25 People Share Their Experiences Of Falling Out With A Close Friend

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Despite our best intentions life often gets in the way of friendships. When we form close bonds with others, we give them our trust, our time, our effort and our love. However, various changes can occur within us, our lives, or in the lives of the other person in the friendship that can create small differences that eventually lead to big problems. 

Recently, one Redditor inquired online about what caused someone to fall out with their bestie/ close friend. Folks shared their stories from huge fights to simply drifting apart to all sorts of reasons for friendships to come undone. Scroll below to read the most relatable tales shared on the thread and feel free to share your own experiences in the comments sections. 

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#1 Friends for 20 years. Helped her with rides, money, cloths ect. The first time I asked her for anything was after my husband had brain surgery and needed meds the local pharmacy didn’t have. I couldn’t leave him alone and could not take him with me so I asked her to watch him for an hour. She said no she wanted to go to the store with her bf. I never talked to her again. And thank goodness she didn’t have the balls to show up to my husband’s funeral.

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#2 I cared more about the relationship than she did. I’m not gonna beg anyone to be my friend.

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#3 She blew off my wedding to go to burning man with some dude that dumped her shortly after.

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#4 I worked with them. They were very lazy and constantly started drama between myself and our coworkers. Lost pretty much all the respect I had for them.

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#5 I got pregnant and had a baby. She is still single and was/is jealous (we are in our mid 30s and I know she is worried that it won’t happen for her). She totally ghosted me during my pregnancy and postpartum which really hurt tbh.

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#6 They discovered their boyfriend was making fake accounts and inappropriately contacting minors (average age being 8) and didn’t leave. I immediately ended the friendship. She went on to marry him and have a little girl. Still makes my stomach turn…

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#7 My son was delayed. Hers was not. Her son was roughly a year younger and there were constant snide comments about how much sooner her son hit milestones than mine did. I gave her the benefit of the doubt that maybe she didn’t mean it the way it came across and I was just touchy. And then she called my 2 year old stupid because he was mostly nonverbal. She got told to f**k off.

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#8 His wife insulted me for over 10 years and he never said anything to stop her or stood up for me. I ain’t gonna ask him to choose between me and the mother of his children.

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#9 She literally turned into her mother, only caring about appearances. At 23. I couldn’t take the judgment any more.

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#10 Showing me that we had different definitions of loyalty and always knowing that I couldn’t trust her to have my back, even though she undoubtedly knew I had hers

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#11 They were brainwashed by Qanon.

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#12 I can’t be the kind of friend most people want. depression, I’m always slow to respond, I don’t want to go out often. Also time doesn’t seem to affect how I feel about friends, but people think it’s weird to get back in touch after a couple years and act the same. It’s on me tbh

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#13 Nothing at all, and that is the saddest part. No big fight, no disagreement, no nothing. One day they met their now spouse and suddenly that was it. Since then radio silence

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#14 I got divorced because my ex was hitting my son (2 at the time). I knew my then friend was extremely religious but it had never affected our friendship until that point. Apparently I should have tried to work it out ¯_(ツ)_/

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#15 We were best friends in high school. I moved in with him in 2015 because I needed a place to stay, and his father offered to let me rent out a spare bedroom for super cheap.

Within five months, my friend made a romantic/sexual pass at me. I was not interested. This eventually escalated into fighting every day, which ended with him threatening to slit my throat with a knife.

I left that night and have never looked back.

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She adopted a pitbull, let it off leash immediately during the very first meeting with my dog, and her dog instantly attacked mine. Almost ripped her ear off. I had to literally beat the s**t out of that pitbull to get it to release my dog. My ex best friend just stood there screaming and did nothing. The next day she reported MY DOG to the county as the aggressor. Luckily my dogs vet vouched that she was a sweet, completely non aggressive dog. She also submitted evidence of all of the injuries my dog had, while the pitbull only had injuries from ME, when I had to beat it to stop it from murdering my dog. Luckily my dog ended up having her name cleared, but that instantly [ended] a 12 year friendship. I never spoke to her again

#17 I’m a man, my best friend was a woman. I loved her like a sister, it was never sexual. She got married and her husband didn’t like the idea of a male best friend. She tried to fight for me, but I willingly stepped away.

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#18 She warned me about my fiancé at the time, now ex-wife, and I didn’t listen to her. My fiancé didn’t like that and told me to pick her or my friend. I picked my fiancé and then she eventually cheated on me multiple times including while we had an infant at home. Never been more wrong in my life.

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#19 Apparently me being gay. oh well

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#2o It was my fault. I have bipolar, and I wrecked her 21st birthday party while I was manic. I apologised, but I’d done too much damage and she told me she didn’t want to see or hear from me again. That was decades ago, and we haven’t spoken since.

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#21 I was bff with mine from age 16 to 30. It slowly became apparent that she was a narcissist. I loved her anyway stupid me. When we were 30 we were all out at a restaurant and I went to use the bathroom. For some reason I could hear her voice clear as day and she was taking so much s**t about me! I came out of the restroom, dropped some money on the table and told her to suck my a*s. I left and never looked back. She tried to message me to tell me I was crazy. I blocked her. Last 13 years without her have been great

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#22 He cheated on his girlfriend a bunch. I couldn’t support that, but at the end of the day it was none of my business. He acted like it was no big thing and said, “I just need to get some strange every now and then. Afterwards our relationship is stronger than ever.” Whatever, man. None of my business.

But THEN she cheated on him and it led her to finally leave him. He acted like it was the biggest betrayal he’d ever faced and he couldn’t understand what would make her do such a thing to him. Again, none of my business, but at some point i just had to ask myself if that’s really the kind of person I wanted in my life.

I don’t.

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#23 Introducing my absolute best friend of years to my other friends. They created their own friend group without me:)

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#24 She found new, cooler, less ugly friends and suddenly I was “an embarrassment” to be around

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#25 He developed romantic feelings for me. One night he decided to drunk message my husband about how lucky he was to have me, he better treat me well, etc. Had to cut him off and end the friendship completely.

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