35 Creepy Crafts That Might Haunt Your Dreams

Published 1 month ago

In the realm of creativity, there exists a fascinating niche where the bizarre and the beautiful collide, giving birth to a realm of unsettling wonder: the world of creepy crafts. Here, artists harness the power of the uncanny to create a symphony of macabre beauty and haunting allure.

From sculptures that delve into the depths of mortality to jewelry that whispers of ancient mysteries, these unconventional artworks defy conventional aesthetics, daring viewers to confront their deepest fears and curiosities head-on. Let’s delve into some creepy and sometimes weird crafts that people just can’t look away from.

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#1 For Halloween I Made An Arquillen From “Men In Black”

Image source: xfghxdf

#2 A Buddy Of Mine Is A Brilliant Artist. Here’s His Sculpture “Tower Of Souls”

Image source: BerkshireMtnSculptor, Scott Dow

#3 I Made This Kraken Candelabra With Air Dry Clay

Image source: Warm-Picture-6681

#4 “Ark Of The Apocalypse”. It Took Me About 14 Months To Complete This. My Work Stands 8 Feet On A Custom-Made Table, 7.5 Feet In Length, And About 2.5 Feet Wide

Image source: shallowgravestudios, shallowgravestudios

#5 I Made A Human Egg

Image source: Annihilatum

#6 I Made “The Evil Dead” Miniature From Altoid Tin

Image source: PixieHill

#7 Weeping Angel Scarf

Image source: GimpCoder

#8 Hand-Embroidered Octopus Bag Made By Me. Completely Handmade, Including Sewing The Bag

Image source: ILWDolls

#9 Pink African Flower Tarantula

Image source: SpaceGoat88

#10 DIY Creepy Picture Frame

Image source: Stabbing_in_the_Dark

#11 Another Scary Mask Of Mine

Image source: DmitriyBragin, DmitriyBragin

#12 I Made A Tiny Spider

Image source: zakmiskry

#13 Found A Prop I Made For My Wife’s Costume From Last Year. She Was A “Basic Witch”, And This Is Her “Eye Phone”

Image source: Cerberus1349

#14 Her Name Is Wendy

Image source: EdgyAnimeReference

#15 This Is A Witch Prop I’m Working On. I Sculpted A Face, Cast It In Latex, And Got It Attached Today. A Big Change To The Overall Look

Image source: OakLaneCemetery, OakLaneCemetery

#16 I Made A Papier-Maché Boar Mask, Inspired By Lord Okkoto

Image source: nymla

#17 One Of My Favorite Mummified Fairies So Far

Image source: BooneThorn

#18 I Made A Necronom IV As A Tribute To H.R. Giger. It’s From Recycled Items I Scavenged, Including An Antique Mahogany Mirror I Used As A Frame, Pathe Cine Projector, Washing Machine, And More

Image source: Simo_666

#19 I Made A Little Nut Goblin To Guard My Succulents

Image source: Spooky_Gecko

#20 I Made A Fairy Mummy For My Sister For Christmas

Image source: BooneThorn

#21 Here’s A Little Cthulhu Baby I Sculpted

Image source: bexielady

#22 I Created A Xenomorph Brooch

Image source: Rude_Rub_5315, Rude_Rub_5315

#23 I Made Something Horrible Or Awesome. I Honestly Can’t Tell

Image source: cryztal2908

#24 Spooky Planter

Image source: followmegunslinger

#25 I Made A New Yarn Bowl

Image source: OtherwisePop6430

#26 I Made Creepy Plants

Image source: denrae-

#27 Meet The Mimic. Furby Mimics Are Predatory Creatures That Use Their Similar Appearance To A Furby To Trick Humans Into Approaching Them, Only To End Up With Food

Image source: wickytack

#28 I Just Finished My Second Creepy Crochet Baby. My Husband Hates My Deformed Yarn Children

Image source: kattiwin

#29 I Finally Finished My Brain Hat. I Knitted It Through My Neurology And Behavioral Health Courses

Image source: Jessa_Bluebelle

#30 A Bit Terrifying, But I Had To Share This Insane Figure Of Barbara From “Beetlejuice” Crafted By My Talented Mother With Clay And A Warped Imagination

Image source: Joelbotics

#31 I Hope You All Like My Little Goat Buddy. A Papier-Mache And Sheep’s Wool Mask I Made Last Year

Image source: nymla

#32 I Made A Creepy Rabbit Mask

Image source: nymla

#33 Frame Details Of My “Symphony Of The Damned”

Image source: shallowgravestudios

#34 One Of My Recently Made Dragon Journals. Everything In It Is Made By Hand

Image source: BJsHandmade

#35 I Made My Kids A Night-Light

Image source: woodmandesignco

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