30 Times Gardeners Shared Hilariously Disappointing Results Of Their Efforts

Published 10 months ago

Grab your gardening gloves and prepare for a wild ride as we delve into the hilarious and oh-so-relatable world of failed food gardening ventures shared on the online group r/MightyHarvest.

While success stories inspire us, it’s the epic fails that bring a smile to our faces and teach us valuable lessons along the way. So, get ready to laugh, cringe, and learn from these gardening disasters that prove even the greenest of thumbs can stumble on their journey to being the perfect gardener.

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#1 The Asparagus Saga Continues. It Is 5″ Taller Today

Image source: Luvnmylife

#2 Tonight.. We Shall Feast!

Image source: skav2

#3 Really Odd Baby Carrots

Image source: LochNesMonster17

#4 Pomegranate Harvest, There’s Enough For All!

Image source: Lo_Ingobernable

#5 Stupid Radishes!

Image source: PoukieBear

#6 Does Anyone Want A Lemonade

Image source: GlitteryBorko

#7 This Season, I Learned That The Biggest Secret To Yuge Sized Broad (Aka Fava) Beans Is… *gasp* Leave The Damn Plant Alone To Grow To Full Size

Image source: smokeandmirrorsff

#8 Gaze Upon My Haul!

Image source: MAH1977

#9 Last Chile Pequin Of 2022 (3 Mm X 4 Mm)

Image source: scarlet_sage

#10 Rad…ish?

Image source: Proncus

#11 This Thai Chilli Shall Flavour My Dishes For The Next Eon

Image source: The_Untracable_Conch

#12 Oh The Great Potato Harvest Of 2023. They Shall Write Epic Tales Long Into The Future Of The Horticultural Triumph. God As My Witness, I’ll Never Be Hungry Again!

Image source: monismusing

#13 It’s Supposed To Be A Carrot I Swear

Image source: pomskiesxx

#14 Watermelon Harvest

Image source: tow-kneee

#15 My First Radish Harvest Of The Year!!

Image source: odawg0007

#16 Behold My Bounty! It Will Feed Villages Throughout The Winter Months!

Image source: Sharcbait

#17 Carrot Harvest, For Ants

Image source: ZiggysSack

#18 The Whole Neighborhood Will Be Feasting For Weeks! I Grew… Pea

Image source: azulkachol

#19 Carrot

Image source: michaelshreds

#20 I’m Ready To Throw A Party With All The Salsa This Will Make

Image source: rhinoballet

#21 Who Wants Rhubarb Pie?

Image source: Heavens-2-Murgatroyd

#22 My Giant Yellow Raspberry

Image source: ellenayla

#23 Just Think Of All The Lemon Pies I’m Gonna Make With This

Image source: _last_homely_house_

#24 Acorn Sized Acorn Squash

Image source: HippieG

#25 Enough Peas For The Year!!

Image source: hoeingcomeseasy

#26 The Central Valley, Cornucopia Of The World

Image source: tunafeeesh

#27 My Mighty Flock Has Provided This Tiny Egg

Image source: MrBean1512

#28 Container Radishes Are Really Working For Me!

Image source: ktcardz

#29 Behold! The Jalapeño Bonsai!

Image source: GanacheMeUp

#30 I Cannot Wait To Pluck This Perfect Snap Pea And Indulge

Image source: BrokenPug

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