30 Names That Make Us Wonder Did The Parents Hate The Kid

Published 7 months ago

A study conducted in 2019 found that one in seven parents regret the name they gave their child. While apparently parents were quite enamoured of their choice initially, they soon grew to realise it was a “terrible mistake”.

Recently, a Reddit thread on a similar topic initiated by PlsDontBanMe garnered over 4000 responses when they inquired from netizens, “What name screams ‘my parents don’t like me?” We’ve sifted through the responses on the thread to find some of the most interesting answers to share with you in the gallery below. 

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#1 Phelonie – that poor child.

Image source: thewharfartscenter_, Alexander Dummer

#2 Velveeta

Image source: TurbulentStep4399, Mike Mozart

#3 Gunner. Not Gunnar like the Scandinavian name, or Günther like the Germanic version, but Gunner like the English word for a person who is shooting at someone.

Image source: dixiedemocrat, cottonbro studio

#4 There was a girl in my high school named Chastity. She didn’t even know why it was ironic when she got pregnant at 16.

Image source: OwlCoffee, Kelly Sikkema

#5 Mune

Image source: debtopramenschultz, Skyler Ewing

#6 Met a girl called Constance Paine. Really had to wonder what her parents were thinking.

Image source: Tea-radactyl, Caleb Woods

#7 Abcde-supposedly pronounced Absidy. Some might remember that this made the news a few years back.

Image source: Harleye, Brett Jordan

#8 If their first name is the same as their last name. William Williams, Michael Michaels, Daniel Daniels, Glen Glenn, John Johnson, etc.

Image source: circusmonkeybrain, Polina Zimmerman

#9 Nevaeh

Image source: Alice-Rabbithole, Ketut Subiyanto

#10 Renesmee. Coworker’s granddaughter was named that.

Image source: Stay_Over_There

#11 XæA-12

Image source: stmfetty44, grimes

#12 I once met a little girl named Tilapia. I swear I’m not making this up.

Image source: manykeets, Codevasf

#13 I am the third of four boys My mother really wanted a girl and when she was pregnant with me she pinned all her hopes on me being a girl. This is before sonograms were common. When I came out a boy she named me Curt. Not Curtis or Kurt, Curt. Which means rude.

Image source: theColonelsc2, Anna Shvets

#14 Going with Chinese dialect of Hokkien here.. Someone named their child “Siew Kia” which isn’t a bad name or anything in the language/dialect.. but the family name was Yao (and in Chinese names, the family name comes first) This made the poor sod “Yao Siew Kia” which meant “baby beast” (or small animal not in a good way and is used as a derogatory term and swear word in Hokkien) Poor guy

Image source: bearyken, Monstera Production

#15 Used to know a kid in school named Richard Ryder (Rider?) Not sure how the last name was spelled

Image source: poweredbyford87, Leeloo Thefirst

#16 I had a neighbor with a little girl named Commodity. i dont think she disliked her kid, she was just really dumb.

Image source: quailfail666, Ben Mack

#17 Thurman Murman

Image source: Grief-Inc, Francesco Alberti

#18 Anything ending in -aiden, using an “X” in place of “cks” (Jaxon vs Jackson), intentional misspelling of names, forcing the kid into a life of correcting the pronunciation of a name that is easy to pronounce when spelled normally, and really just anything stupid that they named a kid because it’s “unique”.

Image source: Becky1111111

#19 Newt Gingrich.
Imagine having a baby, looking down into its precious face, and saying deadpan to the nurse, “Newt Gingrich. Put that on the birth certificate.”

Image source: Tough_Stomach815

#20 Mine. My first name has an “r” in it. Both of my patents needed speech therapy to say that letter. I COULDN’T SAY MY OWN F*****G NAME UNTIL F*****G HIGH SCHOOL!!! There’s a reason I use my middle name. I genuinely think it was spite because I was an oopsie baby. Bullied relentlessly for years, including by my first ex and a famous comedian’s nephew.

Image source: lizziewrites

#21 I know several. Used to work in a jail and we had a regular inmate whose first and middle names, legally, were Baby Boy. Spring Green (first name, last name) also came in frequently. My mom worked with a doctor…Doctor First…Doctor Safety First. But don’t worry, his parents didn’t just hate him – his sister was named Ladies.

Image source: Numerous-Mix-9775, Tima Miroshnichenko

#22 I knew three guys from school and their parents were a******s. parents had klan stuff up in their living room on display and everything. they gave all of their kids names that started with A, and middle names that started with S, so their full initials would be A.S.S. they thought it would be hilarious, and proudly commented on this often. needless to say i felt bad for those kids. who gives all three of their kids those initials, let alone one of them?

Image source: mondayeyess, Charlein Gracia

#23 “First Name” Junior never felt right with me. Feels narcissistic to name your child the same as yourself. It’s like he’s never gonna carve his own identity he’s always gonna be known as an extension-sequel of you

Image source: Unamericandav, Federico Giampieri

#20 My aunt swears that at the hospital a woman named her child A*****e pronounced A-sho-lee

Image source: vlad_inhaler


#25 Any name that’s written using their syllabic pronunciation. I know of a kid whose name is Kahydiynn. Like what the f**k?

Image source: DatsunTigger, Karolina Grabowska

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