Cute Adventure Time Jewelry That Sweeps Around Your Neck

Published 9 years ago

You’re reading this on the internet, so chances are you like Adventure Time. So how about some Adventure Time themed jewelry? Doppledew (also known as Laura) is making just the thing. Get your Jake, Cake and many other favorite characters. Many of them are depicted reaching for a firm handshake (at the very least), so they’ll look all natural and fun while hugging your neck.

The jewelry itself is made from shrink film, permanent acrylic paints, brass rings and gold chain (with a clasp). It is infinitely cooler than any sort of cartoon inspired jewelry that we made while we were kids. In a way, this is a magnificent time to be both an adult and a fan of cartoons. Your hobby is at least marginally acceptable, and you have tons of creative people building up on the source material.

Or making necklaces, as it were.

More info: Etsy | Deviantart (h/t: neatorama)

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