20 Times People Felt Sorry For Somebody Else’s Kids

Published 2 weeks ago

Even though stupidity is close to being a pandemic at this point, there is still no known cure for it. Unfortunately, most stupid people aren’t born that way, but raised to be so uninformed and limited. 

The r/facepalm subreddit shares annoying posts that are unadulteratedly amusing. When kids are not allowed to be children, because their parents are somewhat unhinged. The progeny of these folks are heavily influenced by their chaotic parents and honestly, who even knows what future generations will be like after being exposed to parenting skills like this?

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#1 Home Schooling

Image source: killHACKS

#2 Well He’s Gone Now

Image source: Ok-Professional-

Alisha BrunToo late for prayers I believe. Poor kiddo if this is legit.

#3 The Best Way To Treat Your Son’s Depression

Image source: Comfortable-Many-193

Nathaniel He/Him Cis-Het: How can you be depressed son? I have taken away everything that could possibly bring you joy?

#4 Son Died From Vaccinable Disease So Husband Forcibly “Filled Our Daughter With Poisons And Cancer”

Image source: Nergaal

Nathaniel He/Him Cis-Het: You are guilty of neglect and causing a needless death at the very least.

#5 Your Daughter Likes Mermaids? I’ve Got Some Bad News

Image source: matteoluca2

#6 I Don’t Think 50 Shades Is A Movie Your Very Young Daughter Should Be Watching

Image source: MsDemacia

#7 That Poor Child

Image source: Blueskywindandleaves

Adam S: “We don’t do doctors” – probably because they know social services will be getting involved pretty soon after!

#8 Nowadays People Sexualize Everything

Image source: @iamyesyouareno

#9 I Feel Sorry For The Kid

Image source: @DrShayPhD

#10 That Poor Kid

Image source: ineedanswersss15

Nathaniel He/Him Cis-Het: Were you there at the birth?

#11 Pro-Tip: Don’t Do This To Your Kids

Image source: Lord_Answer_me_Why

Kristie French: Possible that the OP means their printed off certificate was made by the parents. Sounds like a home birth situation. Possibly no birth certificate was actually registered to the proper authorities.

#12 His Daughter Got A Short Haircut And He Loses His Mind

Image source: @Remedey49

Nathaniel He/Him Cis-Het: You will only talk to your daughter if she acts and looks exactly as you dictate? She is not the problem.

#13 Why Would He Do That To His Poor Kids

Image source: popbase

#14 I Will Not Success!!

Image source: John_1992_funny

#15 Sueing Son Because He Stopped Paying Daily Parenting Fees

Image source: flyingcatwithhorns

James stevenson: PARENTING FEES?!?!?!?

#16 Chew Toys

Image source: utterperusal

Nathaniel He/Him Cis-Het: They do not have to worry about salmonella as they are eating chicken not salmon.

#17 Breastfeeding Sons Only

Image source: MissCompany

Flamingo Croquet: Get that person some therapy asap.

#18 Poor Kid

Image source: @BBCNews

#19 Imagine Being This Kid. ?‍♀️

Image source: reddit.com

#20 4-Year-Old Girl Was Denied School Enrollment Because “She Had Poor In English Language”

Image source: Rakoor_11037

R L: Teacher should go back to Gr 1.

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