30 People Who Made Christmas 2022 A Funfest

Published 1 year ago

Christmas is just one of those times that brings people together which in turn leads to interesting escapades. It’s a time when many of us get into the holiday spirit to relax and let loose a little. Whether that’s by getting creative with family or getting into costume for the kids and even the adults (the Grinch costume comes to mind), the idea is to spread the good cheer.

We’ve found a bunch of photos that indicate that’s exactly what these particular people were up to during the season. Finally, after being cooped up for so long, folks were finally able to set their inner Christmas spirit free and they did not disappoint. Check out the pics below to dissect that post-Christmas glow and revel in it just a lee-tle bit longer.

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#1 Desaturated Santa Is Still The Best Costume I’ve Ever Done (Not Photoshopped). Other 2 Photos Are After A Long Day, On The Ferry Back Home

Image source: brodyqat, brodyqat

I printed out a desaturated photo of a Santa costume and wandered the aisles of the fabric store to find just the right neutral shade. There’s a surprising variation of types of greys – then I had to match the body paint to the fabric also so it didn’t look more blue-grey than it should.

#2 Grandma Got This Christmas Card From Her Mailman

Image source: moneyballbingo

#3 Our Annual “Parenting Chaos” Christmas Card – 9 Years In A Row

Image source: kakalacky_guy

#4 Here’s My Attempt At This Old Christmas Gag. Had To Take It Down Because Too Many People Were Coming To The Rescue

Image source: namakbhai

#5 Someone’s Flatlining This Christmas

Image source: k8biwi

#6 Decorating For Christmas On A Tight Budget

Image source: malinowski14

#7 First Year Putting Up Our “Millennial Nativity Scene”

Image source: Lazy_Roa

#8 Every Year My Girlfriend And I Make Our Own Christmas Card With Our Cats

Image source: 123qwe33

#9 This Weird Inflated Santa At Our Local Council Christmas Family Day

Image source: _Silvern_

#10 Ready For Christmas Lads

Image source: twitter.com

#11 My Brother-In-Law’s First Christmas As A Father Went Well

Image source: JosephSim

#12 Actual Picture Of My Kids Circa 2002


Image source: tonkajoe6606

#13 My Dad Would Always Gripe That He Didn’t Have Any Family Photos Of Me And My Brother. A Few Christmas Ago We Had This Made. He Hasn’t Said A Word About Family Photos Since

Image source: Jew_Gravy

#14 My Father-In-Law Doesn’t Like Dogs But He’s Watching Him Over Christmas For Me. This Is What He Sends Me “He’s Out Of Control!”

Image source: BroChieftain

#15 Merry Christmas

Image source: CheesesteakLover

#16 One Year, My Dog Was A Sheep In The Church Christmas Pageant. She Loved Every Second Of It

Image source: Shabettsannony

#17 This Year, I Began Living Alone For The First Time. This Is My Christmas Card

Image source: malsies

#18 My Kids Decorated The Tree All By Themselves

Image source: Sealkin

#19 We Have Been Putting This Little Chewbacca In The Christmas Tree For Ages And I Never Really Knew Why… I Just Found Out My Mom Thinks He Is A Gingerbread Man

Image source: inmemoryoflilly

#20 Gingerbread Competition At Work

Image source: bown12345

#21 This Prosthetic Christmas Tree

Image source: notsurewhatidoin

#22 Nieces Complained Elf On The Shelf Was Too Easy To Find. I Took It To A New Level

Image source: ILLSTABUALLthesame

#23 We Have A Running Joke With My Friends That I Only Cook Hotdogs. I Hope They Enjoy Their Christmas Cookies

Image source: Giblet15

#24 Wife Insisted We Start To Put Up Christmas Stuff. Did Not Appreciate That I Put This Up In Secret While She Was At Work

Image source: Greellx

#25 I Decorated My Door At Work

Image source: nlnj_a

#26 This Was My Submission To My Company’s Christmas Door-Decorating Competition

Image source: apunchtotheface

#27 Delivery Person Didn’t Come To The Porch Tonight. Guess They Aren’t A Fan Of Santa Meyers

Image source: aperson7780

#28 Local Sheriff Caught The Grinch Before Christmas

Image source: RandomUser2937

#29 What The Grinch Does When He Isn’t Stealing Christmas

Image source: ImAGoonYoureAGoon

#30 Our 2022 Christmas Craft: Snowman Hair

Image source: Little_Lo



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