20 Posts Proving That Such Obnoxiously Entitled People Exist

Published 1 year ago

In life, we come across some people that act like the rest of us owe them something. This can literally make you want to tear your own hair out due to intense frustration dealing with their delusional attitudes. Some people are really just too entitled to be believed. 

This is sadly more common than one wants it to be. So much so that there are multiple subreddits dedicated to the topic. Varying from parents, to seniors, to kids the lists go on and on. We’ve found a few of the more shocking displays of entitlement and shared them in the gallery below in case you need a reminder that people like this exist for real. 

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#1 Some People Just

Image source: atommathyou

#2 Karen’s Sense Of Entitlement Knows No Bounds

Image source: monster_breeder

#3 Bruv Here Thinks He’s Entitled To Have 2 Parking Spots For His Hyundai

Image source: akshatpb65

#4 In My Local Coffee Shop

Image source: Codeman32456

#5 Entitled Parent

Image source: Scarlet3665

#6 Sister, Can You Spare A Dime?

Image source: timesuck47

#7 Keep Your Kids Inside Or Ill Call The Cops (Found On Facebook)

Image source: electrodudesmith

#8 Sure Its Not As If The Men Have A Standard 9-5 Job

Image source: Skelopun

#9 Kijiji

Image source: atxsj

#10 Girl And Her Friends Think They Can Go To Events For Free And Get Free Drinks Because “They’re Pretty”

Image source: iSlingShlong

#11 I’m Not A Supermarket Employee But That’s Just Disgusting Behaviour

Image source: FlaireTheGreat

#12 Racist

Image source: eminemtherapper

#13 Not Really Sure Of This Goes Here..but Here You Go. Was Looking At A Special Edition Fallout Liquid Cooling Case ($199) And Found This Salty One Star

Image source: MajorasHorcrux

#14 I Sold A Really Unique, Old Vase A Few Days Ago And Forgot To Take The Listing Down. Got This Lovely Email As A Reminder To Do So

Image source: frickmylifeeeeeee

#15 Bratty Cousin Stole My Netflix Password And When I Changed It He Wants Me To It To Him

Image source: nhaf

#16 Tried To Bully Someone, Gets Kicked Out, Leaves One Star Review

Image source: jlllmt80

#17 Oh My God. I… I Can’t Right Now. I Literally Just Can’t How Is This Even Possible? How Does Someone Get This Entitled?

Image source: reddit.com

#18 It’s My Fault That They Didn’t Like What They Saw

Image source: dbrown100103

#19 Please! Spit In His Burgers!

Image source: iiS4R4HxXx

#20 Someone Is Insulting Everyone On The Autistic Spectrum

Image source: Samtheman11414

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