20 Intimate And Beautiful Photos That Won 2022 Birth Photography Contest

Published 1 year ago

The birth of a child is a miracle that cannot be easily forgotten by those who witness it. However, documenting this miracle through pictures makes it memorable forever.

The site of birth is not all rainbows and roses – it’s a messy, chaotic, anxious, painful, hopeful, and joyous blend of experiences. The International Association of Professional Birth Photographers organize an annual competition for photographers who make these raw experiences come alive through their photography. Check out this year’s winners in the gallery below. And if you want to see the winners of previous years, hop on to this article here.

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#1 Best In Delivery: Black & White: “The Expected Meeting”, Karoline Saadi, Brazil

Image source: Karoline Saadi

#2 Best In Delivery: Fine Art: “Brace For Birth”, Laura Brink, Australia

Image source: Laura Brink

#3 Best In Birth Details: “Waking Up At Sunrise”, Paula Beltrao, Brazil

Image source: Paul Beltrao

#4 Best In Delivery: “Life Beneath The Surface”, Mary Beliz , United States

Image source: Mary Beliz

#5 Best In Labor: Black & White: “The Loyal Birth Attendant”, Laura Brink, Australia

Image source: Laura Brink

#6 Honorable Mention: “Chaos And Calm”, Stefany Pontes, Brazil

Image source: Stefany Pontes

#7 Best In Labor: “Safe Space”, Jessica Innemee, Netherlands

Image source: Jessica Innemee

#8 Best Overall: First Place: “Crossing The Veil”, Annemarie Fuckel, Germany

Image source: Annemarie Fuckel

#9 Honorable Mention: “Holding Hands”, Ash Blythe, United States

Image source: Ash Blythe

#10 Best In Delivery: Documentary: “Hello, I Have Arrived”, Jessica Miles , United States

Image source: Jessica Miles

#11 Honorable Mention: “Liminal Space”, Megan Angstadt-Williams, United States

Image source: Megan Angstadt-Williams

#12 Members’ Choice: Best In Delivery: “First Touch”, Settia Tin, Holland

Image source: Settia Tin

#13 Best In Postpartum: Documentary: “Bed 32”, Dania Lauren, Australia

Image source: Dania Lauren

#14 Honorable Mention: “Cry Of Love”, Anne Lucy, Brazil

Image source: Anne Lucy

#15 Best In Postpartum: Fine Art: “The Sovereign Family Tree”, Laura Brink , Australia

Image source: Laura Brink

#16 Honorable Mention: “My First Seconds Here”, Julia Santiago, Brazil

Image source: Julia Santiago

#17 Honorable Mention: “Bloodline”, Alannah Finn, United States

Image source: Alannah Finn

#18 Best In Labor: Documentary: “Drowning In Exhaustion”, Laura Brink, Australia

Image source: Laura Brink

#19 Honorable Mention: “Beautiful Beautiful Boy”, Tiarra Doherty, United States

Image source: Tiarra Doherty

#20 Honorable Mention: “I Stand In My Power”, Lawren Snapka, United States

Image source: Lawren Snapka

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