35 Of The Coolest Things People Found In Thrift Stores, As Shared In This Online Group

Published 6 months ago

In the vast realm of online communities, there exists a gem that celebrates the quirkiest, most unique secondhand finds. The ‘Weird (and Wonderful) Secondhand Finds‘ project has become a beacon for enthusiasts of thrifted treasures, encouraging people to embark on the exciting journey of discovering and showcasing the extraordinary items they stumble upon in secondhand stores, flea markets, and garage sales.

Check out some of their weird and wonderful posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Picked Up These Cast Iron Cat Andirons Up From My Buy Nothing Group. I Can’t Wait To See Them With The Flames Behind The Eyes!

Image source: Valerie Marino Horowitz

Alexia : “I need these!!”

#2 This Was Hand Made In The Seventies And Is One Of A Kind! Bought It Second Hand And Finally Got It Into My Space Today. It’s So Gorgeous And The Details Are Amazing. I’m An Herbalist And I’m Going To Use It As A Magical Herbal Storage Hutch. I Thought It Needed To Be Seen And Appreciated Here With All Of You Creative Lovely Treasure Hunters!

Image source: Kiely Quinn

whineygingercat : “If you’re going to do any work on it, whatever you do, please don’t paint it. Restore it with new stain, but no paint. A part of my natural wood-loving soul crumbles when I see people painting over beautiful hardwood furniture”

#3 I Was Driving In The Neighborhood And Found This Floor Rug Rolled Up At The End Of Someone’s Sidewalk. As I Was Looking Over It, The Owner Of The House Came Out And Asked If I Wanted It. He Told Me It Was A Tapestry Rug That He Hung In His Wall. It Had Never Been Used As A Rug. I Asked Why He Was Getting Rid Of It And He Said He Was Changing His Decor. I Told Him I Couldn’t Lift It In My Car. It Was Super Heavy. He Helped Me Put It In My Car. He Told Me It Was Free, Merry Christmas! I Almost Fainted. I Had Wanted One For So Long, But It Was So Expensive To Buy. I Paid 0 For It! Win!!!

Image source: Helen Espinosa

Cecilia Herrera : “Wow! You were meant to have it.”

Dani M : “It´s beautiful and how you got it makes it special :)”

#4 Pictures Don’t Do Her Justice. I Am Elated With Today’s Buy. Found In An Antique Store In South Of UK. ?❤️??

Image source: Dorothy Alice Van Moppes

Cecilia Herrera : “I gasped when I first saw it. I love it.”

#5 Found This Vintage Dress That Was Too Good To Pass Up. Vintage From The 70’s And The Thrift Store Had Everything Half Off

Image source: Marian Lara

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “The ’70’s are not vintage! And get off my lawn!”

Blackheart : “I have some 70s acrylic shoes that would vibe great with that.”

#6 Trigger Warning: Loss Of Pet About A Month Ago My Baby Passed Away. Peanut Was More Than Just My Cat- He Was My Emotional Support, My Confidant- My World. Last Night Was A Particularly Rough Night. I Fell Asleep Missing Him So Much And His Sleepy Self. I Decided To Take The Day Off Work And Go Thrifting. I Walked Into A Goodwill And Immediately Found This. It’s Nearly Identical To Peanut

Image source: Mikey Adams

Alexia : “Aww, Peanut sent you a sign from over the rainbow bridge”

#7 My Absolute Wonderful Thrifted Find!!! The 3 Fairy Godmothers From Sleeping Beauty. I Have A Few Of These Disney Characters From The 50-60’s So I’m Always So Excited When I Find Different Characters!

Image source: Victoria Rivera

christie lowe : “Flora, Fauna and Merryweather!”

Ben : “I grew up with these. I am sure they are collector items.”

#8 Walked Into The Thrift Store And Walked Out With 3-Foot Tall Silverware. As One Does

Image source: Emily Sigsby

WindySwede : “Now all you need is a matching wine glass!”

glowworm2 : “Now go find a giant spoon!”

#9 Found At My Apartment Garbage Can

Image source: Max Lamm

Cecilia Herrera : “One person’s trash, is another person’s treasure.”

#10 My $8 Thrift Find From The Di Yesterday…not Sure I’ll Ever Use It But It Was Too Unique To Leave. Deviled Egg Christmas Tree…

Image source: Henry Olson

Alexia : “This is awesome! Eggs or candies or cookies”

#11 I Lost My Boston Terrier, Ollie, To Old Age This Summer And I’m Pretty Sure I Found Him At Goodwill Today As Christmas China

Image source: Sarah Taschetta

Cecilia Herrera : “You found your sweet pup. Sorry for your loss.”

#12 After Decades Of Weird Gifts From My Cousin, Who Shops Exclusively At Thrift Stores, He Scored A Treasure. I Call Them My “Cavorting Frogs.” I Love Them!

Image source: Susan Murray

Alexia : “This is just… glorious :))))”

Wisco_MKE : “My grandmother had a set of these! There was this one and also two standalone pieces, too!”

#13 I Found This Cup With A Family Of Mice In A Box Of Christmas Decorations In Salvation Army Trift Store, Ns Canada. It’s Already On My Tree❤️

Image source: Oxana Sim

glowworm2 : “This is adorable!”

Lee : “Sylvanian Family toys?”

#14 I’m Pretty Excited The Lamp On The Left Was On The Marketplace In Bullhead City, Az For $25 And I Said I Want It I’ll Come Get It. She Said Yeah I Was In My Grandma’s Stuff We Have One More And I Said Are You Selling It She Said Sure And She Brought It Out 25 Bucks… They Were Very Very Dirty. But I Think It’s An Excellent Score

Image source: Debbie Devine

Cecilia Herrera : “Excellent score. In fact it was a GGGGGOOOOAAAAALLLL!!”

#15 My Great, Great, Grandmothers Table From Mexico. My Great Grandmother Brought It To Tx When She Came To The Us And She Gave It To My Grandmother When She And My Abuelo Bought Their First House. My Grandma Passed It On To My Mom When She Bought Her First House. I’ve Lived All Over The Us And The Table Was Too Delicate To Ship But I Knew Some Say I’d Get That Table. I Bought My First House (20 Years After My Travels) Last Year When I Moved Back Home And This Was One Of The First Items I Moved Into The House. My Mom And I Cried As We Brought It In And Set It Up. My Family Had So Little When They Came To The Us But This Table Was Always There. To Drink Cafe Con Pan And Talk Chisme (Gossip), To Cry, To Discuss Difficult Decisions And To Celebrate Anything And Everyone. Oh The Stories This Table Could Tell. Makes Me So Proud To Be A Part Of This Long Line Of Strong Resilient Amazing Women. ?

Image source: Angelica Mendoza-Carrillo

Cecilia Herrera : “Family Treasure.”

#16 I Found This Gang At A Church Thrift For .50 For The Whole Gang … They’re Amazing!! ?

Image source: Jennifer Figueroa Singerline

Cecilia Herrera : “We’re off to see the wizard….”

#17 Found At A Local Flea Market

Image source: Mason Sousa

#18 Saw This Beauty At America’s Thrift Store In Marietta, Ga

Image source: Veronica Wright-Daniels

#19 Found My House Hippo Today At Unity Resale Thrift Store In Green Bay, Wis. What Should I Name Her?

Image source: Bonnie Annarumma

#20 Bought This Stock Pot At A Thrift Store 2 Days Ago, And I’m Not Joking When I Say I Keep Opening The Cabinet Just To Look At It! Me And My Sister Made Up A Fun Little Story About It, We Imagine We Run An Animal Rescue, And I Live In The Yellow House, She Lives In The Red House, And The Blue House Is A Barn For Our Animals. Really Is The Best $10 I Ever Spent ?

Image source: Maggie Bequette

sbj : “This is just so pretty”

#21 Found This Wonderful Room Divider At An Antique Shop, Still Had The Little Pots And It Still Lights Up. I Love It!

Image source: Carrie Farris

CaliCoast : “That’s amazing! Lights, planter holders AND shelves?? The only thing missing is the kitchen sink lol. Great find!”

#22 Found And Left At Goodwill, This Would Be Awesome For A Library

Image source: April Rojas

#23 After Giving Up On Getting A Christmas Tree I Found This At A Local Thrift Store And It’s Brand New! A True Christmas Miracle❤️ It’s My Son’s First Christmas (Where He Knows What Christmas Is) And He Points Out Every Christmas Tree He Sees. I Was At A Thrift Store With Only $50 In My Bank Account And This Was The Last Tree There. He And I Both Love It ?

Image source: Christa Lilley

#24 After Work, I Went Into A Goodwill I Don’t Normally Stop In. I Think I Went Because This Toymaker Was Calling Out To Me. I Picked Him Up And Looked Him Over In Awe. He Was Wrapped In Tape, Which I Was Confused By. I Mean, Obviously, I Was Going To Get Him Either Way Because Just Look At Him, But What Was His Purpose? Finally, On The Bottom, I Found A Handwritten Sticker That Explained He Is An Incense Burner. You Lift Him Up Off His Bench And Place A Cone Incense There And His Mouth/Pipe Will Smoke. There Is No Indication Of A Company Or Date This Amazing Object Was Made. I’m Not Sure If He Is Handmade And Unique Or What Era He Is From. All I Know Is This Is The Best $6 I’ve Spent In A Very Long Time. I Haven’t Put An Incense In Him Yet. I Will Update When I Make Sure I Have Cones. Merry Christmas To Me. ?

Image source: Steena Mittel

#25 Found This A Few Years Ago At Renningers Flea Market In Mount Dora, Fl For $2 And It’s My Most Favorite Christmas Decoration

Image source: Jessie Mattos

Snorkeldorf : “That is SO pretty. It would be among my favorites also.”

#26 Handed Down From My Grandmother – She’s 82, I Absolutely Love These ????

Image source: Alexandria Paige

Cecilia Herrera : “Grandma’s Treasure for your continued pleasure.”

#27 I Was Visiting My Friend In Paignton Devon And Found This In A Charity Shop. The Price Was 10p. He Really Cost Me 9p If You Consider The Penny Inside. The Date Of The Penny Is The Year I Was Born. He Was Meant To Be Mine. My Lucky Pig ? ? Thank You All So Much For Your Kind Words But I Must Add This Bit! Someone Asked If I Happened To Be Born Under The Chinese Zodiac- Year Of The Pig? You’ve Guessed It…1971 My Year Of Birth Was Indeed A Year Of The Pig! The Coin Inside Is Also Dated 1971. My Mind Is Officially Blown ?

Image source: Keely Morris

cbk128 : “Wow, memory unlocked. I had one of these as a kid. No idea where it came from. I’m from Plymouth.”

ohjojo (you/your’s) : “It’s great that you were born in 1971 and the penny is 1971 but that was the point of putting that penny in the pig because that is the year of the pig”

#28 Got This Beauty At A Yard Sale For .50 !!

Image source: Jessica Leighton-Goodrode

Molly Reece : “Exquisite!”

#29 I Love Seeing Everyone’s Collections ???✨ Mine Has Changed A Bit Over The Years As I’ve Gifted Trees And Been Given More, This Is The Majority, Though There Are A Few Strays Around The House. ♥️ It All Started With The Large One On The Left That Was Given To My Family When I Was A Little Girl, (Our Neighbors Owned A Ceramics Shop) It’s My Favorite Decoration And Is Always The First To Come Out Of Hiding. Every Tree Here Was Either A Gift Or Thrift. Eventually I’d Love To Find A Large White Tree In The Wild ✨✨

Image source: Jennifer Seme

Cecilia Herrera : “Beautiful, and so filled with memories.”

#30 Ahhh? Found At Goodwill?

Image source: Jayda Kay

#31 Just Found This Incredible Walnut Cupboard From The Late 1800s. It Was Used In A General Store To Sell Thread. I Spoke To The Woman Who Had Put It Out On The Curb, And Her Great Grandmother Had Made The Base That It’s Crookedly Sitting On. She Used To Use It To Store Her Children’s Artwork. Not Sure What I’ll Do With The Very Shallow Drawers, But I’m So Thrilled To Bring This Piece Into My Home

Image source: Jenni O’Reilly-Jones

#32 Completely Wonderful, Not Exactly Weird Except For The Circumstances. Found On The Side Of The Road In A Box Full Of Very Gross Kitchen Items. I Couldn’t Believe It, With The Lid And Everything!! I’ve Wanted A Zodiac Pyrex For A Long Time!! Wanted To Share My Happy Moment

Image source: Moira Tracey

#33 I Think I’ve Acquired My Best Thrift Yet From Our Local Town Page? I Am Now The Owner Of This Beautiful 1974 Firefly Hot Air Balloon Basket For Free??? Edit: Since My Comment Is Buried Amongst Everyone Else’s I Figure I’d Update Here ? I Plan To Make A Reading Nook Out Of It And Eventually Make A Stained Glass Globe To Have Over The Top And Place A Light In The Dome. My Oldest Daughter Is Always Reading So It’ll Be Put To Good Use. I Love To Hear All The Suggestions But We Have To Remember These Baskets Aren’t Made To Stay Out In The Elements Especially With Me Living In Wisconsin. The Snow And Rain Isn’t Good For The Wicker And Would Make It More Brittle Over Time. I Want To Keep It In Its Best Condition As Much As Possible?

Image source: Taylor Gardner

#34 Purchased At Svdp And Embellished By Me To Qualify As W&w

Image source: Brady Keepers

#35 I Am The Proud Owner Of This Macaroni Now ? Found On Facebook Marketplace!

Image source: Conor Ball

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