45 Photos Of Animals Who Were Having A Ruff Day

Published 5 months ago

The more time we spend with our pets the more we realize that they have feelings and emotions just like humans. It’s amazing to see the latest developments as shown on TikTok with talking dogs who use boards to communicate their thoughts but most of our pets are still a long way off from such advanced methods of communication. 

However, this doesn’t mean our furry friends don’t have their ways of telling us exactly how they feel. Scroll below for an adorable collection of pics showing dogs, cats and other pets caught in the act of expressing themselves or what they are going through in the most adorable of ways. 

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#1 The Sad Face He Gives Me When He Can’t Sit On My Lap While I Drive

Image source: pupsaurus

Display Name: Puppy dog eyes in all it’s glory

#2 Now He Knows How Fire Smells

Image source: Sweet_Polly1

Nurichwersonst: It smells like burned hair… 😬

#3 A Girl Teaching Her Cat How To Write

Image source: usernot_found

ammara: The cat is so done

#4 I Guess My Puppy Doesn’t Know How Big He Is Anymore

Image source: Aegeas2k

#5 Send Help

Image source: daniitrix

Owen: A wild pokémon attacks!

#6 He’s A Good Boy, I Swear

Image source: emmethompsonn

Ray Ceeya (RayCeeYa): When I was a kid our dog attacked a deer. The cops made us put him down.

#7 He Was Mad That He Was Awake, So He Woke Me Up Too

Image source: werndog69

#8 My Boyfriend’s Dog Tried To Fit Through The Yorkie-Sized Dog Door

Image source: niabais

#9 Crumb Bum Sometimes Walks On His Injured Paw, But Mostly He Uses It To Boop Jabroni

Image source: PennyLaane

#10 “Mom? Halp”

Image source: emnazee

nomnomborkbork: Those little crossed paws as if so say, “I’m trying to be polite, but I’m having a hard time controlling keeping myself from swatting the %#?@ cat!”

#11 Cat Rescued From The Camp Fire In California

Image source: Metaphoricalsimile

Cecilia Herrera: Poor cat! Thank you person who rescued her.

#12 Dog Got Into The Cereal Box

Image source: reddit.com

Head_on_a_Stick: Mmm, sugar puffs.

#13 Neighbors Just Ditched Their Doggo At Our House And Moved. Sadly, We Can’t Keep It

Image source: winterweed78

Update: my husband’s boss is taking him tomorrow, he will have an amazing home. We would but can’t have dogs at our home and neither of us have time for an active dog with work and school.

#14 The Saddest Face Ever. Message From The Puppy Sitter Who Couldn’t Let Him Play Outside Because It’s Raining

Image source: sugarcream5w30

Yayheterogeneity: Hide some snacks in the house and let him look for them. My doggies love that!

#15 The Best Pillow Is An (Unwilling) Friend

Image source: LackingUtility

#16 Caught Him Stealing A Slice Of Beef Cheek This Taco Night

Image source: tctochielleon

#17 The Groomer Did Him Dirty. He Looks Like A Half-Cooked Chicken With Feathers Still On It

Image source: _aalyssaaa

#18 Our Sweet 7-Year-Old Dog Has A New Firework Phobia Thanks To The Neighbor Who Just Had To Shoot Illegal Fireworks Above Our House

Image source: freebaer

Owen: This happened to my Little Lizzie (RIP) too. I started giving her bacon when there was fireworks, and after a few years, she was much better.

#19 My Indoor Cat’s First Time Experiencing Heights. He Instantly Regretted It

Image source: supercj926

Leviathan: A mistake has been made!

#20 They Were Both Sleeping 3 Minutes Ago

Image source: E-P-I-C-K

Cecilia Herrera: Enough with the snoring!

#21 If The Vet Can’t See Him, She Can’t Treat Him

Image source: magenta_thompson

Cecilia Herrera: Now where did that cat go?

#22 My Dog Got Bit By A Snake This Morning And Couldn’t Walk. After Getting Back From The Vet She Got Stung By Bees

Image source: jacob7384

Yayheterogeneity: Poor baby

#23 I Told Him To Stop Eating Plastic, And He Put Himself In Timeout. He Looks Genuinely Sad

Image source: rebelraf

#24 Our Dog’s Reaction To Bringing Home Our Tiny Human

Image source: drscurvy

Content Wombat: “OMG, it’s so noisy!” – Dog probably :)

#25 Dinner Is At 5:00, Not 5:03

Image source: kamokutie

#26 Was Wondering Why My Dog Wasn’t Coming Inside

Image source: CommonPinkDaisy

#27 Kevin Caught Herself In A Bit Of A Predicament

Image source: foxfiregalleries

Owen: Don’t hate on Kevin while she’s weighing herself. She’s sensitive you know.

#28 Probably 10 Inches Of Snow In Our Garden. Making It A Little Bit Tricky For Otto – Our Sausage Dog – To Get Around

Image source: GordonMaw

Marcellus II: Consider adding a fin to his back…

#29 Albert Got An Owie. Albert Got Shaved And Had To Put On The Cone Of Shame. Albert Is Not Having The Best Day

Image source: Ben_zyl

Content Wombat: Albert looks pissed!

#30 This Sad Raccoon At My Back Door At 2:00 AM, He Was Looking For My Cat Who Wasn’t Home

Image source: FeeValuable22

Mark: *careless whispers plays*

#31 Toby Snuck Out Early This Morning When I Opened The Door To Take Out The Trash. He’s Back Now, And Very Remorseful

Image source: JephriB

Rachel Parker: Our cat absolutely blames us when it’s snowy outside.

#32 “I Think You’re Sitting On The Cat.” “What Cat?”

Image source: GilfMagnet

#33 A Friend’s Pets

Image source: Magnus_Rufus

#34 Best Friends, But Cat Doesn’t Seem Very Happy

Image source: CoeurdeBois

#35 He Went From Happy To Really Mad

Image source: karsen_xo

#36 Owner Used The Wrong Shampoo. It Was Hair Dye

Image source: AbanaClara

Gary: I mean wouldnt you spot this pretty quickly and not do the whole dog?

#37 Sully Is Afraid Of The Neighbor’s Cat

Image source: DudeWantsHisRugBack

nomnomborkbork: Good camo, but the cat may still find you. Stay vigilant!

#38 Defeat

Image source: GoFetch130

#39 My Friend’s Cat Got Shaved At The Vet And Now She Looks Like A Game Of Exquisite Corpse

Image source: pbrinkworth

#40 Looking After My Parents’ Dog, And My Cat Is Not Impressed With Our Visitor

Image source: afyyrch

#41 I’m Bringing Home A Baby Bumblebee. Won’t My Mommy Be So Proud Of Me

Image source: Rolltop

#42 My Friend Helped Rescue A Raccoon That Was Stuck In A Drain

Image source: Josh Behling

#43 I Heard Pawing And Complaining, Turns Out He Got Himself Stuck In The Bath

Image source: pm_me_cute_sloths_

LonelyLittleLeafSheep: When our dog was a puppy he got himself stuck in the tub for a short time. Now he panics whenever one of us takes a bath because he thinks we’re stuck in the tub. 🤣

#44 “Hmm, I Remember My Legs Being Longer… I Hope No One Is Watching”

Image source: lolaandpenelopes

#45 Dog Got Excited To See Grandpa And Ran Through A Bush Full Of Burrs

Image source: reddit.com

Leviathan: oh poor baby, so close to the eyes too….. you cant even just pull them out you need to cut them off sometimes…

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