Hidden Meaning Of World’s Most Popular Brands’ Logo

Published 8 years ago

In our daily life, we uses different brands for our regular daily use. While using these brands we just glimpse the logo of that brand. Even we don’t know that you have been just glimpsed logo. Like early morning, we use different toothpaste brands and we know the logo of that using Brand. The closest thing of anyone’s life is cell phone and we always remember the logo of cell phone we are using and we have used. Even the bike or car we are using also have a logo of that brand. But, we have ever try to mean that logos. Some brands logo having hidden meaning. Some doesn’t have any mean. Now let’s see which brands having logo with hidden meaning.

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1. Amazon

Amazon Logo

At first sight, this logo does not appear much hide, but it includes little philosophy behind this logo. First that yellow arrow looks like a rustle or a smile, and that arrow connects letter “A” and “Z”, it means amazon have A to Z product.



The name “cisco”was derived from the name of city, San Francisco. This logo depict the two tower of the golden gate bridge.

3. Fed Ex

Fed Ex Logo

This is one of the very well known, popular and best logo with a hidden message. If you can see, there is an arrow which is formed by the E and X letters. These arrows indicate precision and speed.

4. Sony VAIO

Sony Vaio Logo

This is a very well-known brand for laptops. The name “VAIO” logo also had a hidden meaning. The first two letters signify the analogue signal, and the last two letters look likes a 1 and 0 which signify the digital signal.

5. Formula 1

Formula 1 Logo

At a first sight this logo does not make more sense, but if you look it closely you can see the number 1 in the negative space between the letter F and the red stripes. I like that how this logo communicates a feeling of speed.

6. NBC

NBC Logo

The national broadcasting company is one of the biggest television networks of America. You can see that there is a peacock in this logo. We all know that the peacock has six different feathers so it refers the six divisions when the logo was created. The head of peacock is flipped means it suggests that it is looking forward.

7. Baskin and Robbins

Baskin and Robbins Logo

This logo of Baskin Robbins had a 31 number; the number 31 suggests that Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors in ice-cream.

8. Toblerone

Toblerone Logo

This is the chocolate-company from Bern, Switzerland. The Bern is known as a “City Of Bears”. If you look closely to the logo you can see the silhouette of a bear.

9. Continental

Continental Logo

The logo is used for conveying to avoid tarnishing or misrepresenting the image. The size of the logo and resolution is sufficient to maintain the quality of the company. If you see closely the first two letters that is ‘C’ and ‘O’, you can see the tire in the between of both the letters.

10. Adidas

Adidas logo

The name of this Logo is derived from the founder of Adidas- Adolf Dassler. Adolf was known by his nick name Adi. And 1st three letters from Dassler. And it became ‘ADIDAS”. 3 Strips of Logo denotes Shoes Shape. It also denotes shape of the mountain which represents the challenges athletes’ faces.

These are the 10 most famous brand of different categories having logos of hidden meaning. From the inspiration of above brand’s logo we also create a logo of our blog Vyas Infotech. And it also denotes a hidden meaning. So just see below the logo of our blog and know the hidden meaning.

11. Vyas Infotech

Vyas Infotech Logo

Vyas Infotech is a well-known name for blogging. This is Finance and Technology Blog. We are also well-known for guest post service. The main part of our blog is to think on topic then create content and publish it. Now see our Logo. You can see the small orange circle above V denotes a face of a blogger. We also write contents so from the right shape of V denotes the Pen to write. And the rest fully written Vyas Infotech with tagline is just a simple text.

These is the hidden meaning of our logo. Now what are you thinking! After reading these hidden meanings of popular brands’ logo, we damn sure that your outlook to see the logo definitely changed.

Waiting for your positive responses via medium of comments and need suggestion of other brand’s logo and hidden meaning.

Hidden meaning of Popular Brand’s Logo

Hidden meaning of Popular Brand's Logo

Hidden meaning of Popular Brand’s Logo like AMazon, Fed Ex, Vaio, Cisco, etc.

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