30 Bizarre Birthday Parties People Can’t Seem To Forget

Published 3 weeks ago

Birthday parties are often a wonderful celebratory occasion when everything is about you. The theme is based on one of your favourite things, the cake is exactly as you like and all your favourite people come to celebrate alongside you. However, not all birthday parties are perfect. 

In fact, on occasion, something so wild and crazy may have happened that it stuck out in your memory. People dug deep to find images of their most chaotic and unhinged childhood birthday parties that were outrageous fails. Scroll below for a peek at these disastrously weird celebrations that hopefully ended in a good laugh for all involved. 

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#1 Happy 1st Birthday To Our Baby. Jai’s Got This Social Distancing Gig Down Packed

Image source: kylienajjar_

sbj: I love the sign

#2 My Mom Paid A Stranger To Be A Clown At My Sister’s Birthday. This Image Still Haunts Me

Image source: carbonandbadtiming99

#3 Strange Place To Have A Birthday Party

Image source: ericlolomg

flower petals: I’m not sure I’d like the… presents. 🚽😶

#4 This Birthday Cake

Image source: Brucecx

#5 Last Weekend, I Inadvertently Attended An 11-Year-Old’s Playboy-Themed Birthday Party

Image source: braintoasters

Rebelliousslug: That’s just gross. I thought maybe they didn’t know what the logo was for until I saw the magazine.

#6 Worst Birthday Party Venue Of The Week

Image source: Robin Holt Wilson-Snow

troufaki13: Is this like a fetish or something? It’s the second post on toilet bday parties 🤢🤮

#7 What A Mild Inconvenience

Image source: ohhyouknow

Rebelliousslug: You reap what you sow

#8 My Son Loves Trash Cans And Garbage Trucks, So For His 2nd Birthday I Made Him A Dumpster Cake

Image source: ThePrince_OfWhales

#9 Costco-Themed Birthday Party Was A Smashing Success

Image source: peterpettigrew5

#10 What The Hell, Buca Di Beppo? Who Wants Their Kid’s Birthday Party Overseen By The Pope?

Image source: fgfs262

Donna Peluda: Well we know the church is fond of little kids.

#11 How Entitled Some People Can Be

Image source: hombredeoso92

Hippopotamuses: If at first you don’t suceed. Try again, and again, and again…..

#12 Happy 14th Birthday. Let’s Get Your First Tattoo. Love, Mom

Image source: DemonDan13

NapQueen: If you haven’t started growing hair, you’re not old enough for a tattoo…..

#13 Today Was My Friend’s 30th Birthday. This Was His Cake

Image source: Damour

#14 Happy Birthday, Richard

Image source: FalconPaunchhh

#15 My Best Friend’s Birthday Cake

Image source: sh31byrenee

#16 An 80th Birthday Cake Was Shared On A Local Facebook Page To Advertise The Bakery. Just A Bit Tacky

Image source: Herps15

#17 Evidently, This Was Rented For Some Guy’s 75th Birthday. He Actually Looked Pretty Thrilled About It

Image source: HerpsAreNotHerpes

flower petals: Kenmobile 💕

#18 When You Want To Wish A Kid A Happy Birthday But You’re A Giant Rat

Image source: cupcakesprinkle

Delenn: The rat is tired of life

#19 My Sausage And Mashed Potato Birthday Cake

Image source: jousty

#20 The Worst Birthday Party Ever

Image source: svieriObraza

#21 So My Mom Made This For My 7-Year-Old Niece’s Birthday. She Said, “They’re Taking A Bubble Bath”

Image source: scagglemeijer

𝖊𝖜𝖔𝛋: Pretty sure it’s a creepy altar in serial killer’s lair. But let’s go with Barbie bubble bath ;) /s

#22 Not Sure Who I Feel Most Sorry For: The Birthday Boy, The Guests, Or The Cake

Image source: aresg

Uncanny: Well he is 267yo (or possibly 627?), so he’s probably totally over the whole birthday thing.

#23 Let’s Just Take A Hand-Bra Picture At The Beach Next To My Dad And Friend To Show My Gratitude Toward Him On His Birthday

Image source: Jramey97

NapQueen: ERM…??

#24 This Nightmare Fuel Birthday Party

Image source: TentacleBoBcat

#25 The Youth Are Our Future

Image source: Lora013

#26 My Friends Made Me A Birthday Cake This Weekend

Image source: luna12029

#27 This Was The Entertainment For My First Birthday Party. I’m The One In The Overalls

Image source: rlanham8

Multa Nocte: At least you can trace your lifelong trauma from this event.

#28 The Theme For This 1-Year-Old’s Birthday Is “Pizza Party” And Not “Let’s Cut The Baby Up” Like I Originally Thought, Thanks To The Writing On The Balloon Wall

Image source: savannah_mae

#29 What A Fantastic Way To Behave At Your 7-Year-Old’s Birthday Party

Image source: je_suis_un_negre

Rebelliousslug: If this was a decent photo I’d hate to see the indecent ones

#30 A 16-Year-Old Boy’s Birthday Cake With An E-Cigarette Decoration, Posted By His Mother

Image source: Kaisah16

flower petals: Some people…🤭 I wonder how many likes this got.

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