20 Of The Coolest Things People Found While Thrifting, As Shared In This Facebook Group

Published 10 months ago

Today, we’re about to dive into a seriously cool Facebook group called “Weird (and Wonderful) Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared” where people share their most mind-blowing secondhand finds. You won’t believe the treasures these savvy shoppers stumbled upon while thrifting, garage sale-ing, or flea market hopping.

Get ready for some serious “OMG” moments and maybe a few “Where can I find one too?” thoughts. Check out some of the best thrifted items in the gallery below.

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#1 Found This At A Thrift Store In Alabama Of Course Minus The Ring But I Absolutely Love It And It Holds Things For Me, Which Is A Plus

Image source: Anna Johnson Burdick

#2 I Bought This 1989 Enesco Music Box. Yes It Works! Some Of The Mice And Parts Of The Machine Move. Absolutely Adorable Reminds Me Of Cinderella. Paid $11 Value Village, Marysville Washington

Image source: Trisha Horvath

#3 I’m In Love! I Got Lucky Today. Purchased For $0.99-$3.99 A Piece ??‍♀️? Goodwill- Cape Coral Fl

Image source: Yari Xoxx

#4 It’s Now One Of My Favorite Possessions And Has Taken Up Space Right On Our Kitchen Wall

Image source: Erin Patricia

#5 One Of My Favorite Marketplace Finds Ever! Victor And Edgar Plushies From Tim Burton’s Movie, ‘Frankenweenie’. ?⚡️ A Whopping $10 In Fayetteville, Nc

Image source: Kristina DeMaria

#6 Thrilled To Share My Latest Facebook Marketplace Find, This Beautiful Vintage Hourglass Macrame Side Table ? — Omaha, Ne

Image source: Lydia Schieuer

#7 This Gem Was Sitting Up High On A Shelf Where I Work (Medical Office). Apparently, It Has Sat There Half Hidden And Covered In Dust For Many Years. I Was Pretty Excited When They Said I Could Have It. Green Is My Favorite Color

Image source: Bethany Smith

#8 Bought This Off Market Place In “Non Working” Condition. I Fixed It Up And Cleaned It. It Works!!

Image source: Haley Holland

#9 I Climbed To The Back Of The Sofas All Squished Together Because I Eyed Up This Pretty Print Yesterday

Image source: Lola Lombard

I got a discount so it was also half price. Turns out to be a signed and numbered lithograph from around 1970 by the artist pla domenech from spain who was a contemporary of dali. The original gallery tag was still on the back. Unbelievable! So lucky! Those lines are a reflection. Oops!

#10 This Big Hippo Was Part Of A Large Lot Of Figurines I Picked Up At An Estate Sale. There Was A Smaller Pair Of Hippos With It

Image source: Jeanine Von Essen-Scharpen

#11 Drove Across Town In Abq To Get This Magical Facebook Marketplace Snow Globe. It’s From The San Fransisco Music Box Company In True Mint Condition. Hardly Needed Cleaning And It Plays A Lovely, Whimsical Tune. It’s Perfect

Image source: Nikki Schaffer

#12 Found This Fun Spice Rack At The Giving Tree In Topeka Ks For 19.99!

Image source: Laura Scharf Burchett

#13 I Saw One Of These And Didn’t Pick It But Found This One At A Thrift Store Called Eye Of The Beholder. If You’re In Mn Check This Place Out

Image source: Laura Cooper

#14 Look At This Beauty I Found At An Antique Store Today! I Told The Owner How Much I Loved It And She Just Gave It To Me! I Cannot Wait To Find It Spot In My Home!

Image source: Courtney Powell

#15 Just Saw This Amazing Set Of Lamps At Rascal Savage Vintage In Highbridge, Nj!! The Owner Also Has A Giant Falkor Head (Which She Was Nice Enough To Show Us!) A Must See!!

Image source: Tracy Lynn

#16 At A Friend’s Barn Sale And I Said Isn’t That Depression Glass? She Said She Didn’t Know What I Was Talking About And Never Heard Of It, Told Me To Take It Home For Free!

Image source: Leeann Fecho-Bradley

#17 Found At A Local Thrift Shop And Came Home With Us. I Don’t Know What He’s Supposed To Be, But I Love Him!

Image source: Lisa McClain-Ringer

#18 My $4 Estate Sale Find!

Image source: Marti Sue

#19 Went To My Local Second Hand Store Found My New Fancy Dishes Got A Set Of 8 For $ 5 They Make Me Smile

Image source: Nikki Makara

#20 Inherited From My Grandma Recently Who Has Had This Bad Boy For 43 Years (Don’t Worry, She’s Okay, Just Downsizing!)

Image source: Emily Ryner

It sat above her stove for 20+ when I was growing up until she moved a little over a decade ago, so it was pretty dirty. I’ve been slowly and gently buffing out the old built-up dust from around the seeds. It is stamped with mccoy on the bottom, but I think it might be a popular fake. If anyone knows anything more about it, like age/whether it has lead in it, feel free to let me know lol. I plan on lead testing before making a permanent decision on where it should sit and how it should be handled. I wanted to use it for cookies, but I don’t know much about vintage ceramics and lead risks. Still, I’ve loved this thing my whole life and couldn’t be more thrilled to have my strawberry home with me! ?

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