People Online Reveal “Dirty Little Secrets” By Businesses, Here Are 20 That You Might Need To Know

Published 2 years ago

For us ordinary people, it’s no secret that businesses keep secrets from us. But what those secrets are, well, we’re not really sure. They’re secrets!

But all of that will change thanks to this viral Reddit thread. The poster asked, “What dirty little secret does your profession hide that the consumer should know?” It received more than 9K responses, and below, we compiled 20 of the most intriguing responses the thread has ever received!

These revelations don’t end here. People have been revealing their expired NDA contents as well. Check them out here!

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Image source: anon, Mariano Avagnina

The tops of your beer cans are gross. You should always wipe a beer can clean before drinking out of it, and preferably just poor it in a glass. They get s**t all over them during storage/transportation. They get walked on if someone needs to climb over the pallet they are loaded on. And don’t get me started on some of the s**t I’ve seen inside beer coolers. Disgusting.
Cans also don’t transport well on pallets. Cans pop/puncture and then that beer attracts flies which in turn create maggots.

-former beer delivery guy


Image source: anon, Vidal Balielo Jr.

Your nurses and doctors talk about you in the break room.


I work in dry cleaning. One of the spotting agents we use is called digest, which is made of powdered cow stomach. The enzymes in the digest literally eat organic spots. It’s extremely effective.

You can DIY digest by applying saliva to food spots. I’ve removed blackberry jam from white cotton by just repeatedly spitting on the spot and scraping it clean. Warning: It takes a whole lot of time and saliva, and the process is disgusting–but free!

Source: freyalorelei


Image source: PrettyBird2011, Province of British Columbia

I work at a living facility for special needs people. There’s honestly a very slim chance that your family member would be abused by the staff. However, depending on where they are placed (based on a number of factors) it’s highly likely they could be abused by their roommates and the facility won’t do a damn thing about it unless forced.


Image source: chrisell, Julia Volk

Flight simulation engineer here: until Sully landed his Airbus in the Hudson, the average chances of surviving a commercial jet water “landing” were less than 5%. Highest recorded survival was the Ethiopian 767 with 29% survival. The seat back safety card and life vests were simply placebos for nervous passengers.
Follow-on: Sullenberger’s technique is now part of pilot simulator training so chances have increased. However if it happens in the ocean you might survive the crash but will almost certainly die of hypothermia, drowning or exposure.


Not my main profession, but did some technical writing as a freelancer. Many companies actually pay people to post on social media and review sites and write positive fake feedback. So, when you’re on amazon and find someone writing a review about a skillet for example and they say “This is a great product, I really enjoyed it and the instructions were clear”, you know it’s a real person profile but with fake review.

Source: hasslemind


Image source: MathewMurdock, tripadvisor

The larger the menu at a restaurant the greater the chance your food was frozen and just reheated.


I’m a freelance copy-editor/proofreader.

A large portion of the books in my portfolio were previously published and “edited”. Meaning, the author paid someone to edit it already.

Why then, did they still want/need to hire me? Because they were still absolutely filled with errors, to the point where reviewers would comment on the poor editing.

In the freelance editing world, there seems to be no shortage of people who will take authors’ money but not do a good job. Typically these are random people on Fiverr and similar sites.

To avoid this, you should hire editors that come recommended by people you trust.

If that is not practical, then you should at least get an editor to do a sample edit (of 1000-2000 words). Perhaps throw in some errors on purpose.

If they catch those errors, or even errors you didn’t put in deliberately, then they’re good.

Source: Celda


Image source: CaptValentine, Jjborcean

Pilot here

The whole “turn off the cell phone” thing doesn’t matter 99.99% of the time. HOWEVER, it’s that .01% of the time that we worry about. Most cell phones nowadays, like iphones and androids, dont operate on the same frequency as the equipment we are worried about, but its that one guy with the cell phone made in mongolia in 1996 thats going to ruin it for everyone. Could we spend more time going through everyone’s electronics and saying “You can use this, this, this, and this but not that unless we are over 14,500 feet.” We could , but A.) it would take forever and B.) You wouldn’t remember it or get it right. So please, turn the damn thing off when we’re landing the plane.


Image source: Analytica0, Michal Lizuch

When you ask for your drink ‘strong’ at the bar but refuse to pay for a double, we will just reverse the order of how we make your drink. Mix will go in first then liquor last. You think you are being slick by not having to pay for a double shot and you think we are a great bartender.
Moral of the story: don’t try to be slick with people who make your food or drinks.

EDIT: All of you who are stating that when you say ‘strong’ you want less mixer, are in the 1% of the entire population that expect ‘less’ mixer and the same amount of alcohol. The other 99% of people who use the term ‘strong’ want additional alcohol in the drink for free. That’s a fact!

If you wish to order a drink with less mixer in it, order the drink ‘short’ and we will make it with the same amount of alcohol and will use less mixer than usual.

If you wish to order a drink with more mixer than normal, order the drink ‘tall’ and we will make it with the same amount of alcohol and will use more mixer than normal.


Image source: ACOE_PWKE, Max Vakhtbovych

Hotel manager. Most of the time the comforter is only changed when visibly dirty. Always take off the comforter and use the blanket in the closet, or ask them to bring you one.


I.T. When we can’t figure out why the servers crashed, we just turn them off and on again.

Source: anon


Image source: Deadmeat553, Петербургский Планетарий

Planetarium operator:

Nobody in the space sciences cares about constellations. They’re used to help define the location of astronomical objects, but I bet most astronomers don’t know the names of more than 5 or 6 constellations. I only talk about them because the general public finds them interesting for some reason – I would skip them if my boss would let me.


Sign Language Interpreting. A huge amount of them are underskilled and uncertified. When they don’t understand a Deaf person, they will simply make up a translation and the deaf person never hears it.

It leads to a lot of hearing people thinking a lot of Deaf people are morons, and a lot of Deaf people distrusting and being frustrated by hearing people patronizing them.

Source: driftingdrifter


Image source: anon, 3askary

Ramp agent here, I deal with airplanes from them coming to a stand, until they depart.

Your bags get manhandled. We can have 150 bags off then on in a 15 minute window, they have to get from the cargo door all the way to the middle. Bags with 4 wheels are the greatest thing since sliced bread since they just roll. Sports bags with no wheels are literally hurled down. (We mean no I’ll intention but there is no choice when you fly with the budget airline that rhymes with “Dryin hair”


Image source: doctorhillbilly, Karolina Grabowska

Healthcare has become more oriented to customer service and satisfaction than patient care. Providers are at constant odds with administrators to balance profitable care with quality care which are polar opposites.


Image source: qpgmr, Nenad Stojkovic

You don’t have to be an Orthodontist to do orthodontics, just a dentist. Don’t subject your kids or yourself to braces/treatment unless the provider actually is certified in Orthodontics. It can make the difference between 7 years of treatment that reverses itself immediately and 11 months that lasts a lifetime.


Image source: 4quil0n, SabbyOfSableWine

HVAC work, the amount of black mold in nursing homes is outrageous. If you’re considering putting an elderly family member in one, glance inside the a.c. unit or look at an air vent, you can see it too.


Image source: stop_being_ugly, Marcus Herzberg

There is a reason why your bar has loud music on. If you can’t keep a conversation going you are going to be drinking faster and more likely to order another round.


Image source: failkitten, Vuong Tri Binh

Never. Ever. trust tripadvisor restaurants and their food safety just because they got high ratings.

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