30 Impressive Gardening Photos, As Shared By This Online Group

Published 1 year ago

Gardening is a wonderful activity that can be enjoyed by people of all age groups. When months of hard work of sowing seeds and watering plants result in a good harvest or a bunch of colorful flowers, there is something very satisfying in it. It’s such a beautiful thing to experience the magic of nature right in front of our eyes.

The subreddit r/gardening is a special place on the internet where people from all over the world share pictures of their gardens and the harvests from their gardens. Scroll below to see some of the soul-soothing pictures shared by people in this online community. And if you want to see more such pics, check out our previous post here.

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#1 Should Have Let My Dogs Handle The Fall Planting!

Image source: ClapBackBetty

#2 I Know This Sub Would Appreciate This Beauty!

Image source: Tradex88

#3 From My First Garden Without My Parents Help. Btw I’m 14

Image source: Cyborg37

#4 Harvested My Sons Pumpkin, From The Plant He Brought Home In A Paper Cup From Pre-K; It Was The Only Pumpkin On The Plant But It Was Huge (Sunset Pic Strictly For Up Votes Lol)

Image source: skijeeper

#5 This Is A Children’s Faerie Garden I Planted A Few Years Ago. It Lives On A 5 Foot Boulder, Has A Variety Of Evergreen And Deciduous Trees And Ground Covers, Mosses And Succulents. It’s A Miniature Living Ecosystem That Goes Dormant In Winter And Is Home To Bees, Birds, Butterflies, Beetles And Fae

Image source: Po3ticTreachery

#6 Pulled A Test Ear On The Glass Gem Corn! Zone 5b

Image source: dinosaurparty14

#7 Grew This Beautiful Giant From A Seed. Absolutely Thrilled. This Is By Far My Pride And Joy

Image source: mr12ft

#8 My DIY Potting Shed Made Mostly From Free Doors

Image source: ohhomelygirl

#9 My Younger Sibling (13) Made A Rainbow Garden. They Are Very Proud Of It And Wanted Me To Post It

Image source: Lost-Ad-7412

#10 Watermelon Harvest ‘22

Image source: Butter_Bug

#11 My Azalea Has Blossomed. This Is My First Ever Plant

Image source: shiscar

#12 Sweet Potato Harvest

Image source: ProlificFamilyStead

#13 My 91yo Grandmother’s Tomato Harvest This Year

Image source: ConcentrateFun4726

#14 Ain’t Stupid If It Works

Image source: Malakaumd

#15 I Can Completely Confirm That Potatoes Are Alien

Image source: AnActualPlatypus

#16 Little Friend Taking Cover In Clematis

Image source: Interesting-Ticket18

#17 I Grew Saffron! In Michigan!

Image source: ElizabethDangit

#18 The Head Just Fits Perfectly

Image source: falselyknock77

#19 My Son’s Memorial Garden. Gardening Helps Me So Much Mentally To Get Through Some Really Rough Moments. October Is Both My Son’s Birth Month And Death. This October He Will Be Gone 2 Years. He Would Be 19 This Year. How Does Gardening Help You?

Image source: reddit.com

#20 Left Carrots In The Ground, Zone 6b. Just Pulled This One For Dinner!

Image source: Weevil_Dead

#21 This Building In Italy Could Be This Sub Church

Image source: thereinfuse637

#22 My Wife Let Me Keep The Seed Starting Area In The Living Room, But Only On The Condition That She Can Turn The Grow Light Into A Cloud. I Think It Turned Out Pretty Sweet

Image source: BettawithBretta

#23 The Swirl On One Of My Opening Calla Lilies

Image source: ksom44

#24 My Neighbors 4.1lb Giant Bull Heart Tomato He Grew! He Was Very Proud And Wanted To Share With Everyone

Image source: C_G15

#25 Just My Lemon Tree And A Dangly Hazel Cat

Image source: pocketmole

#26 I Was Wondering Why My Kale Was Missing Leaves At The Base

Image source: tomarrow

#27 Guess My Trowel Is Out Of Commission For A Couple Weeks

Image source: doubleplusfabulous

#28 I Can’t Get Cyclamen To Grow In My Yard. This One Thrives In The Concrete Behind The Dumpsters At Work

Image source: knit-gnat

#29 Neglected Hydrangea Bush Growing Under A Walnut Tree, Tasmania, Australia

Image source: 5ittingduck

#30 How?

Image source: miniadoption

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