30 Times People Spotted Easter Eggs Hidden In Real Life (New Pics)

Published 2 years ago

Welcome to the newest part of the most surprising Easter eggs found in real life! And no, not the chocolate or hard-boiled eggs we decorate for Easter. In film and game-enthusiasts terms, Easter eggs are those hardly noticed little details left by the makers of a game or movie creators for the most vigilant viewers to see. As in oranges in The Godfather trilogy or Starbucks coffee cups in Fight Club.

We will continue looking at the Easter eggs found in our everyday surroundings in this post. A growing community of over 491K members IRLEasterEggs on Reddit is where people share fun little things they spotted in real life while running their daily errands. From quirky messages on the bottom of the bottle to hilarious cooking instructions. Scroll down to see some of the most unexpected discoveries people stumbled upon.

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#1 Tried To Find An Easter Egg On A Bottle Of Juice, Not Disappointed

Image source: Mars_Aeternum_

#2 A Friendly Message On The Bottom Side Of My Bag Of Coffee

Image source: TiscaBomid

#3 Tag On The Back Of Baby’s Swim Diaper

Image source: kajobuko

#4 Upside Down On The Back Of An Innocent Almond Drink

Image source: _Shug

#5 Found On “Gringo Bandito” Hot Sauce

Image source: HiDough

#6 On The Bottom Of The Drink I Had Last Summer

Image source: Greghannibal

#7 I Am Visiting My Family That Has Just Bought A New Home. I Helped Them Tidy The Garden And Found This Pebble In One Of The Bushes. I Turned It Over And… Lol

Image source: Pajacykowatyyy

#8 Rubber Duck On A Fountain In Portsmouth Nh

Image source: notthepuma

#9 Dog Library

Image source: Spiffinit

#10 Don’t!

Image source: firemanjoe911

#11 On The Back Of A Tag In My Shirt

Image source: drdjt

#12 My Dog Took The Squeaker Out Of Her Toy. It Says “Game Over. Your Dog Won”

Image source: starsailor40

#13 This Bra Reminding To Check For Lumps

Image source: kiwimoss

#14 Virtual Reality

Image source: xdtla

#15 Cute Dino

Image source: tgoCC

#16 On The Box Of Subscription Cat Food I Got Today

Image source: bekkins

#17 The Back Of A Tag On A Frying Pan I Just Purchased

Image source: Sgt_Lackluster

#18 Print On A Milk Bottle

Image source: sp3nko

#19 The Cooking Instructions On This Package Of Bacon

Image source: anoobsearcher

#20 Scooby Doo Irl Easter Egg In Ottawa

Image source: sizzzarah

#21 My Coconut Yoghurt Wants To Be A Book Cover

Image source: redhouse7

#22 This H&s Signs I Found At Work

Image source: C**tLasso

#23 Little Hidden LEGO Figurines In The City Of Deventer, Netherlands

Image source: Space_Crystal_inc

#24 Oops…. Dales Pale Ale Did It Again

Image source: 155circleDR

#25 Very Useful Advice If You’re Depressed Actually

Image source: Valuable-Being9915

#26 My First Ever Shoes (From The Early 1980s) With Some Useful Instructions On The Sole

Image source: misterpep

#27 Adorable Tag On My New Jumper

Image source: kandaf

#28 “Excuse Me, I Can’t Find My Husband.” “Try Aisle 6”

Image source: reddit.com

#29 Maui Statue Outside A Window In The Maui Airport

Image source: mermicide

#30 Ebisu, Tokyo Has Street Lamps In The Shape Of Beer Mugs, As There Used To Be A Beer Factory There

Image source: sinmantky

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