This Online Group Highlights Worst Salon Appointments (30 Pics)

Published 8 months ago

Beauty salons are places where people go to pamper themselves, enhance their appearance, and feel rejuvenated. A good salon experience can leave customers feeling satisfied and confident, but unfortunately, not all salon visits end on a positive note.

So, buckle up, folks! We’ve got a wild ride ahead as we dive into the hilarious and hair-raising tales of those people who left beauty salons feeling like they were bamboozled by beauty blunders! From wacky haircuts to nail-nightmares, get ready for some laughs, gasps, and maybe even a few “what were they thinking?” moments.

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#1 Recovery After A Haircut From A Family Member Who Claimed They Used To Be A Hairdresser

Image source:

Turns out she was a hairdresser’s assistant for a year in the 1980s.

#2 Paid $63 For This

Image source: 0ne_eyed_witch

Asked for layers (like a butterfly cut) and curtain bangs… I think she hated me.

#3 My $85 “Layered” Haircut. The Hairdresser Curled It At The Salon, So I Didn’t Notice Till I Straightened It Out

Image source: anaxp

#4 I Really Don’t Know What To Say About The Brows

Image source: apefrivola

#5 Give Me The Diamond

Image source: Mattho

#6 My Hairdresser Screwed Me Up So Bad And Cut Off Half My Hair, Help (For Reference, The First Picture Is What I Asked For)

Image source: billiennnn

#7 What I Asked For vs. What I Got

Image source: trixieroyale

#8 Asked For This… Got This Instead

Image source: Psychological-Task16

#9 Hairstylist Told Me Layers Are Supposed To Look This Way… Am I Crazy For Thinking This Looks Weird/Bad?

Image source: Sensitive_Many_1061

I asked for a haircut I didn’t have to use heat on or style with products and she cut off a ton of hair and left me with this.

#10 “That’s Not Where My Part Is,” I Said. “I Don’t Want Layers,” I Said. “Don’t Cut It Wet,” I Said. No, He Did Not Get Paid. Nor Was He My Usual Stylist

Image source: LordMeme42

#11 The Cut I Requested And The Monstrosity I Was Given

Image source: PlaidChairStyle

#12 I Asked For Long Layers. Please Help

Image source: Eirajea

#13 What I Asked For vs. What I Got

Image source: LemonberryTea

#14 Should I Ask For A Refund A Week Later?

Image source:

#15 How Can I Be More Clear With A Stylist? This Is What I Asked For vs. What I Got

Image source: Heather_Bea

#16 Lady Asked For The Left Pic And Ended Up With The Right Image

Image source: AsianVixen4U

#17 Was I Wrong To Leave A 1-Star Review For This Hair Dye Job? $140 And They Told Me It Was “Impossible” To Get The Dye Off My Neck, Forehead, And Ears

Image source: SpringtimeMoonlight

Without even trying and it would come off “eventually”. I have a major event in a few days and I am busy scrubbing my head raw tonight.

#18 My Girlfriend Asked For A Balayage Ombré With The Color Of The First Photo. This Is What She Received

Image source: Smidgerening

They then denied her a refund and later pressured her to change her online review in person.

#19 Stop With This Yellow. She And All Her Commenters Are Justifying This And Saying It’s Because Of Her ‘Tan’. Tan Or Not, This Isn’t Her Shade

Image source: bestofthe_worst

#20 I Just Got These Done Yesterday And The Strokes Look So Long And Straight

Image source:

#21 She Has To Cut It Now Because It Ruined The Hair Itself So Bad

Image source: Balawesome

#22 My Family And I Had Pictures This Day, So I Went To This Makeup Artist And Couldn’t Do Anything But Laugh Because Clearly, She Had Me Messed Up

Image source: seaira.austin.9

#23 The Left Is The Group Of Reference Pics. Right Is What I Got. The Bottom Right Is When I Went To A New Salon A Few Months Later

Image source: DuOroEldrvarya

#24 I Got My Nails Done… I Asked For This But Received This Thing

Image source: Karmas-Possession

#25 My First Hair Salon Trip In Two Years Went Horribly. What I Asked For And What I Got

Image source: nicole-wydler

#26 So This Nail Tech Does My Friend’s Nails, And Her Nails Are Always Beautiful, So I Went To The Same Lady. But, God, Do They Look Horrible

Image source: _babypink_

#27 What I Asked For vs. What I Got

Image source: itsbrianaregina

#28 A Hairdresser Approached Me At The Bar And Said She Could Cut My Pixie Better Than It Was. I Went To Her. She Gave Me A Bowl Cut. Before On The Left, Bowl Cut On The Right

Image source: jumpycan

#29 I Got Married At A Luxury Resort During Covid Times, And This Is The Look The Not-Cheap Makeup Artist Tried On The Maid Of Honor

Image source: Awesomocity0

#30 Haircut Expectation vs. Reality. Paid $35 (Was Going To Get It Permed But Almost Nobody Does Perms In Our Area)

Image source: seattleandfrank

Stylist also burned my head with the hairdryer and it hurt for several hours.

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