20 Unconventional Reasons Someone Got Expelled From School

Published 11 months ago

Our school days seem so frivolous and carefree. A time when responsibilities didn’t mean so much and mistakes were bound to occur. However, while there was room for error and more often than not teachers would look the other way if say, the class clown acted up a notch, there were of course the one or two extreme occasions where someone just went too far and had to deal with the consequences. 

One Reddit discussion took a lively turn when they asked online, “Why did that one kid get expelled?” The responses received were hilariously amusing and we’ve shared a few of the funniest in the gallery down below for your entertainment. 

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#1 Peeing on a teacher who wouldn’t let him go to the bathroom

Image source: TheGhostofWalgreens, Lyn Lomasi

#2 So it didn’t happen to me but my friend was expelled for taking a s**t in the teachers purse.

Image source: TheAmazingCrisco, slgckgc

#3 He kicked my friend in the a*s so hard it broke his tail bone. He literally broke my friend’s a*s

Image source: NoStorage2821, VanWest College

#4 For spraying the fire extinguisher in the principals face after he called him short ?

Image source: Lady-Poizon, West Midlands Fire Service

#5 This wasn’t the “official” reason but this kids dad was piping down the principles wife so the faculty basically hazed this kid into getting expelled.

They would make jokes about his clothes, hygiene, and home life which didn’t make sense because this kids family had a lot of moneybags he was a clean kid. The teachers bullying him finally made him crack and in the middle of a big altercation, with the principle in class, the kid yelled, “I’m glad my daddy is f****n your wife, I’m just pissed he didn’t give me a pass at her.” The whole class lost it and the principle cried.

Image source: AllPrinterNoFax, merripat

#6 Put laxatives in a pregnant teachers coffee. She miscarried 2 days later. F****r was 12. Or the guy who brought a shotgun to school. Edit: Apparently, laxatives have very little correlation to miscarriages. Also, it is apparently called a stillbirth not a miscarriage, thank you for correcting me

Image source: blueangels111, lucas mendes

#7 Running through the cafeteria at lunch naked with a backpack on that he set on fire.

Image source: Cflynn00, VIK hotels group

#8 Playing kickball in gym class kid kicked his shoe off and his bag of weed came flying out right to the teachers feet!

Image source: benchdapark2990, Dominika Roseclay

#9 Russian exchange student in high school. Chased a squirrel, caught it, it bit him, so he swung it by the tail against a tree. He was expelled for having a detailed map of the school with locations where he wanted to place bombs and a list of students he wanted to kill and how he was going to do it.

Image source: Ubermassive, Pixabay

#10 The final straw was when he lit a cigarette in French class and refused to put it out. Smoked it all. He was 13. I see him every now and again and he’s a mess

Image source: david4460, Kobe

#11 This is one of my favorite stories:

Setting: high school in a rural area many years ago
We were seniors

I’m in welding class one day and I overhear a couple kids talking at one of the welding stations(booths with concrete on 3 sides, open top, and a curtain behind you). I hear them talking about welding an object to the metal welding table. Of course I’m curious so I peak around the corner and see they are both looking at a spray bottle of pressurized axe body spray. I immediately realize this will go poorly, being a pressurized and flammable substance. So I butt in and say that’s a bad idea.

Both these idiots cut me off and tell me to f off (I played football against them and their rival high school and we never got along super well) So I said whatever f you guys too and walked across the room where I can see the teacher and their booth and made myself look busy while watching these clowns. Sure enough(I didn’t think they’d actually do it)I see the curtain shut, spark spark and boom! Flames shot out the top about 10 feet and this idiot comes busting out of the booth like a character in a cartoon hair back up and schinged soot all over his face and a big look of shock on his face. Teacher was red faced and yelled at this moron for a solid 5 minutes and stormed out with both these guys. Last I heard they were expelled from that school.

I will never forget that smell. Axe and burnt hair

Image source: IPB_5947, Levi Damasceno

#12 He just kept s******g his pants. There was nothing wrong with him. He just kept doing it.

Same place, same time, everyday… right after recess when we lined up to go inside he’d just let loose… the fattest and wettest fart/s**t you’d ever heard, and it would echo through the silent hallway for literally everyone in the grade to hear.

At first we thought it was just embarrassing for him, but by the time week 2 came around, we were all convinced he was doing it intentionally. I have no explanation because he was kicked out after like 3 months of consistently doing it.

Edit: I nearly forgot, he would announce to everyone he s**t himself too by saying (and I quote) “….WHOOPS….. Iiii pooped myself”.

Image source: TooYoungToBeThisOld1, Marco

#13 Class clown. Chemistry class. Dude caused another students experiment to react violently and blinded her. Half a dozen students saw him do it and heard him say he didn’t like her because she was smart. He was in prison 4 years later. Dead 6 years after that.

Image source: RetiredAerospaceVP

#14 Broke a kids legs for no reason, i was there and the pain I felt as I watch his leg go straight to bent, he kicked his knee from the side and completely dislocated his leg, the kid is in a wheelchair now

Image source: irishspudsniffer, Andrea Piacquadio

#15 Thought he was funny and decided to grab the SRO (student resource officers) gun. Our SRO also happened to be part of SWAT. He did this as we all left end of day, crowded hall. I remember this vividly over 20 years later. This was also post Columbine by like a month. Kid got slammed into a wall put in cuffs. Arrested and expelled immediately

Image source: delusionalinkedchic, Nenad Stojkovic

#16 Happened in Kindergarten. There was a kid named Dexter who had severe anger issues.

Every day a small group of kids would get certain “jobs” to do around the classroom, such as line leader, table cleaner, etc.. Dexter got the table cleaner position and he was absolutely livid since he wanted to be line leader.

What started off as a screaming fit escalated into him throwing scissors around the class, biting the teachers hand, shattering a window with his flying scissors, breaking the tank that housed the class gerbils, and just trashing the entire classroom.

The rest of the students had to evacuate the class while the teacher and principle attempted to restrain him. Security had to get involved. Never saw him again after that day

Image source: Blue_Phase, misskprimary

#17 Guy grew up doing Muay Thai, boxing and wrestling. Forgot where he was during a wrestling match and threw a spinning back fist that knocked his opponent clean out. He was completely mortified once he realized what he did.

Straight A student, star athlete, and genuinely good guy. The class president even addressed it and organized protests and walk outs until he was reinstated. Even the guy that got knocked out and his parents forgave him and supported us. He did get reinstated but wasn’t allowed to wrestle or box anymore. Not sure what the coaches pulled to allow him to play football. He eventually quit football too his senior year and was never really the same.

Image source: Sol-Blackguy, Elkhan Ganiyev

#18 He sprayed another student with zippo fluid and was attempting to set the student on fire when he was tackled.

Image source: Delicious-Sir-3841, juantiagues


Shelly was a girl in my sister’s grade when we were in high school. It was a VERY strict Christian school. Shelly and Chris got caught kissing on campus. They got expelled and all of us in junior high and high school had to congregate for a student assembly so Chris and Shelly could each publicly apologize in a speech to all of us for kissing on campus.

Years later, there was understandably a state of upset among other students as two teachers were caught French kissing on campus while others kept walking around them. And nothing bad happened to the teachers. Rules for the kids but the adults did not have to follow the same rules.

Image source: crystalsinwinter

#20 He brought a gun to school and posted it on snapchat. instantly got caught and expelled. stupidest thing anyone has ever done but also a blessing in disguise

Image source: Weekly-Patience-5267, Matthias Zomer

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