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Industrial Design

The Moon: Topographically Accurate LED Lamp Puts The Supermoon In Your Palms

Nosigner, a team of Japanese designers, came up with a unique idea for an LED lamp - a topographically accurate model of the Supermoon that occurred in 2011 in Japan. The celestial lamp was created based on data collected from the Japanese lunar orbiter spacecraft Kaguya.

Japanese Cat Owners Re-Purposed IKEA’s Doll Beds For Cats

Pets need their own place to sleep, so why can’t it look just like a human bed? Japanese cat owners started a fun trend by using popular doll beds from IKEA for their beloved felines.

“Normal Barbie” Has The Realistic Body Proportions Of A 19-Year-Old, Acne, Cellulite And Stretch Marks

Digital artist and designer Nickolay Lamm created Lamilly the “Normal Barbie,” a strong counterbalance to the classical one, with realistic proportions of an average American 19-year old, praising the beauty in all of the perfections and imperfections of a typical young woman.

33 Of The Most Original Rings You’ve Ever Seen

This list of 33 of the most creative ring designs will definitely highlight your originality and exceptional taste.

These Goldfish Tea Bags From Taiwan Turn Your Teacup Into A Fishbowl

Taiwanese company Charm Villa created an amazing and practical piece of art – tea bags that look just like goldfish when soaked in hot water. When the color of the tea inside of the bag dyes the water, the goldfish tea bags become extremely realistic.

Ecofarm: This Stylish Aquarium Uses Fish Waste To Grow Edible Herbs

Alex and Nacho, two friends in Rotterdam, have come up with a mini ecofarm in a little fish aquarium. Based on the aquaponic principle, the fish in the tank below can help you cultivate the herb garden above by feeding it with their waste.

Cat Ear Headphones With External Speakers Take Indiegogo By Storm

Two UC Berkeley alumni came up with unique headphones that fuse style, functionality, and sociability together in one product – shining Cat Ear Headphones.

This Clever Cardboard Desk Is Recyclable, Portable, And Lets You Work Standing

“Flexible, foldable, portable, affordable, and 100% recyclable” – this is how a team of designers from New Zealand describe their new portable cardboard standing desk, which they call “Refold.”

The Most Useful Hair Clip In The World

Jerusalem-based designer Yaacov Goldberg came up with just a perfect teeny tiny multi-purposed tool – Clippa, the Leatherdos Mini Tools hair clip. In this little hair clip you can find perfectly functional three screw drivers, a ruler, a hex wrench, Trolley coin, and a cutter.

Clever Car Key Holder Design Looks Like Mini Garage

This clever car key holder, designed by André Rumann, serves as a miniature wooden garage for the accompanying miniature car model key chain. Put your VW bus, Porsche, Karmann Ghia, Jaguar E-Type or Beetle to its very own mini garage and you’ll never have to wander around your home looking for your keys again.

Clever Toast Stamp Turns Your Bread Into Cute Teddy-Bears

It seems that Japanese designers are not going to give up their solid position in coming up with clever yet simple instruments to create cute pieces of food. Today we want to present you this little piece of plastic –toast stamp - that turns any toast bread into unbearably cute little teddies.

Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet Engine Turned Into Epic Conference Table

Southern California-based company MotoArt designed an epic office conference table made out of a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet engine. The company is considered to be the pioneer of recycled airplane parts furniture designs, but this innovative 12’ wide table is probably their grandest work yet.