50+ Times Students Surprised Everyone With Their Epic Yearbook Quotes

Published 6 years ago

We all know how hard it is to think of a school yearbook quote, you want something unique and funny, something to grab everyone’s attention, or maybe even make a statement. It’s every student’s time to shine, so why not post something that will leave everyone laughing on the floor? Well, if you ever wonder what is a perfect yearbook quote, we suggest you check this list compiled by Bored Panda, that will not only leave you laughing out loud but will also give you some great ideas to your own yearbook quote.  Scroll down to see these hilarious quotes yourself!


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#1 Keep Calm, It’s Just An Extra Chromosome

Image source: karsenhettinger

#2 “Don’t You Dare Use That As Your Senior Picture” – Mom

Image source: eldeya72

#3 I’ve Learned To Say Here When The Teacher Hesitates While Taking Attendance

Image source: OctopussSevenTwo

#4 I Started High School With Straight A’s, Now I’m Not Even Straight

Image source: XDTopkek

#5 “My Senior Project Was To Make A Clone.” ‘A+”

Image source: Adnan_Targaryen

#6 When Life Shuts A Door, Open It Back Up. That’s How Doors Work

Image source: yearbookquotesxx

#7 I Only Wear This To Give The Rest Of You Girls A Chance

Image source: Brickspace

#8 So Heard The Ladies Like Bad Boys. Lucky For Them, I’m Bad At Everything

Image source: yearbookquotesxx

#9 Anything Is Possible When You Sound Caucasian On The Phone

Image source: TRILLAAXX_

#10 To All The Teachers That Never Taught Me A Thing: Stranger Things Season 2 Episode 5 35:08

Image source: StayLuckyy

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