People Share 30 Flexes That Are Not As Cool As Some Think

Published 1 month ago

While some actions may genuinely impress us, many others fall short of true significance. Nonetheless, that doesn’t deter some individuals from boasting about them. Whether it’s boasting about the minimal hours of sleep they got or the number of social media followers they’ve amassed, these so-called “achievements” might not be as impressive as they perceive.

Members of the ‘Ask Reddit‘ community recently engaged in a conversation sparked by user ‘LeatherFruitPF.’ They inquired about things people brag about that aren’t as impressive as they think. The responses flooded in, revealing a variety of examples. Take a look below to see what these Redditors believe is simply not worth bragging about.

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#1 Being proud about being uneducated. Bragging about having never read a book. “Went to the school of hard knocks” type of s**t annoys me. I have no problem with someone who isn’t educated. But if you’re flexing about it, you’re a moron.

Image source: Alarming-Complaint47, Wallace Chuck/pexels

#2 Not just having a big or expensive car, but a loud one. Nobody is impressed.

Image source: ArmchairCritic1, Khunkorn Laowisit/pexels

#3 Being disrespectful to the disabled or weird kids as a joke.

Image source: BatDamon1

#4 Boasting about how much something they’re wearing costs even though you know they can’t afford it.

Image source: Niamhmrn, EVG Kowalievska/pexels

#5 Perfect attendance in school. As an adult, as I’ve noticed kids with stuff like health issues, family issues, etc. where they have no choice but to miss school, I’ve come to realize that perfect attendance isn’t a flex. It’s just having luck in life circumstances.

Image source: buckyhermit

#6 Calling themselves “entrepreneurs.” Dude, I know you’re in an MLM.

Image source: DizzyLead, Vlada Karpovich/pexels

#7 Being proud about being “brutally honest” when they’re just rude.

Image source: AdventurousCoach6654, Liza Summer/pexels

#8 The ceo of the company I work for was just featured on the cover of a magazine talking about how great their company culture is.

Image source: notgraceful11199, Dinielle De Veyra/pexels

One of his points was how the company set up a program to annually nominate a coworker who can’t afford Christmas where their other employees donate to them. He used this to brag about our amazing culture

To me this reads as, we pay our employee so poorly that on an yearly basis we have so many employees who can’t afford Christmas we have to nominate who needs help the most and then we guilt trip our other grossly underpaid employees to compensate for it.

So basically any company that brags about culture due to their employees helping out other employees when it comes to financial stresses most likely cause by poor pay. I would say “donating” PTO falls into this category as well.

#9 Literally anything you have to try flexing. The most genuinely impressive things by nature do not require you to rub them in peoples faces.

Image source: Dune1008, Vanessa Garcia/pexels

#10 “I’m a nice person unless you p**s me off. Then I go crazy” or something similar. If you’re only nice when you’re calm, you’re not nice.

Image source: Big-Crow4152, Anastasiya Gepp/pexels

#11 Number of followers you have on social media.

Image source: GeddesPrime, Pixabay/pexels

#12 How much of a drinker they are.

Image source: ThatOneNinja, ELEVATE/pexels

#13 Declaring yourself an alpha male. I guess that means something in your little subculture, but to the rest of us, that’s just head-scratchingly silly.

Image source: TrooperJohn, emre keshavarz/pexels

#14 Working yourself to the point of having absolutely no time for yourself. Work ethic is good, strong work ethic is great. Living to work is not great.

Image source: hurricane1985, Andrea Piacquadio/pexels

#15 Anything you had zero choice in. Your sex, skin color, nationality, sexual orientation.

Image source: Rajili

#16 All their ex’s are crazy.

Image source: gizmob27, RDNE Stock project/pexels

#17 Bagging a cheater. If he cheated *with* you, he will cheat *on* you!

Image source: Mobabyhomeslice

#18 Your lack of sleep. You’re doing significant damage to your brain and self.

Image source: Eli1026, Valeria Ushakova/pexels

#19 Men bragging that they’ve never changed one of their kids’ diapers in their lifetime. Basically you’ve just outed yourself as a s****y, uninvolved parent and a s****y partner.

Image source: AdSouth5657, Karolina Grabowska/pexels

#20 Westerners moving to Dubai and flaunting their new lavish lifestyle. You’re basically validating the use of slaves to build that dystopic s**thole.

Image source: barry3428

#21 Bragging about not wearing sunscreen. Enjoy your premature aging and wrinkles, dumb**s!

Image source: truthhurts2222222, Andrea Piacquadio/pexels

#22 Fighting in bars. Honestly, being the type to square up with anyone over anything that you could just as easily walk away from.

Image source: ronerychiver, Crypto Crow/pexels

#23 Showing up to work or class when you’re deathly ill.

Image source: Voyager5555, Edward Jenner/pexels

#24 Having an expensive, usually large designer/ purebred dog, or a wolf hybrid. But especially having a husky.

Image source: AdultDisappointment, ROMAN ODINTSOV/pexels

All it shows me is the 90% chance you didn’t do the research OR, that you gaslit yourself into thinking you’d seriously go running that much.


The neighbor that catches several f*****g bored, escaped huskies per year in my suburb.

A husky is a WORKING dog that, in its ideal life, would be RUNNING 50-100 miles a day *while* pulling heavy cargo– and if you don’t find a way to simulate that, well. This is a dog that is going to *find* a way to simulate that. Usually by eating your house, and or yeeting itself over your adorable little fence and chasing everything that moves.

I love dogs, but I hate most husky owners.

#25 Being an influencer.

Image source: 2Payneweaver

#26 Not taking Sick days.

Image source: Emergency-Village191, Edward Jenner/pexels

#27 Not doing something. Like not watching a popular show, not drinking coffee, etc etc. the amount of people who say these things as if they want a f*****g medal for it is astounding.

Image source: tellevee, Roman Israel Terron Flores/pexels

#28 “I tell it like it is.” No you’re just a b***h.

Image source: RobotStorytime

#29 Driving around in a $50,000 new car while not being able to cover a $1000 emergency.

Image source: Stellers90, cottonbro studio/pexels

#30 Being a nihilist who complains about how meaningless life is and how awful all human beings are, and how the world will be so much better when we all die.

Image source: anon, Keira Burton/pexels

Newsflash to every redditor: It doesn’t make you smarter or more enlightened than everyone else. It’s just sad behavior tbh.

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