10+ Of The Most Genius Signs From This Year’s Women’s March

Published 6 years ago

The largest coordinated protest in the US is back again this year, encouraging people to remember the issues raised in 2017 and to take action about them.

Women’s March Global is a network of people that are trying to raise awareness about gender and racial inequities all over the world. The group focuses on spreading the message about the importance of health, that includes reproductive rights and environmental problems, economic security and equal pay, representation in the world of business and politics, and safety in regard to sex trafficking and police brutality. These goals, shortened into H.E.R.S. acronym, are the reason why the participants are continuing to be vocal.

On Saturday, January 21st, 2018 witty signs were helping a lot of the attendees to vocalize their thoughts. And while some slogans were pretty insightful and witty, some others seemed to be targeted against one single person – Donald Trump. While the anger of the protestors is understandable (it’s what started this whole campaign in the first place), it is important to understand that as supporters of equality we are not fighting one person, we are questioning a faulty system that we want to see improved. Scroll down to see the signs that got most of the attention in this year’s march and remember that sometimes to be taken seriously we need to represent ourselves seriously instead of trying to initiate a discussion by calling each other by awful names, like some other figures. Let’s fight for equality together.

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Donald Trump tweeted out his support for the march, despite the fact that many of the protests were directed squarely at him


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