30 Times People Spotted Objects Hiding In Plain Sight, Shared In This Online Group

Published 7 months ago

In the vast landscape of the internet, hidden gems often lurk in unexpected corners, waiting to be discovered by the keen-eyed and observant. One such virtual treasure trove is the Reddit group “Find the Sniper,” a community where members share mind-boggling images that challenge viewers to spot objects cleverly concealed in plain sight.

Join us on a visual adventure as we explore 30 instances where the internet’s collective detectives showcased their prowess in identifying the elusive “snipers.”

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#1 Find The Spider

Image source: SpacklingCumFart

troufaki13 : “Nope! I don’t want to find it. I’m outta here!”

Daniela Lavanza : “One hint: look for its legs (that’s what i noticed first).”

#2 Oh No! I Lost My Son In The Ball Pool. Can You Find Him?

Image source: 4-sta

#3 Spot The Cat – Boss Level

Image source: sparkzsims

Marley Nachi : “HINT: eyes line up perfectly with shirt design”

KDav : “This is easy for anyone who lives with a void, or any cat that matches their clothes. Love!”

#4 Find The Murderous Dinosaur

Image source: firstimpressionn

Jay Scales : “If it wasn’t for the tail he’d be invisible!”

BRE HAS BREAD! : “That’s an alligator also G’day mate”

#5 A Bird (Easy)

Image source: Demon_69

Clown fish : “Awwww”

#6 Find The Giraffe

Image source: rastroboy

Passerby : “ Giraffe? What giraffe? I see nothing suspicious here.”

#7 Find The Hidden Resident

Image source: cagkanesnaf

Clown fish : “Just getting some seeds”

#8 Find The Cat (Easy)

Image source: Marvinx1234

Alexia : “Every move you make, every step you take – I’ll be watching you”

#9 Attempted To Take A Photo Of Golden Eagle, But Couldn’t See It In The Camera. Spotted It Later. Can You See It?

Image source: Ok_Replacement1669

Ace : “The scale makes it really difficult. Top, mid-right, if anyone’s still struggling.”

Justanotherpanda : “This is where that red circle would come in handy.”

#10 A Snow Leopard In Its Natural Habitat At Spiti Valley, India Appears Flawlessly Camouflaged, Effortlessly Blending Into The Surrounding Environment

Image source: ssigea

martymcmatrix : “It looks like rock…🧐”

Multa Nocte : “Frosty!”

#11 Find The Toast

Image source: rastroboy

Passerby : “What we see, or perhaps not see, here is a toast in the wild, camouflaging itself while waiting for a prey to come.”

Linda Lee : “I have these countertops. Do not a twist tie on these counters, you will never find it.”

#12 Easy, Find The Moth

Image source: koos_die_doos

MellonCollie : “Gorgeous! I still did not find both toddlers or the dachshund, though …”

#13 There Are No Cats Here

Image source: tyw7

Passerby : “Ohhh, so floofy!”

Joe Reaves : “Well, there’s an accident waiting to happen. Still, after the first time your blood will be all over that mat and she won’t be so camouflaged!”

Cooking Panda : “People should get rid of furniture/accessories that match their pet’s color. Can’t imagine tripping or stepping on the cuties 😭”

#14 Find The Bear!

Image source: AndKrem

Passerby : “Hmm, where could it be?”

The Other Guest : “I think it’s behind the giraffe…”

Peyton : “What bear? I don’t see any bear.”

#15 Can Someone Please Help Me Find My Professional Hide-And-Seeker Niece?!

Image source: jerrrrm

Alewa : “She isn’t in this picture, sorry.”

#16 Find The Owl

Image source: rastroboy

zububonsai : “Oh, that’s actually a really good camouflage 👀”

MR Thisbetterstick : “Where are the red circles when we really need them?”

#17 Liu Bolin Is A Chinese Visual Artist. Aka-The Invisible Man

Image source: BruceInc

Multa Nocte : “Now THAT’S ninja level!”

Mimi La Souris : “I hadn’t read the title, I wondered what was wrong with this tire :)”

Biana Weatherford : “That would CREEP me out”

#18 Easy: Spot The 4th Kitten

Image source: princess_puffpuff

Jack Smith : “tabby cat to the left of the other kitties”

#19 Almost Stepped On This Little Guy

Image source: Archist-

Alexia : “Aww. he looks like a coin”

L. Murphy : “Baby turtles are the cutest. I found a baby alligator snapping turtle once and my head almost exploded from the cuteness.”

#20 There Are 2 Cats In This Picture

Image source: ChefCobra

Sussy painting : “the second i saw the crishtmas tree i was like “yep one is in the tree, no exeption.”

Tucker Cahooter : “Why is the Christmas tree still intact?”

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “Santa Claws is going to bring them mousie toys.”

#21 One Of The Dots Is A Heart!

Image source: Glad_Huffelpuffz

VonBlade : “10 o’clock.”

MellonCollie : “That’s lovely.”

#22 Find The Cat

Image source: g-a-r-n-e-t

Alexia : “If my life depended on finding the cat, I’d be dead already :))))”

#23 One Of These Ducks Is A Sniper!

Image source: Arkhaan

Alexia : “Day 4 of my undercover mission. They suspect nothing”

#24 Lizard

Image source: fried_biology

#25 Easy: Find The Turd (Kitten) That Won’t Stay Out Of The Christmas Tree

Image source: OldElPasoSnowplow

#26 Find 4 Animals

Image source: rastroboy

#27 My Son Decided To Play “Find The Toddler” This Morning

Image source: dubsac5150

#28 Find The Fish (Easy)

Image source: Chievres

#29 Find The Dachshund

Image source: Out-awkward

#30 Spot The Real Dog V.2 . Don’t Zoom

Image source: Lauram2020

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