20 Wild Wedding Moments That Became Memorable For The Wrong Reasons

Published 5 months ago

Weddings are typically joyous occasions filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories. However, not every wedding day goes off without a hitch. In fact, some weddings become memorable for all the wrong reasons, thanks to unexpected and wild moments that leave everyone in attendance with stories to tell.

From wardrobe malfunctions to unexpected guests, here are some wild wedding moments that took a turn for the unexpected.

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Image source: Suzanna Nicholson, Hebert Santos

A friend of mine was the bridesmaid so I crashed the wedding and sat in the back. When the preacher said “if anyone has any reason why this man and this woman…. Speak now or forever hold your peace” THE BRIDE’S EX STOOD UP AND PROFESSED HIS UNDYING LOVE AND ASKED HER TO MARRY HIM INSTEAD! The look on the bride’s face was priceless. The fact that her father, the bride, and the groom all restrained themselves from pummeling the guy was admirable.


Image source: Venna Trettel, sergio souza

Picture it… October in Minnesota. The leaves are changing, it’s an unseasonably cold day (about 39 degrees) and we are at a local lakeside supper club for a wedding…outdoors (good thing I ran to Target that morning for leggings to wear under my dress!) where my husband is a groomsman. A little back story, this is the bride’s third wedding and the groom’s second. The entire wedding party is comprised of individuals from the periphery of the happy couple’s lives, mostly co-workers, because their families are sick of shelling out money for weddings for these two.

Anyway, the groom had constructed on his own (he and my husband work in a woodshop) a beautiful arbor for their backdrop, kind of had a cabin/shack look to it but fitting for their event. So, the officiant begins the ceremony, I’m sitting with some of the other wives and co-workers from the shop and the groom interrupts the officiant, grabs a beer from the back side of the arbor, cracks it open and announces “I CAN’T DO THIS SOBER!” takes a big swig and then hands it off to the best man. A few other times throughout the short ceremony he snapped his fingers in the direction of the best man (who unsuccessfully tried to pass the beer down to the last guy in line to keep it away from the groom) so he could take another drink.

When the ceremony ended and we began to make our way inside for the cocktail hour the shop secretary said to me “Did you see that too or am I in a bad dream right now?” I replied that this was real life. The bride went in the back door and straight across the banquet hall and out the front door without saying a word. She got in her car and left. The bridesmaids went after her. The groom defended himself saying “It was just a joke, I thought she’d laugh!” The bridesmaids went after her (she just went back to their home about a mile away) and they convinced her to come back. She was threatening to shred their marriage license instead of filing it. I don’t blame her one bit! Six years later they are married and doing well, but yowza what a way to start your marriage!!


Image source: Illyria Duncan, Antoni Shkraba

It was an Orthodox Church wedding, where bride and groom walk around the altar with their hands tied and candles and crowns… all in all very picturesque. After the church wedding, the ceremony continued at groom’s paternal home, huge house and the yard so heavily decorated with flowers that it was hard to breathe. Apparently, there were several customs for bride to manage, before entering the house. One of them was that she should lift the youngest child on the groom’s side (which happened to be his sister’s baby boy), kiss him and turn him around couple of times for everyone to see, so “they would have a lot of children as beautiful and healthy as that one”.

So, the bride lifted the baby, but baby didn’t like it, at all. He kept kicking and screaming while she kissed him and then, there was the smell. Immediately, everyone knew what happened, but no one wanted to say a thing. To hurry the thing and be able to return the boy to his mother for change, bride turned the baby few times, but it was maybe too fast… baby made the face, then threw up all over her wedding dress.

Did I mention that bride was pregnant? She made a face as well, quickly handled the boy to her new husband and turned, throwing up on the side of the pavement, then starting to sway. Chair was quickly provided and people went to cooling her down, unbuttoning her dress to let her breathe and so on. It was the surreal sight. But the last time I heard of them, they were still happily married with three children of their own, so maybe it was lucky.


Image source: Margot Watson, Annie Spratt

We flew to my husband’s sons wedding; gave for us at least an expensive gift, matron of honor was his sister who neglected to tell us what we were expected to do. She sat us at a table completely across the dance floor and away from the head table where we sat with complete strangers. She never introduced her dad as the father of the groom, nor was he allowed to give a toast (one he had beautifully written on a piece of paper. When it came time for the dances, the new wife was too busy to dance with her father in law. She also never came to the table. However my husband’s ex wife and her husband had a place of honor. The mother did a veritable bump and grind slow dance with her son that left most people feeling very embarrased, several of the strangers at our table not realizing who we were, said it well, “embarrassing and disgusting”. I looked over and saw my neglected husband who thought his son and daughter loved him had tears rolling down his cheeks. I made an excuse that dad was very tired, wished the newlyweds a happy marriage and we left. My husband was an involved dad after his divorce, never missed child support or visitation, took them on vacations, paid for many extras the kids wanted. He later told me he cried on what should have been one of his happiest moments as he realized his kids never appreciated his sacrifices for them. We are elderly and not in the best of health but we sure did our best.


Image source: Margaret McEvoy, Polina Tankilevitch

Bride did not want the groom’s mother at the wedding because she said her wheelchair would “ruin the pictures.”


Image source: Kathie McDonald Rost, cottonbro studio

My husband and I were invited to the wedding of a couple we really didn’t know very well, but we knew a lot of the other guests there, so we decided to go and have a good time. The wedding was close to our house on the Big Island, so the bride wore a beautiful white dress with a hakalei (flower crown) and the groom a Hawaiian shirt and maile lei.

They had written their own vows, and the bride went first. It was beautiful.

Then the groom. He started going on about how his bride was the only one who who completely understood him– emotionally, physically, sexually. He continued on about how their relationship was so satisfying with her as his lover. It was like that sickening “lovah” sketch on Saturday nite live with the two gushing over each other in front of everyone.

He finally ends the speech by saying how lucky he is to have “her perfect body” to hold against his own for the rest of his life.

Most of us were shuffling our feet and looking at the floor. I’m glad i didn’t know who the parents were in the crowd, they would’ve been mortified.


Image source: Tim Pearce, Andre Hunter

How about the bride and bridesmaids in dresses doing handstands on top of beer keg and drinking from it. Now back in the days keg parties bonfires in jeans guys or girls maybe so then. Oh by the way groom was really disappointed by his new wife’s never seen before action. Not long lasting marriage.


Image source: Thomas McKeon, Carsten Vollrath

I went to a wedding reception in a hotel. Every one was staying over night. All the rooms were in a cluster. Liquor flowed. I went back to my room to smoke a joint near the bathroom fan. I could hear through the duct work 2 people having sex in the next room. I waited until they were done and left the room. I opened my door a crack and saw the groom-my cousin walking out with his new father-in-law.


Image source: Denny McLeod, Rawpixel

The mother of the bride walked into her daughter’s wedding in a beautiful expensive extra-white long flowing sparkling gown that outclassed, and out-shown her daughter’s off-white, cheaper and less desirable looking wedding dress. The mother also carried a bigger bouquet, had her hair and makeup professionally done and was smiling and waving the entire time. The bride was frowning and acted like she had a pebble in her shoe. Needless to say, the mom got more attention than the bride.


Image source: Martin Woodhead, Lisa Victor

At the evening meal before the bride’s mother wished loudly that her daughter was marrying a doctor instead of a nurse my identical twin brother.


Image source: Ivana Davies, Gift Habesha

I was at a wedding years ago when a guy proposed to his girlfriend in front of the entire reception. I guess he didn’t get the memo that this is a faux pas of galactic proportions. The bride and the groom were surprisingly cool with it (at least on the outside) but you could tell that everyone had pretty bad second-hand embarrassment. The worst part is that the couple that got engaged never even got married, so the whole situation was for nothing.


Image source: Renata Lima, Trần Long

a friend from high school was getting married to his girlfriend from college, who was a small-sized person (thin and short)

a woman who had also been to high school with us and had been a good friend of the groom for years gave a toast and said very seriously to him and all attendees: “remember that poison also comes in small bottles”

we were all astounded


Image source: Shauree, Emma Bauso

[Groom] hooked up with the maid of honor before and after. It was kinda like that moment he cried because of seeing the maid of honor in the dress and not the wife.


Image source: Casey Jayne, Ben Waardenburg

I worked in event planning and coordination for close to 10 years, there is not enough space on the internet for me to tell you the stupid things I have seen. The best one was someone demanding to bring children to a black tie event. That was a fun one because it wasn’t even someone close to the bride or the groom it was some shirt tail relatives date who thought her children deserved to be at the reception even though the wedding couple had rented a large suite and hired nannies to watch after any children that were there including their own! I helped plan both events and honestly I think the kids had more fun! There were Disney movies, video games and lots of junk food in the suite as opposed to a stuffy sit down formal dinner with fancy food, 12 forks and stuffy boring speeches that went on FOREVER. Said guest was put out and complained to anyone that would listen about how unfair it was that her little darlings weren’t allowed to be there. Finally the father of the groom had enough (and possible a scotch or 3) and told her off. She spent most of the rest of the nigh pouting in a corner. On a happier note during my last check on the kids party her children were having a BLAST playing and eating junk!


Image source: Allyson Miller, Thomas AE

A bridesmaid arranged her own spotlight dance with the groom. The DJ announced them, and the groom politely met her on floor. The chosen song, mystifyingly, was “Hopelessly Devoted” from the movie Grease.

If you don’t know the film, it’s an imploring ballad about heartbreak.

Then they slow-danced, the groom smiling tolerantly while she clung to him.

And wept.

Not like “eyes glistening with emotion.” Her face crumpled up, and she cried, clasping his shoulders like she needed support. For the duration of the song.

I was at the singles table with a bunch of their friends I didn’t know, who also were goggling at the spectacle. I asked, “…Is that Rob’s sister?”

Wordlessly they shook their heads NO. And not his cousin or former babysitter either. She was a childhood friend—now a mutual friend of the couple—who had always had an unrequited love for the groom.

Probably I will never know if the couple approved the dedication in advance, or if she used her bridesmaid status to strong-arm the DJ and caught them off-guard. But they could not have anticipated that uncomfortable scene.

It was the bridesmaid’s masochistic farewell, played out for a captive audience.


Image source: Brenda Parry, Al Elmes

At my cousin’s reception her friend decided to, during her maid of honor speech, announce her engagement. My cousins husband, who is a nice guy, in HIS speech decides to tell everyone there that he thanked them for all the assistance they gave, because he didn’t have the means.

Same reception:. It was a potluck wedding, and as my sister was getting th container she brought food in, my cousins other friend was packing up all the leftovers to take home! And there was a LOT! My cousin didn’t know till later when someone said something. She also tried to pack up all the soda, but my other cousin stopped her. Funny thing is, this woman didn’t even contribute!

Also, my aunt (brides mother) had bought mum’s for all the tables. No one knew they were allowed to take one, and she went around collecting them all to take home, AND she wanted her daughter to reimburse her for them. It was quite the reception.

My other aunt, who helped a lot with the reception made the bride’s dress. Something she has never attempted before. My cousin did not get it till the day before! She had a dress on hold at a department store just in case. The dress comes, and it is hideous. It was just the shell that you use for measuring. My cousin was so embarrassed. This same aunt proceeded to also inform my sister that she would have met her daughter’s husband if they had been allowed to go to HER wedding, 8 years prior.

This was quite the evening


Image source: Iestyn Edwards, Mikhail Nilov

I have to – sadly – nominate myself as the ‘You gotta be kidding me’ culprit.

A Royal Marine asked me to sing at a wedding. One of his Company was the groom. The plan was that I would start singing when the bride entered the church. I was to be out of sight the whole time — standing in a side porch. I was given a walkie-talkie headset so that I could get the signal for when she arrived. Neil, the Royal Marine, was standing with me.

Neil had no time for the bride, me neither. The pair of us in the porch, he reminded me none of the groom’s friends wanted them to get married.

I agreed, ‘Who would want to marry her, seriously? She’s a fantasist. Saying she was volunteering with orphans when she was actually in rehab. And she supposedly modeled for Armani…with that nose!’ I went on. ‘How much did this bash cost? She’s the classic type who daddy is always paying for. Schools, ponies, ballet, rehab for her eating disorder; the elaborate wedding to her first husband, another stint in rehab for the breakdown she had when her husband was caught fooling around with their 18-year-old male neighbour…’

The vicar hurried out into the porch and shushed me. The sound technician had messed up, and fed my walkie-talkie headset through the pulpit microphone channel.

Every word I’d said had come loud and clear out of speakers above the altar


Image source: Cristy Gullett, https://unsplash.com/photos/white-table-with-chairs-and-tables-t7GOuTsSDVs

My husband and I flew across country to attend his oldest son’s wedding a few years ago. The couple were married at the same church where her parents wed. The 4-page wedding program included 2 photos, neither of which featured the bride and groom, but of her parents on their wedding day. Earlier that day, the bride, her mother, both of her grandmothers and all 14 (!) bridesmaids spent the day in a hotel suite being pampered, but the groom’s mother, grandmother and I were not invited. After the ceremony, we stayed behind to have our pictures taken. That took 1 1/2 hours, but the groom’s family (us) were only included in 2 poses.

Afterwards, we went to the reception with about 300 other people. The bride’s parents paid for the reception which featured 6 open bars and a full dinner. They also paid to rent out an entire art museum for the event, lease a municipal parking lot for the overflow of guests and paid for two city buses to shuttle people back and forth. While I certainly appreciate how much money they must have spent, I still think it was inappropriate that when the time came, her parents “stole” the honor of the first dance. It also turned out to be the bride’s mother’s birthday, which she celebrated by opening presents at her table while we were seated for dinner. It just seemed like the evening was more about their largesse than it was about the newlyweds. And to add insult to injury, we’ve never seen a single photo from that day.


Image source:  Patrick Young, Spora Weddings

This one is pretty mild compared to the others I’ve read.

It’s a tradition in our family (and others) to decorate the car of the bride/groom. At one cousin’s wedding, they went one step further. And it backfired. They filled up the back seat with trash and hid another cousin (aged 7) underneath it. She was supposed to pop up a mile or so down the road and surprise them, but since we put her back there in advance, she fell asleep. We figured something was wrong when they didn’t immediately come back. No cell phone back in those days either. She woke up about 2 hours later! Their trip to bring her back didn’t make them too happy!


Image source: QWERTY STAR, Trần Long

My best friend, (at the time), wore a very similar dress as me, (the bride), at the wedding reception. Same colour too! Her hair was even the same style!!!

She was going around all the tables on my husbands side and introducing herself to everyone, like she was the bride.

My friends and family all told me what she was doing, so to avoid any drama, I ignored her the whole night. I gave her no attention and she left the venue early with her husband.

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