Girls & Their Demons: Artist Explores Female Sexuality In Her Honest NSFW Illustrations

Published 7 years ago

Female sexuality is not the easiest thing to depict in illustration but Polly Nor does a great job doing that. This London-based artist chose a bold and daring style to express her thoughts on modern ladies and their sexuality by drawing girls and their demons in various situations. She uses bright colors and “flat” style to create a cartoonish feel, but her sometimes dark and unsettling themes prove that these works are not for the faint of heart.

Fittingly for a 21st-century artist, she gets many of her ideas from funny texts, angry tweets, memes, and selfies. Her inspiration? “Frustration, anxiety and sadness,” – says the illustrator. It’s no wonder that the internet fell in love with her darkly humorous and open drawings.

More info: instagram | (h/t)

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