Men Reveal 30 Things Women Do Or Say That They Actually Find Really Creepy

Published 2 weeks ago

It’s a commonly held notion that the label of “creepy” often falls on men. Yet, true equality demands an acknowledgement that women can be unsettling too. Recently, men have highlighted this by sharing unsettling encounters where women have made them feel uncomfortable, flipping the script on traditional gender dynamics. 

From boldly proclaiming their own instability to demonstrating stalking behaviours, these stories shed light on instances where women have unnerved men. Scroll down to discover some of the most peculiar and unnerving tales where women have instilled fear, challenging the assumption that only men can be unsettling.

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#1 Bunch of moms staring at highschool boys swimming and comment on how hot they are. Non stop leering. I can’t imagine how they would have acted if there were dads looking at girls that way.

Image source: flyingduck33, ShotPot / pexels

#2 A woman I dated not only said but also had a fridge magnet with the phrase: “If I’m not happy, no one else will be.” I first thought it was a darkly humorous little trinket. Dear reader, it really, really wasn’t.

Image source: GreyAndJaded, Tima Miroshnichenko / pexels

#3 “Can I touch your beard” and proceeding to do so without waiting for an answer. Unless you’re my wife or one of my kid nieces the answer is no by the way.

Image source: zeekoes, cottonbro studio / pexels

#4 Anything done in baby talk.

Image source: FallenRadish, Polina Zimmerman / pexels

#5 Using the word “Daddy”, or “Baby”. I get that some people like it, but man.. not everyone does.

Image source: 4th_chakra, RDNE Stock project / pexels

#6 I was bartending and there was a hen party whose challenge in their game was to kiss the bartender. I said ok as long as it was on the cheek and turn my head, but she woman grabbed my face and tried to kiss me on the lips. Had to walk away and tell them I wouldn’t be serving them and all they could say was “aww come on don’t be frigid, you know you want to”

Image source: Cyanide_Revolver, Ertuğrul Akcaba / pexels

#7 I don’t get creeped out, because I’m not overly sensitive and not much worries me in general.

Image source: rollsyrollsy, cottonbro studio / pexels

That said, the thing that annoys me lately is more about word choice. It seems lately that (mostly women) are using (or misusing) quasi technical terms related to psychological or social issues in order to lend a bit more authority to whatever it is they’re saying.

So instead of “my colleague acted like a douchebag and she left me feeling annoyed” they’ll offer “my colleague is a toxic narcissist and her abuse has left me with trauma”.

On the one hand it’s just a dumb trend, but on the other hand those words actually do have real use for people experiencing actual (diagnosed) psychological issues or abuse, and throwing the terms around devalues the currency of the words for people who might really need them.

#8 A girl once tried to seduce me with the immortal words “I’m as smooth down there as a 4-year-old”. This was almost 20 years ago and to this day I just can’t even.

Image source: malsomnus, Castorly Stock / pexels

#9 “You’re well trained” whenever they see me do dishes, vacuum or laundy. Like I‘ve been trained as some manservant or they just expect husbands to be another child.

Image source: Voltusfive2, RDNE Stock project / pexels

#10 Bragging about how proficient they are at stalking people on social media. It’s creepy af.

Image source: anon, Pixabay / pexels

#11 Talking about how a young or infant boy is gonna be sexy or a ladies man. Like you seriously sound like a creep and I’m being polite by using creep. Once while waiting tables, another server wrapped her arms around my neck, stared into my eyes, and said, “is it bad that I want to f**k someone besides my boyfriend?” Like what in every hell.

Image source: Ksammy33, Anna Shvets / pexels

#12 My arms are heavily tattooed. Women will often say, “can I see your tattoos?” and then immediately start touching them. I have some pretty obvious self-harm scars on my forearms, so it’s super embarrassing and always makes me really uncomfortable. I know I have my own blame in the situation, but yeah— not a fan.

Image source: PermaBanTogether, Ralph Rabago / pexels

#13 I’ve actually heard a couple women say, “If you can’t take me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.”

Thanks for making the red flag so obvious, much appreciated.

Image source: iamthemosin, Matej Simko / pexels

#14 I got approached by a woman at my friend’s birthday party. This woman was mid 50’s and I was 40 at the time.

Image source: gkirby23, Aaron Hairston / pexels

She is married with an adult daughter who was there. She approached me and said I was attractive and I thanked her. She proceeded to continue to hit on me and then commented on my pecs and grabbed them. I took a step back and she saw the disgust in my face. She was offended I didn’t want her touching me. She then got loud and made a scene making me look like the a*****e, all I wanted was to hang out with my friends and not be harassed. Women think they can get away with it because all guys want sex, but when they get denied it’s our fault.

#15 This is kinda specific to me and those in my situation, but I share the last name of a famous serial killer (VERY distantly related).

Image source: JackDaBoneMan, Katerina Holmes / pexels

Some women get waaaaay to excited when they find out. The amount of true crime fans who ask me on a date/said yes when I asked because of that has meant I literally have taken it off facebook and don’t tell people at first. Even a few months in Ive gotten ‘haha lol I only dated you cause it would be wild to be Mrs serial killer’. Its creepy, it makes me feel worthless and yes, I know EVERY DETAIL of what he did, because of course I do everyone sends me the link anytime there is a new doco out. Please don’t add my last name to your FB just cause we are dating. No I wont f**k you while we watch a doco on him. Special shout out to women in psych 101.

#16 Me and a date making out in a dark parking lot at night. Girl – starts laughing Me – what’s funny? Girl – It’s just that, if I were to call the police and tell them you sexually assaulted me right now, there’s not much you can do to prove you’re innocent. I’m a cute, white, tiny German girl, and you are a big, mean looking, medium dark skinned American man. You’d be screwed. Me – huh, yeah… Guess you’re right.

Image source: Herr_Katze_Vato, Brett Sayles / pexels

#17 Happy wife, happy life. No b***h it’s not only about you.

Image source: Agreeable_Station451, Jeremy Wong / pexels

#18 I worked in an elementary school for many years and the amount of female teachers who openly talk about how “cute” the boys are or how they will be “total heartbreakers” was foul.

Image source: Gymteacher88, Anastasia Shuraeva / pexels

#19 When they say “I have no filter.” – this always translates to me, I’m a cow and arrogant. Everyone has a filter, you’re just an a*sehole.

Image source: jezr74, Karolina Grabowska / pexels

#20 “I want a gay best friend”. No, I’m not a f*****g accessory.

Image source: MarsNirgal, Anete Lusina / pexels

#21 Here’s a tip: Asking a man what he has under his kilt is just as bad as asking a woman if she’s wearing anything under her skirt. Even worse are the women who feel entitled to *check*. Hasn’t happened to me, thankfully, but fellow kilt wearers have had pretty bad encounters before.

Image source: GentlemanPirate13, Wender Junior Souza Vieira / pexels


Women asking me “ohh what’s under your kilt?” to which I reply “my wifey’s best friend” or “a perch for 8 golden eagles”. it usually ends there.

honestly tho its mostly dudes who ask to which i say: “why is it always men who wanna know” and it usually ends there.

#22 I’m bald, and was the only man who worked a front facing position at a local clinic in a town with an aging population.

Image source: CorgiDaddy42, Monstera Production / pexels

The older/elderly women constantly wanted to rub my head, or be very inappropriate in general when speaking to me. The women in the office laughed about it until I pointed out how I would always step in and cover for them or drive off the creepy guys for them, and this was no different. Don’t get me wrong, the creepy men said and did far worse things to those women than the old women ever did/said to me, but they still made me uncomfortable. Last year or so I was there they started helping me hide from the worst of the harassment. That was nice.

#23 “Can you still get it up” like f**k you! This is the equivalent of a man asking a woman if she is tight or still gets wet.

Image source: FuckYoCouch2023, Tima Miroshnichenko / pexels

#24 To “man up” when all you’re trying to do is chill.

Image source: Ivor_the_1st, Pixabay / pexels

#25 When I was an Uber driver, I’d sometimes get a car full of girls say something like “You’re not gonna k*ll us, are you?”. I started replying with “Nah. When you’re as good at it as I am – you don’t do it for free.”

Image source: PlatasaurusOG, Oleksandr P / pexels

#26 Some lady I worked with once touched my stomach and asked me when I’m due. If the situation would have been reversed, I would have been fired.

Image source: MontrealInTexas, Towfiqu barbhuiya / pexels

#27 I don’t know about “women” but I had a female manager interviewing me for a job telling me they were PRO sexual harassment at the workplace, wink wink, nudge nudge. I was…22? She was 50, easily. That f*****g sucked.

Image source: ThingCalledLight, v RDNE Stock project / pexels

#28 When they proudly say they are crazy and want a guy who can handle that. Yeah, there is nothing okay about being proud of that and they should seriously consider getting help if they legitimately think they are unstable. There is too much liability being affiliated with a woman like this.

Image source: mrtzjam, Andrea Piacquadio / pexels

#29 “You should smile more” followed by a touch, wink or giggle. Yes females do that s**t too and yes it’s just as creepy.

Image source: soiledsanchez, Mwabonje Ringa / pexels

#30 My aunt kissed me on the lips when I was a teenager. I said no. She didn’t care I hated it then. I still hate it now.

Image source: SGdude90






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