20 Times Online Buyers Turned Out To Be Totally Unhinged

Published 1 year ago

Selling something online sounds like a piece of cake in theory, but according to folks who’ve given it a go there’s a lot that goes into it. Fielding crazy potential buyers being one of them. From creepy come-on’s, to death threats to the sheer entitlement displayed, some folks have had to face it all.

Some of these encounters are so offensive it’s commendable the seller kept their cool at all leave alone the epic responses they’ve actually dealt out. Scroll below for an amusing read of bizarre market demands shared to the ‘choosing beggar’ subreddit and if you’re planning on selling anything online, best prepare yourself with some of these scorching rejoinders.

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#1 Where Do You Want To Meet You

Image source: JustRanger

#2 Piece Of Sh*t Contacting Me In The Middle Of The Night. Hate These Type Of People

Image source: DaddyGDjimbo

#3 $10 Entertainment Fee

Image source: ApolloTheElder

#4 My Naive Boyfriend Tried Selling His Couch On Fb Marketplace And Got A Bunch Of Cbs So I Offered To Make The Ad For Him

Image source: mroctopuswiener

#5 I’m Selling A 100% Silk Wedding Dress For £75. She Offered £30 To Drop It Off. Turns Out She Meant £30 And I Drop It Off In The Next 6 Hours Because She’s Getting Married In 9 Weeks And Can’t Afford The Fuel

Image source: little_jumbo

#6 One Star

Image source: DRstoppage

#7 Can You Please Deliver That Free Item For Free? And I’ll Make You Feel Bad When You Decline. Smh

Image source: jaxond24

#8 Choosing Beggar Wants A Fish Tank (With Everything Included) For Free

Image source: IvoryMoonWriter

#9 Nothing Like Being Financially Vulnerable And Deciding Now Is The Time To Try To Look Rich

Image source: Firebirdy95

#10 Jedi Skills Need Improvement

Image source: SeveredSpring

#11 I’m Building Custom Pcs For People On Fb Marketplace And I Get This Tool

Image source: AZsonny

#12 Single Mom, Unique Baby Name, Won’t Screw You Over, Cash On Hand!

Image source: Ill_Spirit_233

#13 Cb Has An App Idea For Me

Image source: aussieadam

#14 Asking Price 300. It Felt Good Not Replying

Image source: reddit.com


#15 Forgot About This Gem From The Other Year From When I Was Trying To Sell My Old Phone!

Image source: Neither-Jello

#16 Went From 0 To 100% Overboard

Image source: Crownlessocto

#17 I Was Selling A Galaxy S10 For 250. The Night Before We Had Agreed On 180 After He Said He Only Had 160. Now He Tries To Get It For 75

Image source: billybr

#18 My Buddies Just Trying To Sell A Bedframe For Someone Else

Image source: nicktortelli68

#19 Friend’s Wedding Venue Is “Beautiful” And A “Good Price” But Because The Beggar’s Not Willing To Pay To Have “Time To Decorate And Live In Our Moment” They’re Going To Leave A Bad Review

Image source: wkyle82

#20 Wife Got Her First CB.. came Out Of The Gates Firing

Image source: Smurph3tt3

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