30 Non-Sexual Womanly Traits That Men Find Attractive

Published 10 months ago

While men have always been touted as being visual creatures when it comes to being attracted to women, is that still the case in a world overexposed, overstimulated and rife with sensory overload?

One Redditor sparked an interesting conversation online when they asked men what women’s qualities that are non-sexual in any way would they consider attractive. The responses, as you can see below, are rather telling as to have times have changed. So scroll below to update yourself on the surprisingly genuine and sweet things modern men claim to find most attractive about women.

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#1 If they love to read, as it’s something that’s deeply attractive since very few people I know are avid readers. That and a good sense of humor, especially dark humor :D

Image source: Shrekammend, Andrey

polar bear panda: oh my god, are you my long lost twin or something??

#2 My lady will drop new vocab words on me sometimes and I swoon.

Image source: ChoppyChug, Meri Verbina

Sara Wilson: My ex husband did like my larger vocabulary. He’s a math brain and I devour books like crazy, so I’m a word person

#3 Cute aberrations, like imperfect teeth or messy hair.

Image source: giftofplague, ElizabethHudy

Luke Branwen: In the era of perfect Instagram beauty, imperfections are divine.

#4 Liking Geek/Nerd stuff. I’m telling ya ladies if you’re wondering where the good men are, consider dating a geek

Image source: wolfenx109, Magnus D

#5 Being funny. I met a woman recently who did different voices to describe an interaction she’d had. It was so charming and entertaining.

Image source: Roy4Pris, Elle Hughes

FakeOptimist:Totally ! And apart from it being nice to be around, a sense of humor is also a sign of intelligence and being able how to interact with people.

#6 Freckles.

Image source: Private-Dick-Tective, Chermiti Mohamed

#7 If they have a similar sense of humor to mine and get my jokes and can make funny jokes themselves. Able to laugh at themselves and not take themselves too seriously. I swoon every time. That s***s more important than looks. Looks fade, personality lasts forever.

Image source: Nolan-, Helena Lopes

#8 Quick wit. If she can drop a smart/funny comment in the middle of a conversation, I am in love.

Image source: Bioslack, Katerina Holmes

Lil Miss Hobbit: A little sass, really

#9 Passion and expertise in her hobby of choice. Geeking out is super cute.

Image source: JADW27, Johan Larsson

#10 A capable woman who does what she does well.

Image source: fishead62, Andrea Piacquadio

#11 Not sexual, but still physical: an emotive face. Nose scrunch. Active eyebrows. Playful smirk.

Image source: TMLTurby, Vitalii Odobescu

#12 Their ear, tucking their hair behind them. I’m not sure why. Simply… HHHNNNGGGGH

Image source: GuiltccCap279, Евгения Карпова

#13 Deliberately dancing badly when a bad song is being played. Almost any woman can dance well or dance sexily but to openly clown around like that is far more attractive. That’s what actually attracted me to my wife. I later found out she wasn’t trying to be funny, she was just really bad at dancing.

Image source: kitjen, Gareth Williams

#14 Intelligence and charisma. Having a good talk with a woman has always been a huge turn on for me. I never understood clubbing hookups, doesn’t give me anything, drunk people are a mess…

Image source: SignalSelection3310, cottonbro studio

Zophra: But I swear… I get smarter and smarter when I drink. /s

#15 I’ll need to see a Spotify playlist thanks.

Image source: StteveaX, Johan Larsson

InfiniteZeek: I don’t like to judge people on their tastes in the arts. That is a personal thing that no one should be judged for or made to feel bad.

#16 Actually caring about me.

Image source: Novel_Walrus_2207, Vinoth Chandar

Zophra: Toe-tally cute picture!

#17 If she’s an Intelligent conversationalist. Able to talk about a myriad of topics from anthropology to digital systems integration, and everything in between. Opinionated but not argumentative.
I want to be around you.

Image source: StanYelnats3, Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas

#18 Driving manual transmission

Image source: RepresentativeShop11, Nenad Stojkovic

LakotaWolf (she/her): (edited)

My dad taught me to drive automatic AND manual. He also taught me how to do basic car maintenance and repairs (heck, I can even replace disc brakes). I’ll never forget when I was 14-15ish and I was hanging out with my best friend; his aunt drove us to a mall to hang out while she shopped (it was the 90s, okay?!) and then drove us back… and when we got to my house I told her to pop the hood of her van because I could hear something was wrong. I checked a few things and then I realized the sounds had been her timing belt getting close to breaking. The “O_O” look my male friend gave me when I knew what to do around a car and he didn’t… XD we still had some outdated gender ideals back then. I wanted to be a mechanic when I grew up… my dad told me it maybe wasn’t a good idea since people might not “trust” a female mechanic to know what she was doing :( My dad meant well, but I still wish I’d pursued it anyway.

#19 Her being an animal person. I’ve had multiple pets my whole life so it’s pretty much a requirement for me to be in a relationship with someone. Also if she’s the type of person that doesn’t play mind games and is direct about how she feels.

Image source: anotheranonaccount5, Anastasia Pavlenko

#20 Hugs

Image source: R0gue_Academic, Bradford Fults

Sandra Morison: TA really genuine hug, this is what my got my partner a 2nd date

#21 Being a good person. I was really into this girl who seemed kind and generous, she did some fundraisers for disadvantaged people and stuff like that which made her seem like she would be a really good partner. But then Australia had a referendum on whether or not gay people should be allowed to get married, and she said she was going to vote no because they were unnatural. Immediate turn off.

Image source: PositiveViibesOnly, RDNE Stock project

#22 I like a woman’s mind, her personality. Being transgressive and creative is very appealing. Being comfortable in who she is. A woman who can just throw on some old clothes and go on an unscripted adventure.

Image source: WalrusCello, Leah Kelley

#23 Clear idea of what she wants out of life beyond a relationship.

Image source: zaccus, Christina Morillo

#24 Glasses

Image source: K0vurt_Purvurt, Julia Volk

Nice Beast Ludo: Wow!! That makes me happy. I feel so uggo in my glasses

#25 Humour, geekiness, mischief, artistic ability, storytelling ability. That’s how I knew my wife was the one.

Image source: alltherobots, Vee

Luke Branwen: YES. I’m a writer myself and geeky, artistic girl would be a DREAM.

#26 Apparently , my bf was blown away that I cook. He is used to dating party girls. Skinny, really pretty, club-scene girls that like to do some molly & coke on the weekends and go wild. Me? Im a single mom and im coming out of a 10 year marriage. No idea wtf he sees in me.

Image source: FknDesmadreALV, Kit Edblom

#27 The ability to enjoy themselves. Not always needing something to complain about. Actually happy.

Image source: IslandBoyardee, Hernán Piñera

Brenda: I was once told that I was “too happy” all the time. Seriously? You’d think that was a good thing!

#28 The way she looks at you. Eyes are my weakness.

Image source: OnlyPenguin, Irina Varanovich

#29 Smiles. It was how my wife smiled that made me take interest in her. For most guys, nothing is more attractive than a woman who smiles or laughs with them.

Image source: GreenSalsa96, Kriss L

Pheebs: My hubs told me this was how he became interested. I got called in to an unexpected meeting with him and some higher ups at the company we worked for. Most people who worked there were miserable due to constant threats of being fired, so he was surprised I walked in with a smile. Me, I learned early on in life that starting most interactions with a smile will put you on better footing, so I always try to smile even when I hated my job. Unless the situation called for being firm and serious.

#30 No makeup and flat shoes

Image source: Mountain_Bud, flickr./com/photos/amanda_munoz

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