35 Scary Things Women Have To Experience Just Because Of Their Gender

Published 5 months ago

Being a woman is wonderful, but it’s not always easy. Women share a strong bond with each other, and they become unstoppable when they support each other. However, women also face some scary realities every day, like the increased risk of being killed by a partner or being abducted. 

Recently, some Redditors discussed the scariest things that women have to deal with daily to raise awareness about these issues. We’ve gathered some of their most harrowing responses below, so please read on and show your support for the thoughts you agree with in the comments sections.

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#1 The fact that my basic human rights are up for debate and are not guaranteed.

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There is a long standing stigma of women being overly dramatic and medical professionals (even female professionals) dismissing their pain or discomfort.

I had several friends of varying ages who were misdiagnosed or ignored because the doctors assumed it was a pregnancy or period related problem.

Meanwhile, my older brother went to the doctor for what was a essentially heartburn and got every test under the sun to diagnose it.

#3 That almost any man you meet can easily overpower you without much effort. Any woman who ever had to physically fight a man knows well how helpless she felt at that moment.

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– There is a study that found that men are 6x more likely to leave their wives who are terminally ill than the other way around.

– In Canada, women are 5x more likely to donate a kidney to their spouse than men are (only 6.5% of husbands who are acceptable donors go on to donate). The disparity is far more extreme in some other countries.

– In Canada, the proportion of women killed by domestic partners is 8x greater than men.

For whatever societal reasons, women in heterosexual relationships are statistically overwhelmingly less likely to find the love and support that we rely on our partners for than men are, and are statistically far more likely to be endangered by the people they love. That’s terrifying and tragic.

#5 For me, it would be being SAed and then even worse, not believed.

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#6 Being anywhere alone. Remember reading once “being a woman is like walking around with 10k in your pocket and everybody knows you have it”.

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#7 Falling in love with someone and trusting them and sacrificing for them only to have them leave you when you get old. I’m so scared of that happening to me.

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Its so funny how in the post for scary things about being a woman, the overwhelming answer is basically men. Men raping us, men killing us, men trapping us with kids and then abusing us. Them assaulting us and then blaming us for our assault. Them assaulting us and then accusing us of lying, etc.

In the post for scary things about being a man, the overwhelming answer I saw was their reputation. Being perceived as a pedo, being perceived as a creep, etc.

And while being percieved as a threat must suck, I cant help but not feel bad because thats the result of their behaviors. You dont get to historically and systematically oppress and assault women and children and then walk around this world with the reputation of being protectors and leaders.

Women face hardship because of men. Men face hardship because of other men.

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For any man reading and seeing the comments from women about rape/attacks/overpowering etc, I think I speak for majority of women when I say we don’t want/need your protection. WE JUST WANT YOU TO STOP ATTACKING US! Those doing these things are not aliens. They are your family, friends, neighbors or coworkers. Start protecting us by calling out any behavior you deem problematic if it were your daughter,granddaughter, grandma, mom, aunt, sister, niece,girlfriend/fiancee/wife, best girl friend and so on

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#10 Giving birth to a child is dangerous and post-partum injuries can be very serious.

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#11 Not knowing if a guy is being friends with you to take advantage of you or if their actually being genuine. Confusing and scary

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#12 Going pretty much anywhere alone, even during the daytime. The fact that I’ve had to learn to be aware of my surroundings just because I’m a woman makes me mad.

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#13 I’m a violent crime survivor and I guess as a woman it’s a fear of being attacked again.

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You are trained to find comfort in other women, but not warned that women can do just as disgusting things as men if not more so. There was this attitude growing up that women/mothers were inherently good and could do no harm. That belief caused me and im sure SO many others SO much harm. Women and mothers can be despicable people too.

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The rise of incels and the manosphere

I am genuinely afraid of what is going to happen once these teenagers raised on alpha male podcasts and incel communities start getting into politics and law. I am terrified.

I’m terrified of the way youtube is pushing this content mercilessly in their algorithm. I’m afraid of the way some argue women shouldn’t have rights, shouldn’t vote, domestic abuse should be legal.

I’m just honestly terrified that this content is going to lead to a wave of misogynist and dangerous policies in the future

#16 Loss of reproductive rights in certain areas of the U.S.

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#17 Probably the fact that there are men (of which you can never identify with certainty until it’s too late) who will prioritize their desire for your body over anything else – your consent, your wellbeing, your life, anything.

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Other things have been mentioned that I agree with. I’ll add:

Not being taken seriously, especially in a medical situation.

Example: I went to the hospital in severe pain and the first things I was told and checked out for were period cramps and pregnancy, though I said it was neither. I felt like I was dying. After being pregnant and having 2 kids, I can say it felt like neither.

Turned out I had a severe kidney infection and could have died.

Edit to add since some people have mentioned it seems like a routine thing to to:

I was placed as ‘not urgent’ in the triage list and waited hours before they got to reviewing my test results. I sat in the corner of triage streaming feeling like I was dying and trying to tough it out because I felt ashamed and like an inconvenience that I went to the ER. When they finally did get to my results, they quickly changed their tune and treated me immediately. I could have gone septic while waiting for them to treat me.


Having to have my rapist’s child against my will
(Been there, nearly done that – gotta love a chemical pregnancy)

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Thinking about the horrible things soldiers do at war/in conflict situations. They ways they torture and SA people. How normal it can become.

And knowing those men aren’t monsters. They are human.

And wondering how many of the men around me would love the chance to the torture and assault people if they thought they could get away with it.

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Scariest but most frustrating thing ever for me has always been our lack of physical strength.

Scariest because I’m always suddenly aware of that strength difference when a guys upset or when I’m walking somewhere at night and it just makes me feel so weak and I hate it.

Most frustrating when it’s used to mock us by certain men (not all men of course) or not take us seriously.


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I am male but have seen it said before when regarding going on a first date. Men are scared she will be fat. Women are scared they will be raped and/or murdered.

When I was young I thought that was just anti-male hyperbole. But then after I met my ex wife and she told me the horrible things that have happened. Then other women close to me opened up

I no longer think it was hyperbole. Men do terrible things to women and often go unpunished. I am not surprised women fear. It is horrible to live in fear like that. It’s not fair and it’s not right.

Anyway not sure what else I can say. I just hope the good guys outweigh the evil.


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Feeling like an inanimate object created for other’s use, pleasure, and victimization.

I was a smart, sunny kid who trusted everyone. I am now a menopausal woman who trusts no one.

The things that happened in between are a whole novel, I suppose, but suffice to say that I am still working to see myself as a person who has value beyond her visual and sexual being, who can be loved as a person completely separate from my appearance, and who still has something to offer the world.

This becomes more difficult as I begin to disappear, which has happened as I have aged. It is bizarre and hurtful and unsettling. I don’t know what else to say about it, except that my sense of self has been put through the shredder and the mill too often. And I really, really never expected this to happen.

#24 Having to rely on men in order to have rights.

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#25 As a heterosexual woman, you have to date your only natural predator. You can also choose celibacy, but the predators will be still lurking around everywhere you go.

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How men don’t see us as people. We’re girlfriends, se*ual objects, mothers, sisters, a fun night, a prize, a toy, but so rarely a normal, flawed being who deserve as much respect as a man naturally gets from other men. So many women go out with men who don’t even like them, because they just want a gf, not a partner. It’s scary because it feels like we’ll never be seen as human beings.

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#27 I work with domestic violence and SA survivors.  I don’t even know where to start. (Including men and lgbt survivors, elderly and children, human trafficking and stalking)

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More annoying than scary but its the constant gaslighting when you experience a discomforting situation or you dont agree with something, i know oftentimes its simply projection but it still grinds my gears

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#29 Dudes will literally beat the s**t out, or even kill you in a fit of uncontrolled emotional rage over mundane things , while simultaneously claiming you are the one that’s unable to control your emotions

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#30 That there is no cure for some female specific diseases (PCOS, endometriosis ) but unisex/male diseases are much better researched.

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#31 Ah, I guess it depends on where you live, BUT as a Mexican woman I’d say existing is the scariest thing about being a woman. Just Google “Mexico feminicidios” and you’ll get it.

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The fact that every single one of us will have experienced sexual assault of one degree or another in our lifetimes.

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The way men view and treat us. Their ignorance. Not comprehending that as a woman, we’ve all been harassed and bullied and stopped and followed by men before. Not all men. But men. Not understanding that we are attracted to something that could literally kill us at any moment. I’m talking about women who are attracted to men specifically. Nothing wrong with any other type of attraction that just happens to be my topic here. Men don’t have to worry about that in a general sense. They don’t have to fight knowing that at any moment the same person they are sexually or emotionally attracted to could just kill them if they had an anger spree. And I’m not just talking about somebody who has a history of anger problems. Men are built with more muscles and more strength than the female body. That’s a mind f**k.

Or having to deal every day with sexism. Especially in markets like credit cards or loans or car sales or home sales. Being treated like we’re just stupid hoes who only know how to swipe credit cards. Always given the worst deal because we have a vagina instead of a penis and can’t even talk about it with men because they just laugh and act like sexism isn’t a real thing.

Having to constantly defend ourselves or explain ourselves. Having to be made feeling guilty if we don’t feel well because we have our menstrual cramps that are trying to rip us in half. Men trying to use our desire for equality as a form to punish or abuse us. Always having to do everything in an almost cartoonish polite ways that we don’t upset a man’s emotionally stunted ego and have them just go off on us because that is scary as hell.

And then always the pressure always look perfect and act perfect and just wake up looking like Barbie. Knowing that we will be both criticized if we have makeup and criticized if we don’t. Criticize if we spend money to get our hair and nails done and criticized if we don’t. Judged and compared to pornography and celebrities, and always feeling the pressure that if we dare to even once said we don’t want sex one night that we have somehow let down our man but if he doesn’t want sex with us one night we just have to shut up and accept it.

And of course the social pressure where woman is supposed to not only have a full-time job like a man is but she’s also supposed to clean the whole house and take care of the household and organize and pay all of the bills and make all the appointments and single-handedly raise the kids and do all the grocery shopping and the errands and clean the entire house. If a man does even 10% of that he’s raised up on a pedestal whereas a woman is criticized if she doesn’t. A man brings home pizza and he’s cool. A woman brings home pizza and she’s a fat slob.

Being a woman is scary because of all the social expectations and no it’s not just woman expecting it of other women. That s**t comes because men are judging and they treat us in a certain way and they judge us and they treat us like we’re bimbo who only want to spend their money and have no idea how to do anything to the point it’s become basically a competition to who can be the most women which is where the women against women idea comes from. Being a woman is a constant need to prove that you’re woman enough

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#34 Society’s expectations of women are pretty terrifying.

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#35 We have to check in with our friends whenever we go on a date to make sure we have not been killed. Winter, it’s like been on house lockdown because the it gets dark so early, and it’s not safe in the dark by yourself outside.

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