20 Disgusting Pictures That Are Oddly Fascinating, Taken From The Dedicated Group “Make Me Suffer”

Published 1 year ago

The human brain has an almost morbid fascination with the macabre. This is probably why so many people are addicted to watching or listening to true crime right before bedtime. But hey, whatever floats your boat. No judgement. 

If you have a penchant for things that are normally considered gross and awful, then this is definitely the post for you. Found on the Reddit threads, the “Make Me Suffer” content is filled with horrendously disgusting but fascinating material that matches their description, “If it hurts to look at, post it”. So be warned, and enter at your own risk.

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#1 Partner Drops Used Contacts Behind The Bed Head

Image source: Theloneriddler

#2 Husband Is Severely Allergic To Dogs. This Is What Happened When He Bought A Used Gaming Console From Folks That Lied About Their “Pet Free” Home

Image source: mossy_vee

#3 194-Pound Unpolished Amethyst Crystal Office Chair

Image source: CHURROxCHASER

#4 What Is This Crazy Swarm Of Inch Long Bugs On Gas Pumps In South Carolina?

Image source: rastroboy

#5 Very Strange Beard Placement

Image source: Di0EatsT0es

#6 The Hairbrush My Daughter Leaves Hanging In The Shower

Image source: maddogcas2383

#7 Unclogged My Sisters Shower Drain

Image source: Unclogged my sisters shower drain..

#8 I Would Simply Pass Away

Image source: FunnyWallaby8553

#9 Black Pin Mold That Spawned From A Bowl Of Cat Food That Has Been Soaked In Water For A Few Weeks

Image source: GoldenChinchilla

#10 My Grandma Has Had This Brush For So Long

Image source: AlexxBoo_1

#11 Looks Like My Christmas Gift Came Early!

Image source: PuzzleheadedHabit913

Hair and makeup. The worst part, it had been there for about an hour and I couldn’t get to it because it was too far in my eyelid, and I had to wait for it to move up on it own so I could pull it out. Super uncomfortable lol

#12 A Thing

Image source: Expired-wilk

#13 My Sister Has A Tooth Growing From The Roof Of Her Mouth

Image source: olograve

#14 X-Ray From When I Broke My Arm As A Kid

Image source: Virtual_Fondant_3187

#15 So Uh… We’ve Been Having A Lot Of Random Ants In Our House For Years, And Today We Discovered Where They Were Coming From While Painting

Image source: SwagHawk42

#16 Shower Mold

Image source: Low_Log9439

#17 Had A Hangnail

Image source: Past-Contribution-83

#18 Post-Op Orif Scar. Looks Like An American Football!

Image source: JKDClay

#19 Ankle 4 Days After A Sprain

Image source: sleepy_che

#20 Getting Hit Head On While Riding A Dirt Bike

Image source: PimpedByAngels

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