25 Things People Spent Big Bucks On And Then Never Looked At Again

Published 2 weeks ago

No matter how careful, practical and frugal you may be with your budget, sometimes you may end up spending a hefty sum on something expensive. If you use the product many times it can be considered money well spent, but sometimes the item may just sit on a shelf, gathering dust and regret.

Recently a group of Redditors got worked up about these ridiculous expenses that were a complete waste of money and got to commiserating with each other. They shared their own guilty purchases of expensive gadgets and gizmos that have never become worth the price paid. Some responses are pretty relatable, while others serve as a warning of what things to avoid spending on no matter how tempting. Scroll below to see what folks had to say. 

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#1 A fitness bike. the plan was to watch tv and ride my bike and get fit.. now I just hang clothes on it :(.

Image source: lilalila666, Max Di Capua

#2 The RV, used it once 12 years ago.

Image source: PattiiB, Matheus Bertelli

#3 Drone. Turns out it’s hard to find legal areas to fly it and everyone hates you.

Image source: awbobsaget, Mathias Arlund

#4 I have a robotic vacuum that sounded convenient, but it doesn’t work well on my carpets.

Image source: acrobatic_abroad355, Kindel Media

#5 Bought an expensive watch to celebrate a milestone, but it feels too fancy to wear regularly.

Image source: senior-war-9389, Houssam benamara

#6 A boat.

Husband has always wanted a boat. I always said no, you won’t use it. Then he got really sick. The doctor thought it was cancer. He started looking at boats again. I didn’t want him to die and the last item on him bucket list was unfulfilled because of his b***h wife. So he bought the boat. He did not have cancer.

Image source: BlondieeAggiee

#7 Oculus 2 VR. Seems to be the same with most people I talk to that you’re into it for two months, show it to everyone, then stick it in a drawer and never touch it again. Also I got really bad motion sickness in any of the games you move around in. Which are the most fun games.

Image source: LeaveForNoRaisin, Uriel Soberanes

#8 Health insurance. F*****g insanely expensive.

Image source: No-Two79

#9 A telescope in a country that’s cloudy all the damn time.

Image source: biancahernandezaaxg, Jennifer Lim-Tamkican

#10 I once got a professional, tournament style pool table. Real slate top, ball return, the works. Cost $6000 in 2000 because my wife was considering playing professionally. Then a year later, she broke both her ankles falling down a flight of stairs. It sat as a heavy, unusable table for the next 16 years. The problem with selling a professional pool table is that nobody who isn’t a pool table expert understands that a slate top can’t just be “moved.” It weighs the same as a small car. This is nothing something you and your two buddies can put on the back of a pickup truck in an hour. It had to be de-felted, the plaster cracked, and then the three pieces of slate have to be moved independently. The base is built like something meant to carry 1300lbs and stay perfectly level, so it was heavy, solid and lag bolted wood.

After 2008, a lot of pool table places went out of business. Nobody would buy it, and I considered paying some person $1000 just to break it up and junk it (he took one look at it, and declined). Then, thankfully, I had a personal assistant spend the better part of a week trying to help me out with this, and she found a collector who DID know how to disassemble one, sent some of his guys to look at it, and he offered me $800 “shocked what good condition it was.” I didn’t even haggle. I was about to pay somebody $1000 to remove it, so $800 was a blessing. So he sent his men down, and in 3 hours, I had 50% of my rec room back and while “I lost” $5200 plus appreciation (if any), I was so grateful.

Image source: punkwalrus

#11 In 2020, I convinced my husband to buy me a sewing machine during lockdowns. It’s been in his closet ever since.

Image source: Scared-Replacement24, Wallace Chuck

#12 A $1k camera. I only used it for one trip.

Image source: nathan777333, PhotoMIX Company

#13 Paid $1000 for a domain name – never used it.

Image source: ntaylor360, Pixabay

#14 Heart defibrillator, but I’ll be happy if I never have to use it.

Image source: knightxiii, Towfiqu barbhuiya

#15 Mouth guard, the fancy one your dentist fits you for and insurance didn’t cover.

I lost it 2 months after I got it when I moved and when I found it again, my teeth had shifted and it didn’t fit.

Image source: bvstvrdChild

#16 Eight cemetery plots. I knew the price was going to double and thought it’d be a good investment. But cemetery plots do not sell like hotcakes.

Image source: Chupapinta, Waldemar

#17 College degree.

Image source: Material-Tutor-2940, Gül Işık

#18 I got a kayak thinking I’d spend my weekends on the water, but it’s been used maybe twice.

Image source: acrobatic_court2781, Thilo Lehnert

#19 I tend to get into things and then I obsess over the new “thing”. In the past I’ve spend a lot of money on yarn, for when I learned to crochet. I have spent money on art supplies, for water colour painting. I then bought a very expensive iPad so I could learn to do digital art. Then the last few months it was really expensive products for my hair, including a Dyson hairdryer and curling iron. This past weekend I bought a turntable and some vinyl records because it seems that now I’m fixated on this. I really hate that I am this way, but I can’t seem to make myself stop once I’m obsessed with the newest thing. I wouldn’t say I never use these things, but they aren’t used as much as I imagined.

Image source: Swimming-Fee-2445

#20 I spent a lot of money on a high-end basketball hoop cause my wife was thinking about getting back into coaching. We were outside shooting around and hit this nasty crossover, and I broke both her ankles. We haven’t used it since.

Image source: chags1

#21 I own a set of crystal wine glasses for special occasions that never seem to happen.

Image source: sure_screen817, cottonbro studio

#22 Purchased a fancy painting set to explore my artistic side, but it turns out I’m not much of a painter.

Image source: starswimming6842, Daian Gan

#23 A high-tech blender that now serves as a fancy paperweight in my kitchen.

Image source: DanielleLilly, Nicola Barts

#24 My truck. Shortly after buying it my job gave me a work truck to drive to and from work. Now my personal truck rarely gets used, which makes me sad.

Image source: rex8499, Caleb White

#25 Power washer. I haven’t opened the box yet. I bought it three years ago.

Image source: Durango1949, Erik Mclean

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