30 Mannequins That Stole The Spotlight In A Store For Being Weird And Funny

Published 2 years ago

A mannequin’s main purpose is to attract customers and show how certain clothes would look when worn, but sometimes mannequin designers or store owners manage to mess things up so much that people start to pay more attention to the mannequin instead of what they are advertising.

We have gathered a list of such moments where mannequins became the center of attraction and stole the whole show. Scroll below to see some of the most hilarious and creepy mannequins people spotted, captured, and shared on the internet.

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#1 This Weird Mannequin At The London Science Museum

Image source: ThePoonCoon

#2 These Mannequins Are Terrifying

Image source: ReksilTheRed

#3 Not Much Customers Around Today, So I Got Creative With The Bedsheets

Image source: magenta_lilies

#4 These Creepy Mannequins At My Local Store In Japan

Image source: The_Gunslinger86

#5 This Exactly Why I Don’t Take Him Nowhere

Image source: BIndlovukazi

#6 Interesting Choice In Mannequin For A Table Saw Display

Image source: Roho_Kitnam

#7 Put The Eyelashes On The Mannequins, Boss

Image source: badger_danger

#8 Blursed Mannequin

Image source: guitasketball

#9 Elongated Mannequins

Image source: EltaninAntenna

#10 I Had A Mini Heart Attack When I Saw This. Spotted In NYC Today

Image source: bmagnusson

#11 Quite A Mannequin

Image source: im_president_charlie

#12 This Mannequin Of A Boy In A Bulgarian Shop

Image source: Zealousideal_Bit3936

#13 This Clothing Store Is Undergoing Construction, So They Dressed Their Mannequins Appropriately

Image source: Bbilbo1

#14 This Mannequin Is Hilarious

Image source: mungnung1

#15 This Shrek-Inspired Mannequin

Image source: TheoreticalButt

#16 These Super Jazzy Mannequins

Image source: astroboots

#17 The Training Mannequins In My College. There Is A Control Room To Make Them Have Heart Attacks

Image source: Skylord_Zantharan

#18 Yet Another Unrealistic Body Standard For Women

Image source: cisgenderhaver

#19 Finally A Realistic Mannequins In Women’s Lingerie Store

Image source: reddit.com

#20 A Rabbit Headed Mannequin I Spotted In Japan

Image source: matteocrayo

#21 This Kid Mannequin

Image source: Cnmbnmya

#22 Finally, I Can Relate To A Mannequin As A Woman With 4′ Curved Legs

Image source: LeChrome_

#23 This Large Mannequin With Small Clothes

Image source: LucklessList828

#24 Whenever My Daughter Walks Past Child Mannequins, She Likes To Pretend She’s One Of Them

Image source: frisbm3

#25 Pumped Up Mannequin

Image source: Palifaith

#26 This Store’s Emblem/Mascot Is An Eagle, And So Are The Mannequins

Image source: Bizarrmenian

#27 This Kid Mannequin That Looks Like He Will Devour The Souls Of Sinners On Judgment Day

Image source: largavidaapedromendo

#28 These Mannequins

Image source: creepthekid_

#29 This Mannequin With Character

Image source: Mr_Simmonds

#30 Mannequins At The Mall Near My House. I Think They Used Mark Zuckerberg As The Template

Image source: LDPro_Gamer

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