Captain America Civil War DIY Guide & Accessories Infograph

Published 8 years ago

Only 16 days more and we will eventually find out whose team wins the ‘war.’ Whether it is the on-screen battle or the battle with the fans, the argument about who is the better leader from the two biggest names in Marvel will always be there. As everyone knows, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers can never get along all the time. The massive age and strategic differences are one of the main reasons for their tussle.

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With Captain America: Civil War almost close at hand, I have put together a small guide that will give the fans a clearer idea on how to dress up and what they will need in the Captain America costume from Civil War. Whether you are an adult or a teenager, you can order these by checking your size accordingly for these items.

* Captain America Full Latex Mask for $13.95+

* Captain America Civil War Leather Jacket for $129

* Stealth Glove, Belt, Harness, Leg Guard for $99

* Captain America Trouser for $195

* Company CST Boot for $101.79

* Captain America 24-Inch Shield for $23.99+

With this costume guide, you won’t give anyone a chance to say that it looks like a homemade costume. You will be spending approximately less than $650 to $700 and be able to get a realistic Captain America look. Just make sure you have a clean shave and walk like a superhero.

* Captain America Over Ear Headphones for $20.52

* Captain America Shield Logo Sublimated Snapback for $23.46

* Captain America Analog-Quartz Watch for $39.99

* Captain America Shield Backpack for $99.91

* Captain America Logo Shield Glass Dome Pendant for $13.50

* Captain America Keychains for $6.07

If anyone wants gift ideas to give anyone who is fans of the Super Soldier, then these can help you out. These are some of the coolest yet expensive looking accessories that would make any superhero, more specifically a Captain America supporter, feel like they are on cloud nine.

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