10+ Times Pets Were Total Jerks, But It Made Us Laugh Anyway

Published 7 years ago

While pets are probably the best thing to ever happen on this planet, from time to time they do act a little bit like jerks… Well ok, sometimes ‘total jerks’ would describe them better.

Bored Panda has asked users to submit photos of their pets acting like total assholes, and surprisingly (maybe not for the owners), the list got pretty lengthy, covering all kinds of pets in all kinds of situations.

Do any of these look familiar to you? Then use the comments section to share the stories of your pets caught red-handed acting like complete jerks!

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#1 Are You Missing Underwear?

Image source: benji

#2 15th Century Cat Leaves Paw Prints On Owner’s Manuscript

Image source: Emir O. Filipovic

#3 My Dog Drowning Me For My Raft

Image source: GregEnsom

#4 She Looked Guilty For A Split Second, Then Continued With Her Rampage

Image source: baabaaredsheep

#5 One Of These Shapes Is Not Like The Other. One Of These Shapes Does Not Belong

Image source: Electric_Evil

#6 I Have A Longhair Cat Who Covers His Hairballs With Whatever He Can Find. This Morning, I Woke Up To This

Image source: llama422

#7 Glad You Found Them Comfy

Image source: Elluztale

#8 I’m Coughing So Hard I’m Breaking A Sweat And It’s Like A Million Degrees In My House And This One Won’t Stop Unplugging The Fan

Image source: Thantoay

#9 Was Woken Up By My Parrot Saying “Help Me Help Me” Which Is What He’s Says When He Gets His Foot Tangled In His Toy, Wasn’t Expecting This

Image source: Detective51

#10 Cat Pushes Brother Into Pool

Image source: unknown


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