40 Funny DIY Fails: Best Of All Time

Published 3 weeks ago

DIY projects can be fun to experiment with. It’s a chance to get creative, save money and learn something new as well. However, some projects can go awry making viewers say, DI-Why instead.

Scroll below to check out a hilarious collection of photos depicting DIY projects that were better off left to a professional. Found on the DiWHY community page, these folks got into the spirit of creativity but could have done better in the execution aspect. 

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#1 Trying To Fashion A Face Mask Out Of A Brassiere

Image source: ajfoucault

#2 This Guy Built A Mini-Door Complete With Doorknob Into The Front Door At The Place He’s Renting, For His Cat Stanley

Image source: BurritoBoy11

#3 My 9 Year Old Daughter Bedazzled Our Remote. It’s Very Pretty But Quite Challenging To Find The Button You Need

Image source: spankybianky

#4 Hmmm

Image source: LithiumTT

#5 Preserving Those Childhood Memories

Image source: Goobersita

#6 As A Landlord, I Am Constantly Amazed At Some Things My Tenants Do. I Installed New Curtain Rods Before The New Tenant Moved In, But She Still Felt It Necessary To Nail The Curtains To The Wall

Image source: anon

#7 Found On Facebook Marketplace

Image source: BQJJ

#8 Now It Looks Cool

Image source: Deepthrusting99

#9 This Great Wall Of China

Image source: McDirty09

#10 Because It Gets Hot In The Workshop And There’s No Ac

Image source: neuroticsmurf

#11 Came Across This Picture And Wanted To Share

Image source: MissouriFred

#12 T-Rex Heels

Image source: BarefootHippieDesign

#13 Unique Lamp

Image source:  Carlos Pujol

#14 Can Someone Explain This One?

Image source: PineappleLife3

#15 Faux Library

Image source: pobody-snerfect

#16 Bumper Rockery

Image source: the123king-reddit

#17 Biblically Accurate Furby

Image source: Christinedrink

#18 Grandma? Is That You?

Image source: Die_Like_A_Rockstar

#19 I’m Scared

Image source: Ilovemychicken1013

#20 Found On R/Mildlyinteresting Thought It Belonged Here

Image source: i_am_chewbacca

#21 Why Just Why

Image source: JoseGiraffe

#22 Ewwwwwwww

Image source: rosieSpose

#23 ‘Modern Aesthetic’

Image source: TaffleBottom

#24 Feeling Insecure About How Unoriginal And Boring Your Bathroom Tile Grout Is? Want To Make A Statement? Simply Just Cover It Up With Some Glitter Glue!

Image source: dtx1984

#25 My Uncle’s Christmas Tree

Image source: Sketch_Crush

#26 My Baby Skull Desert Roses Are Coming In Pretty Nice

Image source: tommeland

#27 5 Minute Craft

Image source: PowerRangers69

#28 Jean Bag Chair

Image source: noneo

#29 Porcelain With Handpainted Ants

Image source: FoRealDoh

#30 Just Why?

Image source: SgtRandiTibbs

#31 Cow Tag Earring

Image source: oliveio

#32 Just Wait Until The Airbag Pops Out

Image source: daisykills

#33 I Hate It But Kind Of Like It!

Image source: slothmk1

#34 I’m No Electrician, But I Think I’ve Solved The Mystery Of Why Changing The Lightbulbs Didn’t Work

Image source: gardenpea

#35 Just Because You Can Quilt It, Doesn’t Mean You Should

Image source: van_bh

#36 Airbag Accessories

Image source: MannequinFactory

#37 Upcycling A Toothpaste Tube

Image source: reciclagemearte

#38 A Lamp Made From Repurposed Material

Image source: PraxisLD

#39 The Toilets That Await You In Purgatory

Image source: Machinefun

#40 This Motorcycle Was Made Into An 18-Wheeler… Type, Thing

Image source: READlbetweenl

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