40 Unique Graduation Photos From Students With A Sense Of Humour

Published 4 weeks ago

Graduation day pictures are usually quite awkward, serious and highly posed. But our team has searched high and low across the internet to uncover some of the most inventive and downright funny ways students have chosen to celebrate their graduations. 

From unconventional poses to clever props, we’ve compiled the cream of the crop for your viewing pleasure below. While these snapshots may not adhere to traditional graduation norms, they’re certainly worth a chuckle or two. So sit back, relax, and enjoy perusing these creative graduation antics. 

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#1 My Grandma Wanted Some “Creative” Graduation Photos Of My Friend, Since We’re Graduating At The Same Time. This Was Her Least Favorite

Image source: Toll_House69

BLONDTROBL: That wins, hand down.

#2 My Wife And I Graduated From Med School Today

Image source: Neuromancy_

#3 Friends And I Graduated Today

Image source: SolarNarwhal

SBocker78: Sunnydale High?

#4 Slept In Class Might As Well Nap During Graduation

Image source: iStalkPhatGirls

#5 I Missed My Graduation Ceremony For My Undergrad Degree. Thanks For The Photo Cool Mailman

Image source: Kcaithxiii

#6 Graduating Today From University After 15 Years Of Working Full-Time And Balancing My Life. Got Married, Had 2 Daughters, And Built A House. Attempted To Make A Graduation Family Photo

Image source: northeastunion

#7 Missed My Master’s Graduation Because Of Aerosinusitis And Rushed To Emergency Room. Here’s My Dad Handing Me My Insurance Papers Pretending To Graduate Me

Image source: Perswayable

#8 My Mom Ordered A Graduation Cake With A Cap Drawn On. I Guess They Misheard

Image source: bluesberry

#9 Usually, I’d Say Decorating Graduation Caps Is Dumb But

Image source: devgal

#10 A Graduate Always Pays Their Debts

Image source: LifeCritic

#11 Graduated During Lockdown. Had To Improvise On The Regalia

Image source: danyaraquel

#12 Just Got Back From My Son’s Graduation Ceremony. This Was The Valedictorian

Image source: KPexEA

#13 My Girlfriend’s Graduation Cap

Image source: 901koala

#14 My Painted Graduation Cap

Image source: Uswnt17

#15 I Graduated College On Thursday After 5 Years

Image source: the_clown_prince

#16 Graduation Picture On My University Facebook Page

Image source: t33y0z33

#17 Best Friends In Good And Bad Times

Image source: BestBoyBenson

#18 Friend Couldn’t Walk Down The Stage For Graduation Because Of Social Distancing, So His Mom Bought A Billboard Sign For Him Instead

Image source: Close2Cool

#19 We’re The Graduating Class Of Peninsula High This Year. They Told Me I Could Make The T-Shirts. Look What Just Arrived

Image source: CairoSmith

#20 Kyoto University Allows Students To Dress However They Want At Graduation

Image source: minPD0309

#21 Me Holding My Son At His 8th Grade Graduation vs. Him Holding Me At His High School Graduation

Image source: shouttag_russ

#22 Dad Uncovered This Gem From My High School Graduation. I Wish I Could Say We Staged This

Image source: esylvester6

BLONDTROBL: Bachelor’s degree of Wizardry?

#23 My Graduation Cap

Image source: SlothMasterMinis

#24 Graduation Got A Little Out Of Hand

Image source: ngradam

#25 My Friend Recently Graduated With A Degree In Animal Science. Don’t Think I’ve Ever Seen A Better Graduation Picture

Image source: PSUAlumnus

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!: Udderly fantastic!

#26 Sometimes It Really Is The Thought That Counts

Image source: fatimaxsr

#27 Graduation Got Canceled, Took Grad Photos Packrafting In Cap And Gown Instead

Image source: abbreciate

#28 Graduated Yesterday. In A Sea Of Decorated Caps, This Was My Favorite

Image source: caliannpicc

#29 I Found Him. At My Brother’s Graduation Today

Image source: stew1922

#30 So My Sister Graduated Today

Image source: Super_Duper_Nova

#31 Graduation Gift From Dad

Image source: EverythingFerns

#32 Just My Friend Graduating In Style

Image source: czarmine

#33 My Sister And I Graduated From The Same College 17 Years Apart. My Family Stayed Basically The Same

Image source: reddit.com

#34 Apparently, I’ve “Ruined” My Graduation Announcement

Image source: TheShortWalk

Nina: No you didn’t, you made it epic

#35 My Sister’s Graduation Cap

Image source: kriegs23

#36 My Boss (The High School Principal) Arrived For Graduation Today Via Paraglider

Image source: sageeatsworld

#37 Mom Asked Me To Take Some Graduation Pictures. She Didn’t Appreciate What I Had In Mind

Image source: spartan0228

#38 Ready To Show The World That I Earned My Graphic Design Degree At Graduation Tomorrow

Image source: Rocketoast

#39 Where Will You Be When Debt Hits?

Image source: Barnitz

#40 I Graduate From My Master’s Program Next Sunday, So I Thought This Would Be Appropriate

Image source: otzukali

Like_Mike23:  I forgot Tiger King existed, that is him right?

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