20 Female Traits That Men Consider As Red Flags

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When it comes to dating, rejection is part of the game. There’s no magic formula to determine compatibility; it’s something we have to navigate ourselves. And there are countless reasons why someone might not feel a connection.

Curious about the male perspective, a user known as The-Catty posted on the subreddit r/Ask, asking guys to share what made them reject a woman. Here are some of the most common responses.

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#1 Anyone rude to restaurant staff was an immediate deal-breaker. I also did not like stupid women…. but that was just me.

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#2 Treat the waitress or cashier rudely. Turn off.

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Believes cheating is justifiable. Turn off.

Alcohol/party life. Turn off

Doesn’t acknowledge her own mistakes or actions. You make mistakes, you apologise.


#3 What I look for in a women is kindness, respect and flexibility. I have that with my wife.

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What I got from online dating was entitlement, judgement, and a what have you done for me lately attitude. Most women i dated online made me feel like I was an ATM and everything I did didn’t matter. They just generally made me feel like I had to be perfect, and I was always close to being broken up with.

My wife on the other hand, spilt the check with me everytime, made me feel loved, and honestly, seemed to love me even more the longer our relationship went on. Additionally, if we had a fight or had some problem, she would talk to me about it. She wouldn’t throw down some ultimatum and say my way or the highway, she had a conversation with me about it, and always compromised with me.

#4 So, there’s no way to know, really. Way too many variables. Here are a few options, though:

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* It could be that there’s something about your personality/behavior/beliefs/values that’s a deal breaker for him.
* It could be that he’s not attracted to you — not that there’s anything wrong with you, but he has a type and you are not it.
* Maybe he has a huge crush on someone else right now.
* Sometimes there’s no obvious reason, but the chemistry isn’t there for him. Chemistry (or lack of chemistry) does not have to make sense.

As someone who’s a little older, the thing that took me the longest time to figure out is that it isn’t like there’s any objective good or bad. There’s a wide variety in what people are and are not attracted to.

It’s mostly about lucking into someone you match with — where you’re what they want and they’re what you want.

#5 Repeated toxic behaviour, such as breaking boundaries or dishonesty/lying.

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Personally I couldn’t date a smoker either (unless they were really serious about quitting), same goes for any other d**g addiction.

Having a very insecure attachment style and not being willing to heal and become more securely attached.

#6 I once rejected a woman who i thought was one of the hottest girls i’ve ever had the chance to talk to. But she was very judgmental, like it was the only conversation she wanted to have was a negative judgement. The music, the drinks, the weather, the uber driver…all sucked in her opinion. It was very off putting.

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#7 Ego and entitlement.

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#8 Don’t underestimate the timing. It happened I rejected women just because I was everything but in a mood to start a relationship. Being single doesn’t mean to be immediately available.

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#9 * Social media pictures giving the bird. Upgrades from “Reject” to “Yeet” if said picture also includes sticking her tongue out.

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* Yorkshire Terriers. I’ve never seen one of those useless idiotic little rats that isn’t owned by an entitled, incompetent, vapid woman of whatever age or description. They’re the must-have accessory for Plastic Princesses. It’s like when you see a man getting out of a BMW convertible, wearing a polo short and deck shoes, with a BlueTooth earpiece. The cockometer pegs and turns red.

* Trump paraphanalia.

* Immaturity, affected idiocy, or both.

* Lip filler.

* Any mention of DoTerra or other MLMs. Straight into the “Yeet” que.

* Poor treatment of waiters/waitresses, or bad tipper.

* Jesus fish or religious bumper stickers aren’t an instant rejection, but they definitely raise the threat awareness. No issue with Christian ladies, but I expect a person who professes themselves to be a Christian to follow the direct instructions of Christ and not go around announcing it to the world.

* Putinskas go straight to the “…out of a cannon. Into the sun.” que.

#10 I would reject a woman who smokes and was not up front about it before we met.

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#11 Probably a woman who thinks she’s entitled to a relationship because she’s “changed” – it’s always a red flag when people say stuff like that. .

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#12 Damn everyone got crazy things here. Anyway I’d reject a girl if we simply don’t vibe.

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#13 She eats her peas one at a time.

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#14 I was once on a date, where the woman openly judged every little f*****g thing I did. Even though I apparently ”did well” and she seemed decent and had an interesting life, I never called/texted her again.

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#15 When she doesn’t get my humour.

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#16 If she can’t give, or receive, love.

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#17 For me it’s working together, studying together or they’re one of my friends eyes. 3 times I’ve turned down casual sex was 3 different girls who had not long before broken up with someone I was friends with. Can’t do that to a homie.

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#18 Honestly, as a guy, looks have very little to do with a girl I’m interested in. Yes I have my ‘type’ of girl I find physically attractive but I connect with people through conversation. Not even having similar interests or whatever but if I feel that ‘click’ when I start to talking to someone that’s what matters to me. I don’t look at a girl think ‘yeah I’ll go talk to her’, it’s more the organic ‘just start chatting’ thing that gets me interested in someone. Hope that helps ?.

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#19 Don’t matter if you’re a 10, bad hygiene is a -100.

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#20 Attitude, arrogance (not to be confused with confidence) , personality. Looks come down the list for me. But if I ain’t attracted to you I’m not attracted and if you suddenly change everything about you. My thoughts is that’s not the real you.

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