40 Times Kids Amused Everyone With Their Sense Of Humour

Published 3 weeks ago

A household with kids is filled with laughter, not just from their contagious giggles. Their innocent yet surprising humour can transform everyday moments into cherished family memories that will last a lifetime.

Below we’ve gathered a curated collection of the finest kids’ jokes sourced from the depths of the internet! From clever wordplay to whimsical anecdotes, these jokes are sure to tickle your funny bone and leave you grinning from ear to ear. Whether you’re a kid at heart or sharing a moment with the little ones in your life, get ready for giggles galore as you explore these hilarious gems that never fail to bring joy to both young and old alike.

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#1 Kids Are Getting Too Smart

Image source: nyambareMPH

#2 I Broke My Arm Playing Hockey Yesterday, And My 6-Year-Old Brother Gave Me This Button. He’s Too Funny, I Love Him

Image source: 1337Scott

#3 The Joys Of Photocopying

Image source: jgriffingraham

#4 My Little Sister Knocked On My Door. I Came Out To This

Image source: RexFry2005

#5 My 10-Year-Old Made This And Sent It To Me

Image source: Infradad

#6 He Wanted To Be A Mannequin

Image source: Niyi_M

#7 Local Farm Let The Kids Vote On The Name Of A Goat. 10/10

Image source: Amaquis

#8 Innocent April Fools’ Prank

Image source: Sir_Trea

#9 My Daughter Roasted Me For Father’s Day. I Couldn’t Be More Proud

Image source: magnus_ubergasm

#10 Couldn’t Figure Out Why I Couldn’t Put My Shoes On. My 6-Year-Old Pulled A Great Prank

Image source: GavinWakeUpCall

#11 Nailed It

Image source: GrahamKritzer

#12 My Brother Cleaned And Organized Our Bathroom While I Was Away Last Week. Last Night I Accidentally Left Some Things Out, So He Set This Little Scene Up With His Legos

Image source: Literally_Jaden

#13 This Is How My Kid Asks To Watch Cartoons In The Morning

Image source: andyhappy

#14 My Daughter Told Me We Only Had A Little Milk Left In The Fridge

Image source: iLiveInyourTrees

#15 My Brother Loves To Add Things To My Mom’s Shopping List

Image source: jessicaeileen10

#16 My Girlfriend’s Nephew Playing Hide And Seek. He’s A Tree

Image source: Satchmocoltrane

#17 First Time Seeing A Leak This Serious

Image source: gemelket

#18 My Little Sister Bought Accessories For Her Cat. This Is The Result

Image source: mamabird_2

#19 My Wife Let Our 8-Year-Old Choose His Own Shower Curtain Today

Image source: SkipTracePro

#20 Now, That The Streets Are Safer To Drive On, My Son Is Trying To Cause Accidents In Front Of My House

Image source: pauldraws

#21 My 12-Year-Old’s Sense Of Humor

Image source: Cafen8ed

#22 Dad Showed Me This Card He Got From My Very Modest Little Brother For Father’s Day

Image source: lolliepopp99

The card says:
No matter what life throws at you.
At least you don’t have ugly children”

#23 I Texted My 8-Year-Old Asking How Homework Was Going, Got This Reply

Image source: n0rpie

#24 My 10-Year-Old Son Likes To Tell Siri To Change My Nickname, This Is His Latest

Image source: Ziu

#25 Passed This Sign And My 10-Year-Old Daughter Said “Looks Like Someone Drove Over The Speed Limit”

Image source: tryckstyr

#26 Last Year My 3-Year-Old Daughter Convinced Her Camp Counselors That It Was Her Birthday. She Got Cake And They Treated Her Like A Princess All Day. Her Birthday Was 4 Months Away. We only found out about it when we found this photo in her backpack weeks later.

Image source: Bootray181

#27 Captain Ravioli Reporting For Duty

Image source: samlymatters

#28 This Is Too Funny

Image source: sweetmomissa

#29 Completely Unprompted, My Son Cut A Paper Spider Out And Taped It Inside My Wife’s Lampshade. I’ve Never Been More Proud

Image source: ForTheWinMag

#30 Mr. Fart In The House

Image source: rynprry

#31 My Son Doing What The Sign Says

Image source: jediclaire

#32 My Husband Hates It When There Are Small Quantities Of Leftovers In The Fridge, So My Son Pranked Him For April Fools’ Day By Filling 22 Containers With One Strand Of Spaghetti Each

Image source: nonnahinnor

#33 I Had Forgotten Netflix Used To Mail DVDs

Image source: zimmer_donald

#34 My Daughter: “Dad, It Looks Like A Giant Piece Of Pizza. I’ll Be The Round Pepperoni”

Image source: narlycharley

#35 Chaotic Evil

Image source: alinehp2

#36 My Kids Came In And Told Me There Was Water Coming From The Laundry Room And It Looked Like It Started At The Washer. I Rushed In To Find This. Bunch Of Comedians In My House

Image source: narcolepsyinc

#37 “Quack Quack” Courtesy Of My 7-Year-Old Daughter, Who Thought This Was Hilarious

Image source: ground_truth

#38 Kids Are The Best

Image source: LissyLawHuds

#39 Funny Guy

Image source: taylorsschumann

#40 Playing The Family Version Of Cards Against Humanity When My 11-Year-Old Played This

Image source: Chowderhead1

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