25 Stories Of The Worst Dates People Went On

Published 6 months ago

When you’re in the dating game, you realise that there are many odd ducks in the world. From meeting the hygienically challenged to entitled people to the whiners and weepers, sometimes it feels like there’s just no good fish left in the sea anymore. 

One online user recently posted online asking what was the worst dating experience folks had had, and the thread soon went viral due to the horrifying answers received. Scroll below to check out this entertaining collection of tales and if you’re in the dating game we hope your own chronicles have a happier ending than some of these rather hilarious tales.

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Continue scrolling to check out our hand-picked entries and the talk we had with dating coach Blaine Anderson — you will find it spread out between the images.


Image source: TQV94

Shanaaia: So lucky there are busses in this world


Image source: AnneOfCleavage2

Jeff White: At least it was a group effort


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sbj: Woah! Go back to the bit where he lost a testicle because his rabbit died, I need more info


Image source: ShadowInDeDark

rullyman : What the hell? Who does that. Not only putting herself in harm’s way but others too. Someone had to jump in and save her.


Image source: red_sunflour

Jennifer Mathison: What kind of dog?


Image source: nokulungamajozi


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Image source: Einjeth_

AnnaRachelle: I had similar happen. We had spoken in line for months. He came for a visit and we went into the city centre. He got a tattoo of my name,I big letters down his forearm. After going home he called me to tell me he was going to move in with me. Told,not asked. Freaked me out. Blocked him.


Image source: usherishaitian

Nannychachi: Nope. Not on a first date. Even years in, I still ask my husband first if I can have a bite.


Image source: MngUtane


Image source: Matema_

FrogMan: Patrick Swayze tells Demi Moore that he loves her, she says “ditto” and then he climbs up on a shelf.


Image source: MayRainAway

Undercover: That’s why sprinklers were invented 🤷🏻‍♀️


Image source: CrowderKhanyiso


Image source: kokotherealg

Jeff White: All together now boys and girls … RED flags awaving, RED flags ahoy!


Image source: JessicaMatheb12


Image source: AdanoA

Blue: That could be legit. Bringing someone along they trust as protection


Image source: miss__lucas254


Image source: SaiB0i

rullyman: Eh???? Was it a fake tooth or what?


Image source: trini87


Image source: speaktoheall


Image source: Talleyberry_

Nina: Da fuq did I just read?!


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