25 Photos Of The Most Heinous Fashion Crimes Committed

Published 4 months ago

Wear whatever makes you feel good—personal taste is entirely subjective, and it’s all about expressing yourself. However, be prepared for others to share their opinions on your fashion choices. Occasionally, they might have a point. It’s not about you, but sometimes it’s the clothes that are hard to justify or defend. Take a look, and you might find yourself at a loss for words too.


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#1 It Looks Like She Stuck A Kleenex To Her Ass With Painters Tape

Image source: Sierra Rachelle Furtwangler


#2 Oh Lord No And For That Price?!?! What Is Wrong With People Lol

Image source: Jennifer Culver-Irwin

Chihuahua Mama: Some of these are just proof that some people have way too much money and don’t know what to spend it on anymore

#3 Uhhh…?

Image source: Jessica Marie

#4 No, Thank You Amazon. That Dress Is Awful And Overpriced

Image source: Whitney Vasquez

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : The ultimate cat toy.

#5 Temu ?‍♀️?‍♀️

Image source: Roger Thalien

#6 Ain’t No Way In Hell I’m Paying Anywhere Near That Much Especially When It Comes With Huge Holes…. It’s Supposed To Be A Purse… To Hold Things??

Image source: Iris Moo

#7 Saw This Shared On Snapchat. $335

Image source: Shelby Bradshaw

#8 This Looks Like Someone Smeared Mustard All Over A Bedsheet

Image source: Pamela Marie

Gillbella : Mustard?? No no, that’s a little baby poonami that squished out their nappy

#9 Mushroom Top Anyone???

Image source: Lily Mottershead

#10 It’s A Top & Skirt Set… Maybe I Just Don’t Understand Modern Fashion But…??

Image source: Harmony Douglas

Multa Nocte : She looks like a chess piece.


Image source: Kate Groves

Multa Nocte: Someone stole your toilet seat cover.

#12 This Just Popped Up In My Reels ?

Image source: Debra Fulbright

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : For those formal events in the garden of Eden.

#13 Another Innovative Design From Shein?

Image source: Lauren Treloar

𝖊𝖜𝖔𝛋: Looks like something a kardashian would wear to a wedding

#14 At Least It Only Costs £8.49 I Guess ?

Image source: Jules Shaw

Saint_Zipcodus: Waste of a perfectly good pot scraper loofah thingy

#15 Guys, It’s On Sale! Grab Two! Would Make A Great Christmas Gift ??

Image source: Rebecca Floyd

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : They want over $1500 for a FEATHER? Audi would kill a bird for free, and then there would be enough feathers to make a top.

#16 Gotta Use Satien Babe

Image source: Charlotte Cleret

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : I’m fine with the Free the Nipple movement. I don’t know if I’m ready for the Free the Vajayjay movement.

#17 Now Shein What Is This??

Image source: Amaya Ferrer

#18 Edit: Sorry Everyone I Didn’t Mean To Step On Toes. I Can Honestly Say I Had Never Heard Of This Person. I Just Saw The Dress And Thought It Was Ugly

Image source: Narys anonimas

Multa Nocte : Is that Mary Tyler Moore?

#19 I Saw This On Insta Earlier And Knew Where It Belonged. I Absolutely Hate It, But I Wanna Know What Others Think

Image source: Midas Moore

#20 Oh Yes, I’ve Always Wanted To Sit On A Ton Of Insects

Image source: Ella Darling

#21 Ready To Show The Third Eye

Image source: Patrícia Chies

#22 Truly No Words For This One

Image source: Clare McMath

A Wild Bean (they/them/any): This looks like the arts and crafts projects I used to make out of my ruined jeans when I was like eight

#23 Soooooo

Image source: Nathalie Nootje

#24 Not Exactly A Dress But…. ??

Image source: Brandy Leigh

Elizabeth Elliot : Had to do something with all those lockdown toilet rolls!

#25 Not A Dress But What Is This And Why Is There Only 1 Of Them Left?

Image source: Erin Leigh

Leaf: Bet there’s only one because they only made the one. No way people are actually buying this.

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