22 Times Architects Outdid Themselves And Deserved To Be Recognised On This Instagram Page

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Designing a structure that is practical and visually appealing takes a lot of creativity and skill. Unfortunately, not everyone has the talent to make that happen, so when we see someone rising to the challenge successfully we can certainly appreciate it. 

The “Architecture Hunter” digital content platform, is focused on finding these impressive design creations that are absolutely awe-inspiring and celebrating the amazing architectural skill that has gone into the finished structure. The content they share aims to uphold their mission statement, “Inspire, inform and entertain.” So scroll below to check out a few of the most exceptionally mind-blowing designs found in their galleries which exceed expectations. 

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Image source: architecture_hunter

Project: Reconstruction of harbor bath Knubben
Architecture: Snøhetta
Visualization: Aesthetica Studio
Location: Arendal, Norway.

“Originally designed by architect Ketil Ugland, the facility was used by Arendal Swimming Club for diving competitions, swimming training and other aquatic activities. In 1947, the harbor bath closed its doors before being taken back into use during the 1960s, this time as a jazz club. With its slender and clean lines, Knubben was a small yet elegant example of the modernist spirit. After substantial decay however, the diving platform was demolished by the Norwegian Armed Forces in the 1980s. In 2018, Snøhetta was commissioned to revitalize the facility with a feasibility study. The new Knubben is a man-made structure with architecture that draws inspiration from the shapes we find in the islets and skerries along the Norwegian coast. It will resemble a block of stone shaped during the Last Glacial Period, characterized by abraded shapes where soft concave and convex walls form cavities in the landscape. To represent the terrain as accurately as possible, the construction will consist of horizontal layers following the contour lines of a map” say the architects.



Image source: architecture_hunter

Man-shaped, inspired by nature. This is Blue Heaven Empreendimentos new development, The Infinitá Treehouse, designed by the renowned French Brazilian architectural firm, TRIPTYQUE ARCHITECTURE.

The building is located in the southern coast of Brazil, in Itajaí beach.

3D animation: Improov l Diogo Poffo-Desenho sonhos



Image source: architecture_hunter

This incredible house, with a great cantilever, was designed by Alessandro Giraldi & Marcelo Moura.



Image source: architecture_hunter

Lonely House, designed and visualized by THE LINE.



Image source: architecture_hunter

This texture on the walls went really well with the project’s context. The rounded contemplation space, right below the skylight and right aside the pool makes this space so peaceful!



Image source: architecture_hunter

Designed and visualized by Federico Repetto.



Image source: architecture_hunter

Project: Iceland House
Design & visualization: evoquelab in collaboration with Charlotte Taylor
Location: Iceland

The glass windows allow the home owners to have a 360° view of the landscape. And what is interesting about this project is the contrast between the mountains and the house’s metal cladding, one which changes colors according to the sunlight. That makes the house look completely inserted and connected to its surroundings.



Image source: architecture_hunter

Project: La Khaima
Visualization: PIX
Location: Altea, Spain

The simplicity of the house forms inserted into the nature, make the trees, landscape and views be the protagonist of the project.



Image source: architecture_hunter

Lovely design and visualization by Jo-Anie Charland.



Image source: architecture_hunter

Concept & visualization: Ander Alencar.



Image source: architecture_hunter

Poetically designed by Mold Architects, nCAVED House is located in Serifos Island, Greece, and brilliantly photographed by Yiorgis Yerolymbos and
Panagiotis Voumvakis.

In-caved areas are ‘negative’ spaces. They result from severing and removing part of the rock. This rough feeling of a natural cavity was what we aimed to recreate with our choice of materials and color palette. Stone, exposed concrete, wood and metal are used with precision to create coarse inner shells”, tells the architect Iliana Kerestetzi



Image source: architecture_hunter

Project: Concept CP1R

A restaurant inside a cave, that must have stunning views! The contrast between a natural element like the rock, and a mirrored surface like the stainless steel, creates an unique and intriguing atmosphere!



Image source: architecture_hunter

Mague House, designed by Mauricio Ceballos X Architects Mauricio Ceballos Pressler, is located Malinalco, Mexico, and photographed by Diego Padilla Magallanes.

“Starting from the pre-Hispanic cultural context, and the predominant connection with nature, the concept is based on the Mesoamerican worldview, where trees have a ritual meaning. The roots symbolize the connection with the underworld, the trunks the earthly human life and the cups the connection with the Gods. To emphasize this idea, the project is divided into three levels: the first one, a mirror base that gives continuity to the natural terrain and the roots of the trees, and allows the main volume of the house to give the sensation of floating; then, the living space, all on the same level where everyday life occurs; finally, the natural outer cover formed by the foliage of the trees”, tell the architects.



Image source: architecture_hunter

Project: Residential Building in Uperaustria

“With our latest residental building we propose new ways of living that react to changed values ​​of conscious lifestyles. The different apartment sizing is going from 60m² up to 120m² for the penthouses. Each flat comes with a huge terrasse and a real planting area in every floor, the penthouses are directly connected to a roof garden. The building forces the idea to give people a real alternative solution to single housing, which is one of the biggest problems in terms of land resources” says the architect Peter Wimmesberger.



Image source: architecture_hunter

The one-story house called our attention to due its elegance and minimalistic selection of materials: #stone, concrete and wood. The project was designed to be integrated to the lake. You can even see the reflection of the terrace on the water, making it look like it’s floating.



Image source: architecture_hunter

Pre-fab house designed by TRIPPER ARQUITETURA, in Petrópolis, Rio De Janeiro.



Image source: architecture_hunter

Project: Ilulissat Icefjord Centre
Architecture: Dorte Mandrup
Photographer: Adam Mørk
Location: Sermeq Kujalleq Glacier, Greenland.

“The UNESCO-protected Icefjord area carries 4,000 years of cultural heritage and is essential for understanding the climate crisis. An understanding, the Icefjord Centre aims to support. The aerodynamic form is now visible in the landscape, where it is designed to minimize snow build-up while framing the views towards to fjord. The curved form is created by geometrical different steel frames, creating a double-curved roof. The framework of the building is covered by a gently sloping, curved wooden boardwalk. It embodies the starting point of the World Heritage Trail and acts as a gathering point, informal seating area, and a viewing platform – offering a spectacular, undisturbed view of the Sermermiut Valley and the Icefjord” say the architects.



Image source: architecture_hunter

Project: Crystal Lake Pavilion
Architecture: Marc Thorpe Design
Renders: Truetopia
Location: Roscoe, NY, USA

Here is what the designers have to say about the project: “The Crystal Lake Pavilion is designed to be used for meditation and yoga classes as well as group therapy. The pavilion is a site-specific work, embracing the surrounding natural environment through its all glass skin and structural transparency”



Image source: architecture_hunter

Project: UC House
Architecture: Daniela Bucio Sistos
Photographer: Dane Alonso & Mariano Renteria Garnica
Location: Morelia, Mexico.

“The architectural design arises from the concern to create a project with certain spatial ambiguity between the interior and exterior and that could sometimes be imperceptible. The UC project is a residence in which all the interior spaces are in direct contact with the micro-environments generated inside the house. The project was always thought of as a walkable residence, that when walking through it, the change of textures and scales would make it space away from the ocularcentrism and more linked to a sensitive interaction with the user. Contemplative and silent spaces” say the architects.



Image source: architecture_hunter

Designed by Biombo Architects and photographed by KIE. Cala Saona is located in the heart of Canggu, Bali, Indonesia, on a plot that is facing sunset and surrounded by stunning rice fields. The Villa has 5 bedroom en-suite for the main family building and then, taking advantage of the natural slope of the plot, the architects created in another level under the pool, a guest pavilion named “Batukaru Suites” with another 3 bedroom en-suite, all with individual and private pools and terrace.



Image source: architecture_hunter

Fascinating products by antoniolupi. The flourishing landscape grows in the most intimate spaces of the house and the transparency of the Cristalmood projects the objects into the forest. Boundaries dissolve, indoor and outdoor compenetrate in a delicate game of reflections, shadows and materiality that reconnect us with Nature as a primordial and generating force. Albume freestanding washbasin in Grancru Cristalmood and neromarquinia marble by Carlo Colombo. Reflex bathtub in Gran Cru Cristalmood by AL Studio.



Image source: architecture_hunter

Which Sebastien Baert’s bedroom concept do you like the most?

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