breasts. We broke up shortly after, and months later I got calls from creditors asking me for the payments while I was on a ski trip with a new ladyfriend. I had no idea that the ex did this in the first place, and was beyond pissed when I found out.


In a divorce, I got the dog. I was looking for a pet friendly place. I couldn’t find one but I found a really good place not pet friendly. My ex said she’d take the dog for 6 months so I could find a place. She decided 3 days later that she didn’t want to have the dog anymore and gave me 24 hours to claim him or he was going away. I had just spent $2200 on first and last months rent, and a security deposit and couldn’t get that back. He was given to friends of hers, so I’d still be able to see him (I was told). I went to see him a week later and those friends gave him away and didn’t get any contact information. It’s been 10 years and I’m still crushed.

Image source: MaximusZacharias


Image source: No-Industry-3030, Kampus Production

Being rude and reducing my grandma to tears.


Image source: EmanResu-33, Camylla Battani

Got pregnant on purpose. Didn’t tell me until 4months before giving birth. Lied about hospital appointments so I would miss them. Didn’t let me see the baby after 1 year. We were 16. There were no laws for underage fathers at that time in my country.


We had dogs together and continued to share them after we broke up. We were on good terms overall and communicated well. One time when it was her turn to have them, she moved out of state, took them with her, and blocked me on everything. Not a word of warning. I found out by contacting her mom who I had a good relationship with, and she said she was told by my ex that it was discussed with me and that I agreed to it.

I hope she has a lifetime of misery and never experiences another ounce of happiness. I also just hope my dogs are okay. I’m still considering seeking legal action.

Image source: karizmaaa


Image source: Fr3shAvocado, Pixabay

Stealing 20k from me wasn’t ideal.


After we split I wanted to take our great dane. I was the one raising her and Iived in the bush. So figured I could provide her the life she deserved. My ex of spite kept her and her dad pulled a gun on me when I tried to reason with her parents. She told them I cheated on her and was coming to steal the dogs … Long story short she was 2 at the time. I found out through mutual friends she was put down at 3 because she couldn’t support her own weight. “Was kept in a kennel all day”. I can get over the lying the manipulation and cheating but don’t f**k with my dogs.

Image source: Errythingisbroken


Image source: CrabbiestAsp, Budgeron Bach

Threw me away for a girl he promised me I didn’t need to worry about… Who was also my friend… I introduced them.


Image source: foxylady315, Craig Adderley

The fact that he completely abandoned our son when he abandoned me.


Image source: OrangeNostalgia999, Liza Summer

Gaslit me to the point I actually thought I was crazy and a bad person – which I def turned out to be for a while, but it wasn’t for no reason.

Glad to say I’m now surrounded by people who will never purposely provoke me to step out of character.

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