25 Men Admit What ‘Icks’ About Women Drive Them Away

Published 4 months ago

If you’ve ever delved into dating discussions online, you’ve probably encountered the concepts of “ick” and “red flags.” Essentially, these are things that people find off-putting and strive to steer clear of when dating. It spans from individual preferences to behaviours that are universally undesirable. Recently, someone posed the question, “Men/boys, what are your biggest turn-offs or ‘icks’ in women/girls?” and males shared their perspectives.

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#1 Absurd caterpillar eyelashes. Absurdly gross long finger nails.

Image source: CleaveIshallnot, bd2xfq / Reddit

#2 I am a simple man, but botox lips is an instant turn of.

Image source: Shappe, 16vvene / Reddit

#3 When their dating profile is a list of qualities they want in a man, but doesn’t say anything about what they’re like or what they bring to a relationship.

Image source: LookOutForThatMoose, Yogas Design / Unsplash

#4 Demanding emotional vulnerability and using it as a weapon after the guy’s opened up. One of the worst betrayals someone can pull on a man, and if I’m talking to a woman who casually mentions a previous bf/lover and talks s**t about his vulnerabilities behind his back in conversation? I’m out, you can handle the check.

Image source: ethman14, RDNE Stock project / Pexels

#5 Inability to admit to and apologize for doing rude or s****y things.

For example:

“Hey, did you eat the food I made before bed? That was my breakfast. I told you I didn’t have time to cook anything before work, now I’m gonna be late.”

“What makes you think that I ate it? Why are you assuming it was me?!?”

“We’re the only two people living here, and you asked me about it before I went to sleep.”

“Maybe you ate it and forgot!”

“No, I didn’t drink last night. We had no guests over. I passed out right after putting it away, and now it’s gone. I’m less upset about you eating it than I am that you’re not being honest.”


I’ve been in this type of scenario more times than I can recall. Just admit what you did and apologize, I’ll forget about it in an hour. Freaking out instead of being honest just leads me to eventually breaking off the relationship.

Image source: GOOD_EVENING_SIR

#6 I recently visited Santorini. One evening, I had dinner at a place overlooking a very popular spot with an amazing view of the island and the water. I lost count of how many Insta girls dragged their dead-eyed boyfriends there and proceeded to cycle through two dozen look-at-me poses while whining photo instructions. Treating people in your life like props or unpaid crew just so you can appear glamorous on social media is a major ick.

Image source: BoomHeadcheese, InstagramInTheWild / Reddit

#7 Racism. Had a girl call a group of black kids the nword because they very slightly delayed us. Like literally they were just walking across the crosswalk. Never went from 100% to 0 that fast. She was so confused why I didn’t want to stay the night with her.

Image source: Ds0990, Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

#8 When they always portray themselves as the victim and take zero responsibility.

Image source: mrtzjam, Polina Zimmerman / Pexels

#9 If she’s hardcore religious or even remotely religious for that matter. I don’t want a woman who’s going to expect me to be some godly, spiritual leader of the house or relationship….

Image source: kgaviation

#10 If they never initiate. I don’t mean sex. I mean if the only time we talk or get together is if *I* make the first move. I get enough of that with my friends, and I hate feeling like I gotta micromanage my relationships because I’ll just be left behind again if I let someone else take the lead.

Image source: Space__Ninja, Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

#11 Treating people like servers, bartenders or cashiers like complete garbage is a huge red flag and it shows what type of person they really are.

Image source: Spindlebrook, cottonbro studio / Pexels

#12 When every other word that comes out of her mouth is “like”. Drives me crazy.

Image source: DiscombobulatedDome

#13 Baby voice outside of talking to a baby or animal.

Image source: WeirdFishes92, Caio Renato de Campos / Pexels

#14 Based solely on my experience? Believes in astrology. Has untreated borderline personality disorder. Stays friends with people who have hurt them. Lack of social awareness.

Image source: PossiblyWorking33, Mikhail Nilov / Pexels

#15 Tries to force beliefs, diets, etc onto others – i don’t give a damn what you believe in, what you will or won’t eat, whatever, but if you try to convince, guilt trip, etc your beliefs/systems onto me, or another person, i don’t trust that you’re a very good person.

Image source: uytulup, RDNE Stock project / Pexels

#16 My big three: Materialism. Sincere belief in Astrology. Kardashian worship.

Image source: keepredditliterate, Andrea Piacquadio / Pexels

#17 Phone addiction.

Image source: anon, Pixabay / Pexels

Phone addiction which too often is just social media addiction. The worse of this addiction results in “phubbing.”

If she’s already on the phone all the time with insta/texts/messages, you already feel like you’re never alone with her. Your time together is always shared. If on top of that she’s on the phone for social reasons when you are specifically trying to spend time together … rude, lack of respect, and a clear sign whatever is on that phone is more important than you are. Most women wouldn’t tolerate it, men should not either.

#18 Caring more about their appearance on social media than their real life.

Image source: ryanbro376, Tofros.com / Pexels

#19 Only has guy “friends”. Claims other women are “too much drama”. Coincidentally is always involved in drama and loves gossip. Always talks about “haters” and “fans”. Social media bio: “Keep lurking sis ??✨?”.

Image source: OkAnything4877, Brett Sayles / Pexels

#20 The silent treatment. It’s passive aggressive, manipulative, whack b******t.

Image source: Additional-Stay-4355, KoolShooters / Pexels

#21 When they say s**t like “if he’s under 6 foot or makes less than 100k a year I’m not interested.” Ironically I am 6’2 and make over that, it’s not about feeling secure it’s just about being annoyed by idiocy.

Image source: homorob0tic, Priscilla Du Preez ?? / Pexels

#22 I hate this trend where women are getting work done surgery/botox/filler to try an achieve that ig/tiktok influencer look. IT LOOKS SO FAKE AND UNNATURAL. Not to mention everyone just look f****n homogenous so no one stands out with whatever unique beauty they might’ve had.

Image source: redditaccount300000, cottonbro studio / Pexels

#23 I’m a lesbian, so I hope I can wage in here…. Obsession of TikTok and Taylor Swift. Like I like Taylor, but paying thousand of euros for tickets and acting like a psycho when someone say anything bad…no…also that TikTok gf behavior, ex.expecting people to treat her like a queen, without her doing anything to deserve that. Look I treat my gfs like queens, but they don’t act entitled to it, they also deserve it.

Image source: satans-ballsacks, cottonbro studio / pexels

#24 Excessive vocal fry. Sounding like a Kardashian/Jenner is the opposite of attractive.

Image source: LeeroyTC, Monstera Production / Pexels

#25 When a woman doesn’t hold herself to the same standard that she holds her man. Not to say that the roles and responsibilities of each party need to be exactly the same in any given relationship, but it’s the worst when a woman acts a certain way/has a certain attitude but gets upset when the man acts that way as well.

Image source: wesagod, RDNE Stock project / Pexels

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