40 Of The Most Absurd Things Written In The Fine Print Of A Label

Published 2 weeks ago

We don’t always check the fine print but according to these surprising discoveries, we really should be. If not for the unusual warnings, at least for the entertainment it provides. 

Thankfully, just because we haven’t done it in the past, it doesn’t mean we are going to miss out. Folks have been sharing photos of the most unexpected information written small-font that they have spotted and it is a wild ride so hang on. 

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#1 My Parents Bought Me A Doormat And This Was On The Back Of It. Read The Warning

Image source: fabricator123

#2 This Olive Oil I Bought Wasn’t Even Cheap

Image source: AsterJ

#3 My New Pan Is Dishwasher-Safe And Unsafe

Image source: KRA2008

#4 Chris Hemsworth’s Centr App Was Charging People Who Signed Up For Their Free Trial. Looked Into The Fine Print And Found Out Why. I Love Ya Mate But C’mon

Image source: Tanav11

#5 My Friend Bought Me A Switch Game For My Birthday. The Download Code, Instead Of Being On The Card Itself, Is On The Receipt. He No Longer Has The Receipt

Image source: imbriandead

#6 The Sweater I Bought Cannot Be Maintained

Image source: FuzzboarEKKO

#7 The Ingredients In This 100% Cranberry Juice

Image source: Aethermancer

#8 Bought This Tonight. My Dog Was Eating The Tire, Then I Read The Back

Image source: GunpowderLullaby

#9 Have You Ever Seen Anything So Bold?

Image source: dandouglas

#10 I’ve Just Found Out That I Have A Wheat Intolerance

Image source: reddit.com

#11 The Mixed Signals Of This Shoe Sale Advertisement

Image source: MNgirlinaNDworld

#12 Cool Fine Print On This Donation Center

Image source: otronge

#13 Always Read The Fine Print

Image source: itsjustnotimportant

“Dispose of properly (or Mother Nature’s gonna whack us all!) This battery contains no Mercury, Mars or Venus. Each battery is tested before shipping. No animals were harmed during testing unless you consider Paul in QA;-) Warning: To reduce the risk of fire or burns, avoid Sony or Dell laptops & do not disassemble, crush, puncture or short the contacts. TM & © 2009 FastMac. All rights reserved. All other brand names & trademarks belong to their respective owners. If you have read this far, please consider applying for a job in our legal dept.”

#14 This Is Obviously Not The Men’s Washroom. Can’t You Read The Fine Print In A Dark Entryway?

Image source: MyBelovedASMR

#15 Retail Sign At H&M Today. The Small Line Is Hard To Read In Person

Image source: DarkRoastt

#16 Be Aware Of Who You Donate Your Used Items To

Image source: fescue4u

#17 “Gluten-Free”

Image source: TestZero

#18 I Was Wondering Why This Watermelon Juice Tasted So Weird

Image source: spamtarget

#19 Free Beer

Image source: chris_kammy

#20 This Packaging Is Dangerous

Image source: felixbeaudrydesigner

#21 This Kettle Saves 70% Energy, As Long As You Need To Boil 70% Less Water

Image source: UnlikeSome

#22 2nd Birthday Badge Is Potentially A Choking Hazard

Image source: Mozzarella_Firefox

#23 I Bought It Because Of The 99-Cent Refill At Dodgers Stadium, But It’s Not Included At Dodgers Stadium

Image source: frankierockz

#24 You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me

Image source: nuttybuddy

#25 So It Was A Lie

Image source: Droyk

#26 How To Disappoint Every Student On Campus

Image source: reddit.com

#27 Packaging Said “100% Silk”

Image source: Gumder

#28 Making People Think It’s A Park

Image source: bobby104402

#29 Always Check The Fine Print

Image source: rbrthenderson

#30 That Would Explain Why My Ankle Hurts

Image source: ASAPxSyndicate

#31 This Is Not Vitamin D. It’s An Emoji On A Bottle Of Magnesium

Image source: archfapper

#32 IKEA Needed To Indicate Their Cinnamon Buns Are Not 10 Feet In Diameter For $1.50

Image source: reddit.com

#33 Can You Figure Out Why I’m Infuriated Before The 4th Picture?

Image source: beakrake

What the literal hell Sergeant’s?
PS: Be not concerned with the shampoo color, it became the host bottle for my cat’s RX shampoo a long time ago.

#34 This “Cashmere Blend” Sweater

Image source: tallmin22

#35 When Shops Advertise $12 Haircuts, But Use Black Lettering For Very Important Fine Print

Image source: XXLchris

#36 Read The Fine Print, After I Had Used 3 Shades On My Eyes

Image source: PeppermintIncense

“Attention, inhale, golden glow, intention, chamomile, best buds, fiddle fig, plantiful, full bloom, clarity, mother earth, night bloom are not intended for use in the immediate eye area.”

#37 When You Read Ingredient Labels For Fun

Image source: Zyibat

#38 Seriously? Contradictory At Its Finest

Image source: jkrow17

#39 Well Played, Well Played

Image source: scorchednickel

#40 I Bought These Protein Bars Because I Love Strawberries, Only To Find Out They Don’t Actually Contain Strawberries

Image source: EvilishMystic

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