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Industrial Design

No Needles, No Clinics: Hemolink Draws Blood At Home And Without Pain

Drawing blood has two major downsides: blood and needles. And guess what: HemoLink is a device that's going to remove the needles from the equation and make blood drawing mostly painless.

Artist In Mexico Collects Garbage Washed Up From 50 Countries To Create Beautiful Art

Trash in the oceans is a great problem for everyone. Enough garbage washes up in Sian Ka’an reserve for Alejandro Duran to make Washed-Up, a project of sprawling trash art installations.

Winged Insect Sculptures From Old Computer Parts And Electronics Buzz With Life

The unfortunate truth is that computer bugs aren’t something we can squish with a slipper. However, Julie Alice Chappell looks at it from a different perspective when she makes Computer Component Bugs.

Shoe That Grows: Man Invents Shoe To Help Millions Of Poor Children

Impoverished children often have difficulty getting new shoes once they outgrow their old ones - or any shoes at all. But Kenton Lee of Because International aims to provide a solution: a shoe designed to last impoverished children five years!

Special Laptop Case Lets You Decorate Your Laptop With LEGO

LEGO bricks are a staple of both a happy childhood and a hurt foot. But now, Jolt Team has suggested a way to combine bricks and laptops: Brik Case!

Students Design A Faucet That Saves Water By Swirling It Into Elegant Patterns

Saving the environment is important - after all, we live there! Yet most of the time it's hard to it in style. That's no issue to Simin Qiu from London's Royal Collage of Art. This student has designed a faucet that saves water while also swirling it into mesmerizing patterns!

Biodegradable Coffee Cups Emebedded With Seeds Can Be Planted To Grow Into Trees

If zeitgeist had a body, it would be drinking sweet, overpriced coffee in a plastic-lid cardboard coffee cup. And a Californian company called Reduce. Reuse. Grow. has a solution to coffee-cup related environmental issues: biodegradable cups that can be planted to grow into trees and flowers!

London’s Abandoned Underground Lines May Soon Become Self Sustaining Cyclist Highways

“Outside” is a horrible place for bicycles, as it’s full of weather and cars. However, Gensler, a design firm from the US, has proposed a radical idea: to transform London's abandoned metro and rail tunnels into bike lanes in a system they'd call the London Underline.

Nessie Ladle Is the Cutest Monster to Ever Swim In Your Soup

If you think your soup pot could use some more cuteness and monsters, you’re in luck – here comes the Loch Ness monster ladle! It’s the cutest Scottish-monster-inspired cooking utensil out there and it can take a swim in your soup.

21 Ingenious Candle Designs For Unconventional Romantics

From a cat candle that reveals its skeleton while burning out to straight-to-the-point hand gesture candles – these candles are probably the weirdest on the market, and in the best possible way!

Moon Lamp Whose Light Can Be Adjusted By Unplugging Its Craters

This enchanting LED light lamp by Moscow-based designer Constantin Bolimond was inspired by the mysterious craters of the Moon.

Mirrored Teacups That Reflect The Colorful Patterns On The Saucers Below Them

Japanese home product designer D-Bros recently presented a series of elegant cup and saucer sets called “Waltz.” What‘s unique and surprising about them is that the cups, made from Hasami porcelain, have plain mirrored surfaces.