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10+ World Leaders Photographed While Still Young And Unaware Of Their Future Role

Published 3 years ago

#11 Bashar al-Assad as a kid, now the President of Syria

#12 Young Margaret Thatcher aka ‘The Iron Lady’, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

#13 Young Saddam Hussein, the former President of Iraq

#14 Young Barack Obama smoking a joint

#15 Young Donald Trump in New York’s Military Academy

#16 Pope Francis as a young boy

#17 Portrait of Fidel Castro in New York in 1955, during an interview

#18 Mugshot of Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff in 1970 when she was part of the guerrilla movement that fought against the country’s military dictatorship

#19 Thin Hugo Chavez in military academy

#20 Young Bill Clinton shaking hands with President John F. Kennedy in the Rose Garden of the White House. July 24, 1963


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